Chapter Six: Encounter

Chapter Six: Encounter

A Chapter by Frozen-Inferno

Dante and Iris have an encounter of the dangerous kind with their creator, Disperdere. But, does he get to do away with them?

I honestly had no idea what I was running from with this cynical female in my arms. Lecs has been throwing orders at me so much that I honestly didn't bother trying to figure out. This forest was a bit...secluded. If I did something out here no one would know unless they searched hard enough. And the first thing I wanted to do was kill Iris. For some reason though I had the innate desire to kill. I'm not gonna lie, I loved turning that dog thing into a bloody pile of guts and broken bones.  And I wanted to do it to other living beings. Even though I had no reason to kill Iris personally, she attempted to kill me so I feel it only fair that I should take a shot at her and do the same. I can't do that. I don't really care for her but I'm not gonna let this weird....instinct inside of me take over. I'm not afraid of getting persecuted or anything it's just that for some reason I didn't want to kill her but at the same time I wanted to hang her from a tree and pelt her with rocks. Then I wanted to take her down and mount her head on a sta-- Never mind. Never mind. This influence was getting stronger and stronger,slowly trying to take control of me. This made it feel like a mental battle just to take a simple step. What is this bad side of my mind doing with so much influence against me? This wasn't a side of my conscious, this had to be some sort of outside influence trying to gain control of my mind.

Finally, it was too much to bear even trying to walk anymore. As I did earlier under the stress my new powers, I fell to my knees and dropped Iris on the ground before me. She rolled forward but was still out cold. This force. It was the reason I killed that dog. It was the reason I enjoyed killing that dog. Or was it the reason I killed the dog but I enjoyed enacting it. Honestly, no one could fathom the mental stress I was feeling right now. Now a voice boomed into my mind. Just the way it spoke to me shook my very being. His words destroyed any peace of mind I was trying to find and gave me an unsettling feeling. " Don't try and resist my influence boy. Give into it. The killing gets easier. I promise." I remember Lecs mentioning that Disperdere still had a bit of influence inside his children which, unfortunately I was one of them. Just the way he spoke. His voice was deep and every word made me wanna tear out my hair. Was he that strong? I raised my hands to hold my head, my eyelids tightening. Now I began my futile attempt to resist and argue back with him. " Listen! I don't care who you are. I don't like it when someone invades in MY mind to make me do something! I won't do it...." my words trailed off as my hands left my hand and began to extend out towards Iris. With all of my might and mental endurance I fought against what he was trying to make me do. I brought my arms back and his voice came in again. It was almost as if he was breaking my very being just by speaking to me. " You shouldn't go against your all powerful father boy. You have one last chance before I banish you and that wretched girl. My plans can continue without you two." The force of his words were enough to make me collapse onto my front. I slowly brought my arms up to my sides, trying to sit up on my elbows.

I felt even more pitiful than usual compared to this entity that for some reason wanted me to either obey or die. Maybe at this point I'd welcome death. I shot a look towards Iris and noticed that she was beginning to fade. Wait, what was going on? Was Disperdere trying to kill us himself? Slowly I watched as Iris was being absorbed upward. It looked almost as if each individual piece of her was being compressed. Piece by piece, atom by atom I watched her get taken. Then, I noticed I had lost feeling in my hand. I looked at my hand,or where my hand used to be, and noticed I was being absorbed somehow into the same plane Iris was. I laid over on my back and I gave a jerk of my body to show that whatever was doing this I wouldn't go out without a struggle. Although I can't really fight against this....this thing that was taking me. Maybe Disperdere was finally doing away with me and Iris. But, just as I had lost hope and was nothing but a head and a torso, I heard a voice. This voice was gentle. Feminine. And instead of breaking me down spiritually with each word, it relaxed me. Calmed me. It almost put all my worries to rest. " Relax my child. Let me take you in my embrace. Sleeeeep." Instead of being compelled to listen, I wanted to listen. A smile creeped onto my face as I closed my eyes and the darkness of my eyelids was, for once, relaxing instead of being filled with nightmares. I may have been saved by some unknown force but I didn't mind. It was better then dying at the hands of Disperdere. Way better.

As I awaken I notice that I'm laying amongst the clouds. Just a large plane of clouds as far as the eye could see.  My eyes slowly open and I'm laying in the fluffy embrace of a cloud. I slowly begin to sit up, hearing some soft breathing next to me. Out of curiosity I look down to notice that I had all of my body parts back. So wherever this place was, whatever brought me and Iris here was also dwelling here. Speaking of Iris, where was she? Switching around to my bottom, I scan the area visually, before turning and meeting the gaze of a happy....female. Red hair, red eyes. Was this Iris? She was wearing Iris' clothing.... Did Iris like clouds? I've only ever seen her smirk or frown so I wasn't used to nor was I comfortable with that smile she had. She leaned closer to me, now on her hands and knees with that....energetic smile. Maybe she was a little too happy. In response I leaned back away from her. Then she spoke." Isn't today a good day?" For some reason I....agreed with her. I felt good about myself for once. I felt like I could do anything. I didn't know what to say. All I could do was smile. Iris fixed herself to sit on her legs close to me. My smile increased. I wasn't used to feeling so great inside but I wouldn't deny that I enjoyed it. I reached forward, grabbing her hands. For some reason I spoke in a way I never have to anyone before. Proper and apologetic. " I'm sorry for my earlier behavior. If I've hurt you in any way I hope you can forgive me." I was seriously surprising myself here. I didn't want to say that but I did want peace at least. And that came out. Iris must've felt the same way because her smile opened to speak back to me." Forgive and forget! I just hope we can put this all behind us. I don't have many friends." Her hands gripped my own. This was beginning to feel like some cheesy movie or something. But, I couldn't break down this experience. It was as if all negative feelings had been removed from me.

