Getting To Know You pt. 3

Getting To Know You pt. 3

A Chapter by Careless Whispers ._.

this is about one of the characters, Viola


Viola Castillo


From: Faulk, South Dakota

    When I woke up, the sun was barely shining. Not that it was early in the morning, in fact, it was that time of day when the sun seem to shine the most. Its just that my black curtains and black room and...well pretty much black everything made the room a whole lot darker than it really was. I rolled over and checked my phone. No Messages and yepp, it was 8:30.

   8:36 to be exact. I stumbled out of my bed and stretched. Then I looked around my room to admire my posters. Black Veil Brides, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance...just a few of my favorite bands.

  In case you couldn't tell I'm emo. Not one of those super emo people that cut their selves when ever they are sad, or mad, or happy for that matter. I just liked black, the typical emo bands, never really talked to people. People get on my nerves...that's why I like rock. Its the only time you can scream and let out all your emotions.

   I strode in the living room humming the newest from Fall Out Boy, phone in hand. My mom glared at me and sighed. "You know I told you not to put on too much eye liner, its smeared all over your face." she said angrily, cup of coffee in one hand, TV remote in the other. She was flipping through the channels when she finally landed on Dr. Phil. He was talking about Cyber-Bullying and Teenage Suicide.

    I held my phone like it was a mirror up to my face and checked my eyes. Sure enough, my black eyeliner that was piled on thick and elegant was now from my eyes to my cheeks, some of it on my forehead and chin. I looked back at her like -.- and said snarky-ish-just like the way she did, "Well, maybe I can wear it like that BUT I just not sleep in it...hmm?"

     She pretended to ignore me but I know for sure that she heard me. That shut her up I thought. I walked over to the bathroom and did the best I could to scrub it off of my face. Thank God I didn't get the water proof kind!


I walked out, face now clear of the black makeup. I poured myself a bowl of co-coa puffs and sat down by my mom. "Why do you wear make up Viola?" she asked absent minded. "You're too pretty to be wearing that!"

   I laughed sarcastically. I will only believe that when someone besides my mom tells me. "I wear it because I can mom." I said, quite annoyed of this almost everyday.

   "I'm just saying...would it kill you to act how a normal kid should act? You know, happy, cheerful, laughing at something their friends said in the past?" she acted like this didn't affect me. Why the fu ck would it not?

  I didn't say to her. I just grabbed my cereal and walked into my room. Like I actually thought a single day in my life would go good. And she wonders why I'm this way...ugh.


   10 minutes later, I had finished my cereal and was reaching for my headphones and mp3 player to listen to my bands and to kick it old school with mp3 players. "Heh..." I chuckled at myself. Then cranked up the music to the loudest it could go. It was then, that I didn't care about the world, because the world wasn't around me anymore. It was just me and my music. My favorite bands all singing to me in my little world.


        "I fell asleep?" I asked my older brother, Tony. He woke me up saying I fell back to sleep...but I don't remember.

"Yeah," Tony said. "Look at the clock...its almost 9:30." and he just walked away.

"Good morning to you too." I mumbled piss.ed off. My family doesn't give a about me but yet they act all concerned about me when company comes over. I hate this place...

    I walked into the bathroom and brushed my hair. it was still a little crazy but more tamed than it used to be. I pulled out some eyeliner, not exactly black, but a really deep brown. And applied it around my whole eye. Since I wasn't going anywhere today, my make up was very fine and calm. 

   God, all this pressure with mom and getting good grades and when I don't mom yells at me, I'm always under appreciated by everyone that knows me. 

I slammed my back against the wall and slid down to where my knees were up and my butt was on the ground. Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry... I kept telling myself. Don't let your make up run. Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry...  

   I wondered if cutting your self actually helps. My friends all seem to think it helps...

     I grabbed one of my mom's shaving razors and pulled a blade out. I didn't want to make them visible so I pulled me shorts up till they revealed my upper thigh. Minutes passed as the blade got closer and closer to my skin...until it was just up against it, but not to where it cut yet.

     BOOM! BOOM!! Tony banged on the door. I jumped to wear I accidently jerked the blade and cut it a whole lot deeper and bigger than I wanted. The pain was unbearable!! How could they enjoy this?!?!

   "Hurry up! I have to go!!" he yelled. you you just made me f** cut myself!! I thought to myself.

  "Just a second!!" I yelled. I splashed some water on it and washed it off, then grabbed a wrap thing from under the sink and wrapped my leg tight so it wouldn't leak then covered it back up and opened the door.

  "There you go...its all yours." I announced to Tony. He stood there, hands on his hips. Then just walked in all mad and I'm just like 'whatever'.

  I walked into where my mom was and she pass asleep on the couch. Wow...hypocrite much? Just then, there was a knock on the door. I limped over to it and opened it up slowly, without looking at who it was.

    Every time I open that door, I pray that it will be my dad but I know it won't. After the stabbing, I knew I would never get him back. That was when I was 7 and now...look at this family, its fallen apart. 

When I swung it open, there were two guys there. One in a suit and sunglasses and another in a red shirt and tan pants, tattoos covering his arms. "Are you Viola Castillo?" The non-tattoo guy asked. 


           "Get your stuff together, pack up for a couple of days or so...maybe a week, say good bye to your family-you won't be seeing them for a while. And hurry, you only have 15 minutes." he told me. "Don't ask questions, just go, we will explain it to you on the way."

      "Uhhh..ok?" and I limped off to my room. In there, I grabbed a shoulder bag my dad got for me from San Fran two years before he died. And shoved some of my clothes in there. I grabbed my mp3 player and ear buds instead of my headphones. Some perfume from my mom's room, the kind she hated but I had always loved. I herd Tony yell from the other room. "Viola, who are these guys?" then I heard them explaining to him something about a van and seven kids, but I didn't really pay attention. I finished packing and I added my toothbrush and the CD covers to Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and Black Veil Brides albums into my bag-for memories. I don't know why but those just stood out to me and I felt like I would be needing them.

    I walked out and my mom was now awake and Tony just stared at me. "What is wrong with your leg?" he asked.

   "None of your concern." I said. A whole week away from this place, I couldn't wait.

     "Bye sweetie!!!!" My mom said dramatically and she wrapped her arms around my neck. FAKE.

  "Bye mom." I said and pushed her away.

    "Bye Viola, good luck." Tony hug actually felt real, but I wasn't sure. I hadn't felt a true hug in so long, I couldn't tell what was real and what wasn't.

    The tattoo guy grabbed my shoulder bag and the suit guy walked me and him to this metal van. There was two other kids in there; a blonde boy and a brunette girl, both a little older than me, like two or three years. I sat down in the corner and they looked at me and then back down. They shut the door behind them and I looked around. It looked like one of those sound proof things.

   I looked at my phone. My mom had texted me: 'I still don't understand why you can't be like a normal kid. Maybe this will get you some friends.' and that's the last time I had to hear her complain for the last time in a long time...






© 2013 Careless Whispers ._.

Author's Note

Careless Whispers  ._.
lol still the beginning xD Cha Feel? ;D

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Careless Whispers  ._.
Careless Whispers ._.

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