Chapter Two: Understanding Bonds

Chapter Two: Understanding Bonds

A Chapter by RawrAngel

So yeah get to know Nova a bit, and the journey to find the Hunter Hunter begins.

When the sun set over the hills, and the moon rises over the opposite side, taking over where the sun had left off, glowing bright, as its light embraced the world with another chill night, giving sleep to those who wake with the sun, and others with awareness, and alarm that the land was theirs once more in this life. The village of Grove, seemed to came to life as the moon rose further into the sky with the stars accompanying her, starting their night with their normal routine. People crowding the market for buying and trading, while the shop keepers continued to cry out above all normal conversation of what they had in stock, how much they had, and the price. For such a small town, it was very loud, and busy like any other large village. At the end of the rows of market, was a small restaurant that seemed run down, with a sign that read "Best Cider in town." with a picture of a jug being filled by a hot waitress, but inside where 8 or 10 travelers were eating their fill for their journey beyond the gates of the small town, far away from here, there was only one waitress running around, and she didn't look like no tall sexy big b**b waitress. A Hunca girl running around the restaurant was short, curvy but not to much, with pathetic size b***s that her waitress dress only made them look smaller. Her dark black hair was tied up in a bun but strands still found their way out of the hair tie, making her look more like a mess then she was a waitress. She carried around her tray, struggling with refilling, making orders, bringing the orders out to the right customer's with the cook not helping at all by yelling across the restaurant at her to keep on her toes, and tell her orders were ready but she seemed to ,maintain herself as she went on with her business flying across the small yet very busy restaurant. A few Hunca's all chuckled as they examined her walking about, seeing her single horn in the middle of her head, small but visible, and her orange demon eyes, that glowed just a bit, with fangs like a vampire, but everyone knew that Hunca's weren't blood drinkers, they were only temper-issue demons if you messed with one with more then 2 horns. "Girl! More Cider!" A troll called over to her, raising his mug in the air, as if his voice wasn't enough to get her attention. "Coming Mr.Denice.." She called, about to grab hold of a Cider bottle, rushing to fill up the Trolls drink, as his Ogre friends eyed her from across the restaurant to hurry up. The girl kept her eyes to the floor walking swiftly over to Denice, until a Zen'ja women came into the restaurant, without any announcement, no loud entrance, or way of people knowing she was even coming in but her fur gave her away the moment she walked in.. She had the brightest blue fur, 6'8", with bright yellow eyes, goggles on her head, that she seemed to have been using as a headband brushing her black hair back, with a  white tank top that revealed a little bit of her belly , wearing long black cargo pants, that hung over what appear to be black boots, with about 2 pockets on either leg, and a gun belt around her waist, and to top it off, she wore a trench coat, hiding something... Everyone froze seeing her enter the room like she was a celebrity, making all chattering stop, eyes gawk, and jaws drop as she came to be, but the new women didn't seem to care, making her way through the restaurant, and claiming a table against the wall, leaning against it, laying her legs on the bench, and tapping her fingers against the table making the usual gesture for a drink to be placed in front of her. The Hunca Girl, forgetting about Denice drink, and the two Ogre's sat the Cider on a table, quickly running over with a rag, wiping down the table, and nervously chuckling. "Welcome to the Tavern Miss... any preference on a drink?" The women's yellow eyes examined the Hunca girl that stood before her with a raised eyebrow. The Hunca girl gently swallowed whatever was in her throat smiling wide for her customer. The women closed her eyes turning her gaze away from her, and clearing her throat gently as she spoke in a definite female voice, but tough. "Cold water... and I'll have your best salad." Her voice seemed cold, but held a gentle tone. The Hunca girl nodded holding her hands up in a "Hold on" motion, rushing to the kitchen with order, while all other conversation started up again, but eye's still traveled back to the Zen'ja who just smiled and winked at them, making them quickly look away, turning back to their friends, and conversation before. The Hunca girl quickly came back with a mug of water in her grasp, fast walking over to the Zen'ja's table, only to find herself now tumbling to the floor, and tossing the mug into the air, falling face first into the floor. "I was here first and i had asked for a refill on my CIDER!" the troll snapped with his foot out in the aisle. The Hunca girl slowly got up, rubbing her face, hiding the tears that were dripping down her face. "I'm sorry Mr.Denice, I'll get your Cider.." She spoke, moving to were she had left the bottle, but a giant Ogre stood in her way, as 4 more surrounded her, with Denice standing from his seat. "Your gonna be sorry ya filthy Hunca." Denice snarled. "No.. Please Denice I'll get your Cider I promise this isn't necessary!" The girl shrieked trying to move away from the Ogre's but found herself surrounded. The Ogre's chuckled at her begging, as one lifted a club in the air, moving toward her, and with a loud grunt began to bring it down on her head. The Girl screamed holding her head down, cringing in fear, but no hit was made. The Zen'ja stood over the girl with a scythe in hand, using the hilt to