 This blank plane of clouds was almost endless. It would take forever to see all they held I bet. That relaxing voice came back except this time through my ears rather then my mind. " I see your old grudges have been settled."  Just because I had nothing negative left in me didn't mean I wouldn't question what was going on. My eyes stared back into the strangely peaceful eyes of Iris, before I let go of her hands and began to look for  the source of the voice. I even stood up just in case this person was hostile. Iris, with some fear in her eyes, stood up as well. I turned and took in the fear on her face, having the compulsive need to reassure her I'd do my best to protect my new friend.  Before I could do so though, a hand was placed on my shoulder. " I knew your pride would break one day. I know everything about you. And I know that you desired deep within to apologize to Iris. Regardless of the crime you committed against her." She was right about all she just said. I guess she knew about my softer side. But, I turned and her hand removed itself from my shoulder, as I backed into Iris. I was able to behold the feminine entity who saved not only me, but Iris. She was taller then me which instantly made me feel worse. Her filamentous locks of blonde hair touched the floor yet not enough to drag. She, for some reason had a toga on. It just barely covered up that feminine body of hers. She also had wooden sandals on and a pair of soothing blue eyes. She adjusted her gaze to meet my own. Immediately I calmed down and the hyperventilating Iris was going through began to stabilize to normal breathing. Who was this mysterious woman?

She spoke once again, making everything I had to think about disappear just so that I could listen.  " Young Dante, do you know where you are right now?" She offered me a guess but I had no idea. I would guess Heaven but that was stupid. Wait. No it wasn't. Any guess I take will be right, right? I can stump her at her guessing game! " We're in heaven aren't we?" A proud tone came out of me as she giggled. I don't know what exactly it is about this place that's making me feel so good but I enjoy it here. This woman responded as peaceful as ever. Just speaking to her undid any damage Disperdere had done. " That's another name for it. The proper name for this place is Ceala. I'm Genesis, Disperdere's opposite. Where he destroys, I create."  So there's a Creator and a Destroyer. I guess I should have figured it out earlier but I was taking Lecs' word for it. Which made me feel so... I can't believe I couldn't be angry here. Genesis chimed in again with a laugh. "Haven't you noticed? You cannot be angry here. Anything created by Disperdere cannot come here. Negative emotions, yours powers, war, anything of that nature." Anything? Wasn't I created by him? " So, I was created by him. So was Iris. How are we able to be here?" Genesis' smile widened. It was as if she expected what I just said. " I created you. He had a hand in creating you. All humans are my creation, whether they have powers or not." That just flipped everything I knew upside down. " So, what role does he play in all this?" I saw her flip a lock of her out of her face and she answered my question again. This was more then I could say about Lecs at least. " He created your soul. That's why you're considered one of his children. But, he had to go through me to release you onto earth. I told him if he was to do this, he'd have to make you a human. Obviously he didn't like this because humans have a mind of their own. Ambitions, willpower, personality. Obviously you and Iris here have developed ambitions that don't align with his own. So, I saved you." She said that like it was so simple. But I don't know if I could trust her yet....Anyone could claim to be the creator of everything. Genesis shook her head as if she could hear my very thoughts. " Doubt is a negative emotion. Your unbreakable willpower must have preserved that side of you. I guess that it is only fair that you don't believe me. You've had to go on trust this whole time. And it's not even night time yet." I didn't know I had some sort of strong will power behind me. Then again I won't object if someone was to claim how arrogant I was.

