Chapter 1: Beginning

Chapter 1: Beginning

A Chapter by HorrorMaster

This chapter is about Johnny being sent in jail for killing a student.


It all begins on May 13th 1959 in a small town of Detroit. It was the Month before school is over and 12th grade students getting ready for their prom. In the 1950s style: ladies used to wear pink and optional blue skirt that has a little white poodle on it, a white blouse or bowling shirt, and a scarf that has a poodle on it. The gentlemen used to wear nerd bowling or shirts and jeans. The Biker gangs used to wear greaser black leather jackets and black jeans. They always used hairspray a lot to put their hair back just to be cool at that time. Their popular music is rock and roll and Jazz.  

At Melton High School students were just about to go on their classroom to learn. A beautiful women name Bettie Sue is the most popular chick in their school. Her hair is so blonde and beautiful that all the guys want to be with her and the ladies wants to be just like her. Her boyfriend is a leader from a biker gang called The Demon Pack. His name is Johnny. He wears a motorcycle greaser black leather jacket that has demon pack picture at the back from his jacket, black jeans with a skull belt around it. He always gels up his black hair back so that he can be cool. He is a most fearful guy in Melton high. He always takes nerd students money and beat them up in the men’s bathroom. Bettie doesn’t seem to enjoy him that much when he is mean to other students. Whenever she is with him she smiled and fall in love whenever Johnny took her at the lake right next to the 50s diner with his Bobber motorcycle bike.

Bettie and her best friend Maggie is setting down at the reading class talking about their favorite song Sh Boom by The Crew cuts playing at their prom on May 15th’ 1959 at midnight. She told her how on much she wants to change Johnny from hearing this song. “Maggie I just can’t stand my Johnny boy being so rude on these students. I just want him to be as sweet as cherry pie. I love his looks and he can be so sweet to me sometimes. I hope this prom will change his life style.”

Maggie understands the way Bettie is feeling. She a single women and she knows how to deal with a heart broken and awful men. “Listen Bettie just tells him on how you feel about him.” She smiled as she gives her a hug.

Her mean teacher Ms. Gal yelled at her for talking instead of reading a book. Ms. Gal came up to Bettie and hits her arm with a ruler very loud. “Silent’s both of you, No talking in my class room. Now go to the principal office.”

They both had a really sad look in their face. They hate Ms Gal for the way she treated them just for talking and not even a warning. All the students who have been in her class, hated her and wish for her to die. They also hate Principal Frankie. All the ladies heard god awful things about him. They say that he used to torture a female student for smoking inside the girls bathroom, but the school board doesn’t seem to care about this school and how Frankie treating his students. Even Maggie is scared to see the Principal. She a smoker and always smokes in the ladies bathroom and the hallway. She always carries a knife in her little purse just in case someone attacks her.

As they were walking to the principal office, Bettie saw her boyfriend Johnny and the rest of his demon pack gang beating up a shy glasses guy name Freddy near the locker. She stared at him all frighten and not knowing what to do as she watch him getting beating up. Freddy doesn’t have any money to give to him. Johnny took out his knife and put it against Freddy’s throat. “You better have money or you will be slice. Now hand it over.” Johnny yelled with evil inside him. The rest of the demon pack gang holds that guy while Johnny smashes Freddy’s head on a metal red locker and opens up the locker. Johnny put him inside the locker while he suffers from his head bleeding. Bettie heard that guy crying in tears and calling out.  “Help! Help! Get me out of here!” He bangs on it very loud so that other students can save him. Johnny saw his girl crying in tears from after seeing on what he did to that poor guy. “Hello Bettie Sue! I love you.” Johnny smiled as he tried to hold her.

Bettie and Maggie didn’t like on what they saw. Bettie told him that is over. She told him on the way she feels on what he did to everyone. All the students come out the classroom and Principal Frankie.  She opens up the locker and saw him dying as his head kept on bleeding. The students and teachers couldn’t believe on what they saw. They were all shock. The rest of the demon pack gang left without Johnny. They knew that they going to get into trouble with the cops. Johnny is crying for the broken heart.  He tried to get out of there, but Frankie stops him. Bettie and Maggie had to report on what happen. They saw the whole thing. Frankie took him to his office and ties him down until the cops came. He is very disappointed with Johnny. He knew Johnny is up to no good and wonders why that he is the most fearful guy in Melton high. Few hours later the cops shows up. They saw the boy laying the floor with a broken skull. The cops arrested him for what he did after they question him and Bettie.  She saw them putting him in a police car outside from the school. Before they put him inside the police car, he threatens the principal and students by saying, “I will be back when prom gets here. My gang members and I will kill you all for what you just did to me. F**k this f*****g school.”

Bettie Sue eye’s were in tears. She is now scared on going to the prom. Everyone from her school and her best friend all give her a hug and told her to don’t worry. He won’t be getting out of jail. They all said to her, “We love you Bettie Sue.”

She tried to smile a little after she gives Maggie a hug too. They all walk up to Frankie and told him if they can go home. Bettie is still suffering for depression now and now she going to have nightmares of him. He understands on how she feels now and they so don’t need to be in his office from after seeing that. Frankie decided to tell everyone to go home and get some sleep. Tomorrow will be a better day to set things up for the prom on the 15th. They all went home as they tried not to forget on what happen to that small 16 year old guy. The ambulance took him to the hospital and he later died at midnight for a broken skull on his head.

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This was a great beginning to his Prom horror story.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Excellent beginning to this horror tale. Looking forward to the rising horror.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Great chapter

Posted 10 Years Ago

This opening chapter sent a shiver up and down my spine. I'm certain something horrible is going to happen.

Posted 10 Years Ago

This first chapter is very creepy and hinting at more horror to come! Awesome!

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Great first chapter and set up for the story.

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is a outstanding story. I like how you set-up this story. I like the characters and the situation you create. I will keep on reading. Thank you.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Wow. I found this very interesting.. Where i grew up there were lots of kids like that and one in particular just like Johnnie.. I like where this is going so far.. Okay next one!!! :)

Mags xx

Posted 10 Years Ago

Interesting story already...Johnny kind of reminds me of the kid in a good book called Touching Spirit Bear except the kid that got his head smashed didn't die....
I can't wait to read what happens next. Good chapter. :D
Thanks for sharing

Posted 10 Years Ago

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