Chapter 5: The Haunted

Chapter 5: The Haunted

A Chapter by HorrorMaster

Let the haunted begins. This final chapter is about when they get haunted. :)



William and his friends were inside the abandoned school. They walk around slowly while they saw old rusted walls, floors, ripped burnt down ceilings and lockers, rusted doors, and spider webs with their flash light. Mark film inside the school with a night vision thermo graphic video camera. Mark and Jessica couldn’t believe on what happen in this school. They all smell rotten burnt aches inside.  They walk to the locker just to make sure if there are any ghosts inside the locker. William test out his EMF meter and digital thermometer, but he got disappointed. He found out that it’s not working. He knew he test out before when he went ghost hunting, but now it won’t even work inside the school. It won’t even turn on nor do anything. He got very upset, but at least his voice recorder is working so that he can be able to hear ghosts whispering. He press record button on the voice recorder and said, “Okay we are inside this abandoned school. It’s dark and very rusty. We are near the burnt down old lockers. If there is any ghost in this locker, please respond.”

Mark films the locker as they wait for a ghost to appear.  All of the sudden they heard a whispered calling for, “Help!” coming from the lockers. William and his friends heard it. He yelled out, “Show yourself and we will help you” It was no responded yet.

Mark saw a white shadow in the burnt down locker as he films it. It was Freddy’s ghost. His were rolled up and his skull was broken. Mark told them to check this out. He gives the video camera to William as he also saw the ghost. Jessica also took pictures of him and she saw it too. They all couldn’t believe on how scary he is. William asks the ghost, “What is your name?”

The ghost disappeared from the dark locker without responding to him, but then they heard banging sounds coming from the lockers. Ryan got so scared that he ran off and go inside an old class room which happens to be Ms. Gal. He in up hiding inside the old burnt down class room. Jessica heart is pounding fast. She told Mark that this school is very haunted. William also agrees with her, but he glad he got that all in the voice recorder and video camera. They were all frightened when they heard that banging sound from the lockers. They all decided to find Ryan since they saw him running away after he got scared. Jessica yelled out, “Ryan where are you?”

Ryan is still hiding inside the old classroom, but then he saw a dark person standing near the old rusted class room wall. He thought to himself, “I wondered who that person is?”

He turn on his flash light and saw a white old lady ghost with her ripped mouth wide open. It happens to be Ms. Gal’s ghost.  She was standing near the old rusted wall near the chalk board. An old dusted chalk supernaturally started writing on the burnt rusted chalkboard by itself. It was writing about how to haunt for trespassers who dare to enter in this school that happen to be abandoned for years.  Ms. Gal ghost yelled out to him, “Get out of my classroom boy.”

She started frowning from the air to get to him. Ryan screams in fear as he pisses his pants. More ghosts’ students appear behind him. They all look white and peeled with their eyes roll up. William, Jessica and Mark went inside the old Ms. Gal classroom as they saw her and the students trying to attack Ryan. William couldn’t believe on what he saw. Mark video camera started filming. He found out that it was nothing but static, but yet they can still see ghosts inside the classroom. Ms. Gal supernaturally took Mark’s video camera and throws it against the wall. “No filming in my classroom. Now you three go to the principal office.” She laughs in an evil way. Jessica heart is pounding very fast as she saw them attacking Ryan with an old rusted ruler.  Ryan screams out, “Get out of this school before something bad happens.”

They walk out of the old classroom. They saw her and ghost students disappeared into the darkness. Now Ryan is dead from being brutalized when they attack him. William couldn’t believe on how haunted this school is now from after seeing that supernatural event inside the old class room. Mark is pissed off about his video camera. Now he can’t film it anymore. Jessica is so damn scared that she wants to get out of there. William doesn’t give a f**k on what that ghost told him. He still has a voice recorder working. He is glad that he got that in the voice recorder. He can’t wait to have people listen to this. They still kept on walking with their flash lights and search for more ghosts to appear.

May 15th 2011


They heard oldies music coming from an old burnt down gym. They were playing Sh Boom by The Crew Cuts inside the gym. Mark and William heard the music while they kept on walking. “Holy s**t I heard music. It sounded like that song from the movie Clue. Holy f**k now I am super scared.” Mark said while his hands are shaking.  

Jessica decided to hold William’s hand so that he can protect her from these supernatural events that are happening now.  They walk slowly to get to the gym. The gym’s rusted doors slowly open by itself. They look around and saw an old dusted c.d recorded player with spider webs on it supernaturally playing that song by itself. Jessica smells burnt carnage's coming inside the gym. William most of realized that this is the gym on the students and teachers died from in 1959 when they had their prom.  He remember hearing stories on how it happen when he was a child.

Mark saw white and peeled skin women with her eyes roll up near the c.d recorder player. She whispered, “I just want to go home. I had been in this school for years and my boyfriend did this to me. You most get out now.”

William responded to her, “What is your name?”

“I am Bettie Sue, now you most go now before it’s too late.”