So I decided to ask." I have unbreakable will? How is that possible?" Genesis' began to explain once again. This was a nice conversation we were having. But my face might be stuck like this. Does pain exist here? Because I've been smiling for a while now and shouldn't my face be hurting? "This place removes all negative emotion. It's almost like what you humans call a sedative. Except it's in the air. If you don't believe me look at Iris. This place can make even the most hardened at heart ecstatic" I was afraid to look at her. Slowly I turned my head to behold. And what I saw surprised me. Iris was prancing around and frolicking. That smile on her face was as happy as I've ever seen a person. I stared in awe until Iris' gaze met my own. She then spoke to me, even her tone more gentle then a second ago." Come play with me Dante!" It added to her beauty rather then her frown making me feel afraid of her. Seeing her happy that is.  " She's uh....happy." I guess my doubt was gone. Even though I still felt doubt about who she truly was, I still couldn't insult her or act cocky. Parts of me had been taken away by Ceala. Was that how strong the influence of "here" was? Genesis chimed in to continue her explanation. " Now that we've gotten your doubt out of the way, are there any questions?" I did have one question. " So, why did Disperdere have to go through you to make our souls?" Genesis kept her positive expression. I don't know if I was taken by her pure beauty or if I was just in awe that I was talking to a girl without tripping over my words. " What Lecs told you was that he was too strong to step foot into your world right? Well, he's half right. Lecs cannot directly interact with anything he has not created. I beat him to the punch of creating your world, Earth. But, he wanted to fill it with people who worshiped and obeyed him. A perfect world in his image. I had laid down the ground work for it to be done but I saw opportunity. Instead of people to pledge allegiance to you, why not allow those same people free will and allow them to make their own decisions? Children. Like a mother loves her children, I love humanity. And when a mother does a good job her children thank her. Disperdere brainwashes his servants while my people bask in the good aura I emanate. Disperdere does away with those he no longer needs. I make sure they no longer need me. Anything Disperdere would do, I do the opposite. And that is why humanity has been plagued by disease, war, famine, and now Disperdere wants to destroy it all with his own children. He cannot step into this world, or earth. But, I cannot enter his world either. The only other species that can encounter him face to face are humans. Unfortunately anyone who does cannot handle the dark influence of his world and succumbs to it, becoming a demon. He made your souls but putting you in human bodies gives you some sense of justice." Genesis stepped closer to me and placed her soft hand on my cheek. " I hope you will make the right decision when the time comes." When the time comes? Wait, I had more questions! Genesis stepped away from me, continuing to step back as once again I slowly lose my hand to her influence. I stared at it as it began to disappear, now this time the specs of energy used to form me going downward, as if they were going to Earth. 

I stared at Genesis the entire time this happened, before I slowly raised my other hand and began to wave at her. Genesis' smile gave me so much comfort. She waved back at me as I entered that unconscious state once again from moving between dimensions. The burdens of being back on Earth dawned back on me as I felt the cold hard forest floor against my back. Everything dawned back on me. I was only partially created by some all knowing evil entity. Not his spawn. Everything about me was complete. The good parts and bad parts of me were back. And there was some voice calling out to me. "Dante....Dante." It repeated my name over and over again. And just like a baby before wakening, my eyelids tightened. After doing this they began to open and I stared back at the grey eyes of Lecs crouched next to me. " Thought I lost you for a second. How was your nap? I see your burns healed." I didn't feel like coming up with anything witty to say back to him. So I just shrugged and began to sit back up. I noticed that it was night and Iris was just beginning to wake up as well. Lecs adjusted his gaze to watch Iris sit up onto her legs. She shot a stare towards me then looked at Lecs. Just that quick glance I gave to Lecs when she looked at us was enough to tell we were both wondering if she would attack or not. How long were we out? Surprisingly Iris' smile came. It was a tiny half smile but it was a start. Lecs then spoke to her. " And what's gotten you so happy?" His question was rather unwelcome. Iris and I shared eye contact for a long moment before a small smile came back to my face. I spoke for us both." We settled our differences." I could tell that Iris would want a serious talk later. But for now, I need to sleep. This headache was killing me. She spoke and this time in a calm tone rather then that horrendous angry tone she would address us with. " We apologized to one another." 

Lecs couldn't believe we had settled everything so quickly. Neither could I but I guess it only takes the natural sedative of Ceala to make two evil children forgive each other. I hope he didn't know about what just happened. His next sentence let me know that he didn't have any idea we left in the first place. " I surveyed the forest for you both only to find you unconscious. What happened?" No no, I'm asking the questions around here! " Why don't you tell us what we had to run from? " Lecs' grey eyes shyed away from my own as I could tell he might decline us that information. But, I was surprised. " A monster known as a Sicari. Very dangerous and natural killers. They can fly which makes them good at tracking." Sounds weird. Iris decided to rise to her feet and I thought I should do the same. Lecs stood up straight and visually examined us both. " I have a place for you two to sleep. Come with me." Oh great, follow the leader again. I turned my head to see if Iris was going to say anything. She was only rubbing her face. My face hurt too from all that smiling. And like that, we were both following Lecs back to the village. I wondered what type of cities were around this area. I could go for a hot dog. Iris positioned herself next to me and bumped me with her elbow, using her opposite hand to hold her jaw." You apologized even though you didn't know what you did." I nodded as if it was obvious. "What else was I supposed to do? " I said, my tone regaining it's usual vigor. She rolled her eyes to this and simply continued walking. 

Today was a good day I guess. I learned I had powers, was created for evil, almost died at the hands of a cynical fire wielding harpy-- I mean Iris, Disperdere spoke to me and was planning on destroying me, and I got to meet the most beautiful woman ever:Genesis.  An eventful day. Not what I'm used to but whatever. Now I know I have a purpose but I still don't know it. Genesis' words echoed in my head once more "I hope you make the right decision when the time comes." What decision was she talking about? Oh well. I guess I'll find out later. 

© 2013 Frozen-Inferno

Author's Note

After I wrote Chapter five I realized I needed to provide more meaningful development to the plot. Not just for the reader but so I could make this easier to write and more involving.

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