Look Before You Leap-Ch. 3

Look Before You Leap-Ch. 3

A Chapter by Kawaiikitty96

Stay tuned! There shall be a dramatic incident in the next chapter!

Phin and I began sitting together at lunch everyday. For the most part, he let me do the talking, and he always listened. I was growing really fond of him. I'd also gradually developed an acquired taste for his piercing eyes. Though they were foreboding, there was something sexy and alluring about Phin's eyes. The empty feeling that Molly's departure had left in my heart was no longer existent. I still texted Molly frequently, though, and told her all about Phin. I could tell she eventually grew a little tired of it.
On Friday at lunch, I told Phin about my parents' nonstop fighting and how much it scarred me. Phin nodded and said, "I imagine you would like to completely distance yourself from the contemporary situation of your family," he declared. I agreed. "I'm afraid I do not have the capability to help you do that, but I could temporarily help you," he suggested. "How so?" I inquired anxiously. Phin grinned and said, "You could stay at my residence for a few hours after school today." I beamed. "I'd love to!" I proclaimed. As I hugged Phin's neck, the bell rang, and Phin gathered his and my books.

© 2014 Kawaiikitty96

Author's Note

Stay tuned! There shall be a dramatic incident in the next chapter!

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Added on May 18, 2014
Last Updated on May 18, 2014
Tags: teen, scifi, lesson, book, teenager, love, depression, loneliness




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