A Million Little Pieces

A Million Little Pieces

A Chapter by Solidad

Tyler and Dulcey were becoming quite inseparable as were we. Things were even beginning to happen between us. Very dangerous things.

And I was late.

“So tell me some more about this Leo guy,” Deenie sounded excited from the receiver of a phone nearly a thousand miles away.

“I think I’m pregnant,” I exhaled.

“Well that says a lot all in itself,” Deenie’s smile wasn’t quite as wide anymore, “Please tell me this isn’t another one of Eric’s. Don’t get me wrong I love Dulcey but…”

“No…” I wanted to sob, “It’s not, Eric and I haven’t touched each other in a long time.”

“Well, geez Han I don’t know what to say,” she knew exactly what to say. She’d been waiting years to hear that I’d grown accustomed to someone new.

“I don’t know what Eric’s gonna do?” I really started to tear.

“What the hell can he do? He’s not gonna hit you now that he’s learned you’ve figured out how to hit back,” she almost laughed at the thought of you getting knocked on your a*s one good time, “None of the bills are in his name and you can always come and stay with me.”

“Wait…” I thought out loud forgetting that I was actually on the phone with my sister, “I haven’t actually taken a test yet.”

“Well, damn Hannah you could be worrying yourself over a late period,” she burst into laughter, “Do you at least have one?”

“No, gotta go get one,” I looked like a deer in head lights, hoping to be one.

“Well then get the hell off this phone and go find out if you’re paranoid,” Deenie hung up.

And I headed to the nearest drug store.

I couldn’t wait. I tested in the pharmacy bathroom.

Thirty seconds later the strip turned blue.

I didn’t say anything to him, I just called Dulcey to the door and packed her into the car.

“What’s going on?” he questioned and followed me to my car, “Why are you leaving so fast.”

“I’m sorry Leo,” I looked to the concrete driveway below my feet for some kind of answer or advice, but to no avail.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” he held my door open.

“Um,” I cleared my throat, “Eric got a new job and we’re moving.”

“Come again?” he nearly lost his footing.

“Eric, Dulcey and I are moving…Leo,” I lied about your job, we really were moving after this.

“So that’s it,” you nodded angrily, “You can quit me just that easy?”

“That’s how it has to be,” I looked down again, “I can’t just rip Dulcey from her father…”

“Even though he doesn’t see her and beats you,” he cut me off.

“He hasn’t done that in a while and he’s getting better with her…” lied were just a peddled mess about my feet.

“He found out,” he tried to make sense of my momentary lapse.

“Found out about what?” I slammed my hands against the wheel.

“Us, this, me and you.”

“Like I said, found out about what?” I had to hurt him or my grand exit wouldn’t have been quite as perfect.

He let go of my door and me.

“Mommy, are we really leaving town?” Dulcey questioned sadly from the back seat.

“Yeah, honey we are.”

I was sick all night. You slept through it. I cried all night. You slept through it. I couldn’t bring myself to discuss any of this in front of my angel.

“Eric,” I called from the inside of the bathroom.


You sat at your piano playing random keys and barely listening. Things had become so complex between the two of us and I had everything to do with it.

“What Hannah?” you called from the foyer.

“I need to talk to you.”

“You never need to talk unless you’ve done something wrong,” you hammered away at your keys, randomly.

I came to you and fell to your feet, “I love you, Eric.” I placed my head in your lap, and you didn’t know what to do.

“What have you done?” you spoke softly, “What have you done my sweet…sweet Hannah, hmm?” you stroked my head. I cried into your lap.

“Tell me what’s got you in a million little pieces?” you grabbed me by the hair and held my glance with a stern look.

“Eric, I’m pregnant,” I baled wildly.

A smile lit your face, “I dare not ask whose it is.”

“I want to move,” I attempted to change the subject.

“Where Hannah?” you remained clam.

“Anywhere I just don’t want to be here anymore.”

“That child will always have the mark of Cain on it,” what a magnificent time to get biblical on me.

“Do you want me to get rid of it? I’ll do whatever you want just don’t leave me…Eric,” I sat up and held your hand.

“It’s un-Christian to condemn a child for a sin it’s mother has committed. And you wondered why I wouldn’t marry you.”

© 2010 Solidad

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i'm not sure what to say other than the fact that "D:" is all i can think. please tell me this will have a happy ending and she will end up with Leo?! Because if she doesnt i might DIE. D:

and wow...eric is just...i dont know WHAT THE HELL to say about him. o.O

Posted 13 Years Ago

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"I own everything that has happened to me. I'll tell my stories and if people wanted me to write warmly about them; they should've behaved better." -Unknown more..

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