keep the club at bay, not even showing any sign of effort, as the Ogre and Zen'ja stood there in a fix hold. Denice growled walking next to the Zen'ja. "Wat ya tink ya be doing! Ya worthless cat!" Denice punched the Zen'ja in the face knocking it to the side, but not ripping her of the hold. Denice growled again, standing up right, with a snort. "Learn your place.. and know who you are dealing with.." The Ogre's laughed again. The Hunca girl slowly sat up looking up at her savior, seeing some muscles in the Zen'ja's arms and back, amazed that she was able to keep the Ogre back for so long. "Enough of this.." One Ogre started, bringing his club back, and begun to swung at the Zen'ja's side, quickly having the Zen'ja put more force into the push with the first Ogre, twirling him to the women's right, right into the second Ogre, sending them both out of the circle, all with a simple push. The Hunca girl stared wide eye as did all the others, with Denice backing up. "I have to say.." The women began spinning her scythe with one hand, turning to Denice with a grin. "Your Henchmen aren't much Denice." Denice smirked. "Well Nova, against you they aren't much, not many Zen'ja can take down a full grown Ogre." Denice countered with. The Hunca girl raise a brow looking up to the women. "Nova Jennings?" Nova held her scythe like a staff after twirling it for a bit, placing her goggles over her eyes, and grinning. "Denice Gipper." Her left free hand grabbed hold of the hilt of her scythe with the one that was already holding it, putting her right leg froward, pointing the blade right at Denice. "You have a bond of 10,000 gp... dead or alive." Denice quickly snapped his fingers as he turned to run out the back, calling the Ogre's to cover his escape, not letting Nova go so easily, but they weren't much of a difference to the other 2. Three vs one. Nova slammed her hilt into the gut of the Ogre behind her, jumping over him onto his back as he hunched over, letting the other two slam into each other falling over. The Hunca girl quickly got out of the way, as the Ogre's fell, watching the other people remaining people began to fled out of the restaurant. Nova didn't however pay mind to them, dashing off of the Ogre toward the door Denice fled out of, but the Ogre she slammed her hilt into, grabbing her foot, quickly, and threw him to the side of the restaurant into the tables and benches. Knocking them over, and breaking them into halve. The Hunca girl gasped  going to the other side, and hiding behind a table, watching the Ogre walk over to where the Zen'ja laid, but quickly flew to the other side, with Nova holding her leg up, like she had kicked a ball for a goal, putting some coins on the table with the Cider that still stood left not even sipped from. "Sorry for the damage kid." She crouched down on the ground, dashing her way out the back door, leading to a back alley watching Denice already 15 stores down running a frantic panic. Nova sighed jumping up with a single leap into the ceiling of the restaurant, and taking off, running on the roof tops after her target, putting her scythe in a sheath on her back, hoping to catch up, still Nova had a feeling she wouldn't make it to him in time. Denice didn't dare to look back to see if how close she was, but judging by the sound of someone hoping on the roof, he knew all to well that she was coming after me, and that was enough for him, to keep moving on, and running. Nova saw Denice start to pick up speed, and snarled to herself, running after him, with her trench coat fluttering behind her in the wind, she had to think and act quickly or the worm would crawl away once more from her grasp. Looking around, the shadows caught her eye in the mix of everything, and with a grin she knew if her shadow was in front of her, so was Denice. Taking hold of her gun out of her hilt from her side, with her hand, she leaped into the air, descending into an alley that lied between two building, not even hitting the ground, but diving... diving into the shadow that the building created in the alley way. Denice couldn't hear Nova's foot steps on the roof anymore, and heard no painting, or breathing behind him. Did he lose her? Denice gulped making his mind up, to taking a short risk of looking back just to see if Nova was still behind him, or finally gave up the effort, that the mighty Denice is uncatchable to any Bounty Hunter and will remain so. He sighed with relief slowing his efforts down a bit, jogging now with a cocky grin across his face, turning his attention back to ahead of him. Unfortunately, he didn't remember, that Nova wasn't a normal bounty hunter, and she had a habit of proving it on a daily bases. Without a single warning, a bullet gently grazed the tip of Denice nose, feeling the incredible heat of friction and speed of which the bullet traveled, but as he yelped in pain, he heard no bullet hit the ground or see any marks on the ground that would be caused by a bullet.. and no one stood above him, there was no way... but there was, turning his head back to look ahead, a fist met his jaw, sending him flying up in the air, with Nova appearing right out of his own shadow. "Cocky b***h!" Nova shouted with a growl. As Denice landed on his back he wasted no time getting to his feet and attempting to run again, but Nova was to quick, flipping forward onto her hands and swipe kicking Denice in the head, pushing herself up to the side which he fell, landing on her feet next with him, standing over him watching him groan in pain, rubbing his head and nose at once with not much ability to comprehend that he had been caught. Denice looked up at Nova whom stood over him, raising her gun to meet him eyes as well, with a smirk on her face. "Hide and seek is over Denice..."

© 2012 RawrAngel

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