Jessica couldn’t believe on what she saw. She wants to get out so bad right now. Even Mark agrees that he wants to go now. He is very frightened in fear that he saw Bettie Sue’s ghost playing that song and talking to them.

Maggie’s Ghost appears next to her and told them that they are trap here for good. She was peeled badly from the fire. Bettie Sue smiled at they look at them. “You guys are too late and now they are here.”

Teachers and students appear as dead ghosts swinging to this song. William and Jessica holding each other hands tightly as they both screaming, as for Mark he tried to get out of there. 

Now inside of the abandoned school was supernaturally changing back to normal in 1959 by itself. Old rusted and dusted floors, walls, doors were changing back just like was in 1959. Ceilings were repairing by it selves. The song started to repeat playing, while Melton High turns back into normal. The outside from the abandoned school still looks the same by old and rusted. It just the inside is changing back. William and Mark couldn’t believe on how strange things are supernaturally happening in this old school. They started to realized that they are back in time in the year 1959 even if still 2011.

Students and teachers were still dead ghosts while they were dancing in the gym.  Bettie Sue’s ghost wanted to dance with Mark. “Come here sexy boy.”

Mark didn’t want to listen to her. William decided to get out of this weird abandoned school as soon as they can. They walk out of the gym and saw blood pouring forward on the floors. Lights were flickering on and off while they were getting to the front doors. Hell flames were coming out of the floors. Johnny and the demon pack gangs appears out of the hell flames behind. Fires were blocking the walls and the front doors. They were burnt white ghosts from hell with red eyes. William starred at Johnny red eyes.  He told Mark and Jessica to stand behind him. Johnny used his supernatural powers to break William’s voice recorder. Johnny gives an evil laugh and said, “Aw your voice recorder got broken. You stupid trespassers won’t get out from this school forever after we done with you.”

Jessica and Mark screams in terror as they try to get out of there. Johnny and the demon pack gangs frown through the lockers and their peeled burnt arms were reaching out of the doors lockers trying to grab them. William trying to save them, but it was too late. Johnny and the demon pack gangs supernaturally put fire on Jessica and Mark after their burnt ghost arms drag them both inside the lockers. They badly burnt to death.  William screams out, “NO!”

He started crying while seeing his friends dying inside the lockers.  He shouldn’t ever come to this weird and haunted abandoned school. He tried to use his shake rack lock pick to try to open the front doors, but it wouldn’t let him. Bettie Sue, Ms. Gal, Frankie, Johnny and the demon pack gangs, and other teacher and students who were ghosts in that school. All come together by attacking William and tell him to join us. Johnny saw his old rusted knife lying on the floor. He supernaturally picks it up and stabs him ten times. Blood were pouring out everywhere.

Few minutes later

The inside of the school turn back like it was before with rusted walls, spider webs, and ceiling ripped apart. As for the wannabe ghost hunters they are still trap inside the school. They will no longer be ghost hunters now they are dead. They will learn on how to be a ghost and how to haunt for trespassers by studying inside the Ms. Gal’s Ghost classroom forever.  Now for those who enter inside the abandoned school will be haunted and become one of them for all eternity.

The End

© 2017 HorrorMaster

Author's Note

ignore grammar problems please

Now you once you hear this song. You will think of this story.

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hi I red this all way through, sure there's could be some improvement on the grammar etc. but its exactly the same with my stories I don't look at the grammar and the punctuation but the story itself and I hope people do the same with mine. this was an interesting book, spooky, creative, kept me hooked and scary you seem like a bug horror fan and someone who loves the genre much like myself, keep it up.

Posted 4 Years Ago

That was amazing, and had all the spooky ingredients for a good ghost story!

Posted 6 Years Ago

Spooky, cool horror story. Theme is penned creatively good. Nicely done.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Sure was Spooky and scary ..... good write.

Posted 9 Years Ago

The images of the ghosts made me shiver. I've heard ghosts on guests who come on this radio show I listen to. Very creepy and since I have heard ghosts that made this all the more chilling. Awesome horror story!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Another great horror story. The last chapter was the most intense, thoughts of being trapped as a ghost is really chilling. You described those ghosts really well, I could actually see them in my minds eye, yes, very very chilling.

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Music to a piece any piece turns me off I did not listen to the music

Posted 9 Years Ago

'Life could be a dream' Sha boom' Oh I love that song! And yes every time I hear it now I will think of this story.. WOW!! This turned out to be super duper stuff my friend. I so loved how that last chapter turned out. Wow all of them dying.. I thought one would survive. You turned it into an Oldie Goldie for sure. And this song goes so well with the book. Like an old time horror piece.. Yea, that's what this was like!!

Way to go!


Mags xx

Posted 9 Years Ago

A very good ending to the story. I like how you set-up this chapter. When you look for bad things. You may find them and be very sorry. Great description and story. A outstanding story. Thank you.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Hello i'm Ira and i'm pretty much a horror writer. I have bad grammar and spelling or typos errors, but I tried my best, so please enjoy them. Also I don't like harsh grammar nazi saying (oh yo.. more..


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