Concert Clashes

Concert Clashes

A Chapter by Little Blue

Jessie's Story.


Concert Clashes


 I trudged up the stairs that had almost become second nature to me. I rang the cracked doorbell, and counted seconds.

Exactly nine seconds later, I was greeted at the door by a warm smile, “Ready to go?” I looked at Devin’s ridiculous and oversized earmuffs, and shook my head. Then things made more sense as Sara-Jay stepped out wearing a matching pair.

“That’s cute.” I commented sarcastically, then looked at Devin specifically, “Can’t believe you got me into this.” Devin looked at Sara and they both smiled. If I hadn’t gotten so used to these looks, I would have rolled my eyes.

“They’re giving out free hot chocolate, remember, and there’s a drawing for an Xbox.” Devin reminded me of my main goal after looking away from her.

The only reason I had let him drag me to this stupid charity concert was for the Xbox.

We walked towards the car Devin’s dad had let him borrow. To ‘make it fair’ Sara and I both climbed in the back. She shot me a dirty look, and I mouthed the word ‘b***h’ at her. Though we both spent a good amount of time with Devin, and therefore together, we hadn’t had a chance to get past our staggeringly long list of differences.

“Why can’t I sit in the front, Devy?” Sara pouted, knowing she could get whatever she wanted from her ‘Devy’ when she did this. She was disgusting.

I turned to her, and returned the pout sarcastically, “Because, that wouldn’t be fair.” I nodded, and she sat back with a huff. I chuckled at her dramatization. She shot me another look.

“Why can’t you guys just get along?” Devin asked rhetorically. He knew the answer, but asked us this question every day unfailingly anyway. Our personalities simply were not compatible. W****s and rejects never mixed well.

There was a silence in the car colder than the March air outside, which Devin attempted to break, “So, Sara, how’s your cousin?”

“What cousin?” I commented before she could respond, “And how do you know him?” I turned the second question at Devin, but Sara answered both of them.

“His name is Klyde.”

“As in ‘Bonnie and…’?”

“No, you idiot,” She snapped at me, and I shot her a look, “It’s spelled K-L-Y-D-E; with a ‘k’. His parents-my aunt and uncle- died. So he’s living with us now. My parents are his godparents. That’s a church term for-“

I folded my arms over my chest, pushing back images in my head of what would happen if I pushed her out of the car. “I’m not as stupid as you think you’re not, Sara. I know what godparents are. Why haven’t I ever met this guy?”

She rolled her eyes, as if I was a stupid child she had given up explaining something to, “Because-”

“Not that I’d ever want to be near someone related to the likes of you.”

“He goes to the catholic school nearby.” She sniffed, and it was obvious she was done with the subject.

Devin gave a cough, obviously trying to divert our attention. “It’s really sad what happened. He’s a nice guy.” His unnecessary comment did nothing in the way of its intention to break the tension. Any time Sara and I were in a space smaller than a decent sized classroom the strain in the air could be cut with a knife.

We pulled up in front of a little gazebo, littered with fake snow. Only in Montana would fake snow in March be considered acceptable. Devin walked around and pulled a blanket out of the trunk, then caught up with us as we began to walk. Sara latched on to Devin immediately, knowing I’d have to work even harder to suppress my normal comments.

“What kind of music?” I asked the two of them, who were walking hand-in hand a few steps beside me. They both seemed to have forgotten my presence, and were snapped back to reality.

Devin answered before Sara-Jay could think up something nasty, “Country-classical, I think.” He sighed, “I know my Sara likes this group. They’re a local band, but they have a lot of talent.” My Sara. She had him wrapped around her twisted finer. It disgusted me.

“I would have been perfectly fine with Christmas re-runs.” I informed the both of them, and Sara gave an annoyed look.

She opened her perfectly glossed lips and retorted, “Maybe if you opened your mind just a little-”

 Must. Stay. Calm.

I gave her a sarcastic smile, “Maybe if you pulled up your shirt just a little-”

She let go of Devin’s arm, and stepped near me, “Wanna go, b***h?”

I stepped nearer, finding myself much closer to the likes of her than I ever wanted to be, “I don’t fight people weaker than me!”

“Stop it, both of you!” Devin stepped between us, pushing us further away from each other than his body alone did with the upper arm strength he thought he had, “Why don’t we just sit down and enjoy the music.” His voice lowered, “Seriously guys! People are staring. Chill a little.” 

An older couple that had been watching the whole scene looked away the second I made eye contact. You better look away.

I heard sound checks begin onstage, and sat down on a blanket Devin had brought. Sara shot me a gaze that would have scared Satan.

Must. Stay. Calm.

© 2011 Little Blue

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W****s and rejects never mixed well- lol, i thought that wa funny and i'm back to loving jessie's attitude again i guess since she's warming up to devin a bit.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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