Picked Goodbye

Picked Goodbye

A Chapter by Little Blue

Jessie's story.


Picked Goodbye

I heard Devin’s footsteps through the trees before I saw him. I knew those steps so well now. It was funny how, months and months ago, the mere thought of him being in the same room as me would repulse me.

 So much had changed since then.

 I stared straight ahead as he sat down next to me, and couldn’t help but notice he hadn’t exactly chosen to travel light.

“Why’d you bring the guitar?” I looked over at him, and noticed his usual smile wasn’t on his face. He didn’t meet my eyes, but stared down at the guitar on his lap where he had taken a seat beside me.

I studied the guitar, and noticed something painted onto the front of the wood.

“What’s that?” I knew what it was. I actually wanted to know why it was on his guitar.

He looked down to see what I meant, and his fingers grazed over a green turtle painted on the corner of the acoustic guitar. He shrugged.

“No, seriously, what’s that for?” He wasn’t answering my question, and it was bugging me. Normally he talked enough for the both of his. Why was he being so silent suddenly?

He looked over at me for a minute, then back to his guitar, “Listen.” He began to play a few all-too familiar chords. I racked my brain for the name of the song.

“Sick Cycle Carousel,” In a second I realized it. It was my favorite song, by my favorite band. My comment didn’t interrupt his playing, and it seemed he almost hadn’t heard me.

He began to sing a little:

I tried to climb your steps; I tried to chase you down.

 I reached over and put my hand across the strings. He looked up at me with an emotion I couldn’t read in his eyes.

I raised an eyebrow, and rested my hands on my legs, folded Indian style, “I never got an answer to my question. And why are you playing that song?”

He strummed one cord quickly, and then looked up, “I don’t know,” he sighed, and I didn’t say anything, hoping he would elaborate, “I had an idea, but it sounds stupid now.”

I rolled my eyes and gave a mild chuckle, “Well if it was your idea, then of course-“

“Jessie,” he cut me off, “I’m leaving.”

It took me by shock, “What the hell?” Where did that come from?

“My cousins in New York go to a special music school, and they got me an audition. To go to the school.  If I get in, I might not see you again for a year,” his eyes bored into mine, “or two.”

I gave a fake sigh, “Well that’s a relief.”

“Jessie, I’m serious.” He shifted his weight so he was closer to me, “I just sort of wanted to say goodbye to you. In a way you’d remember.” He strummed a few chords casually. I didn’t know what to say.

“Devin,” I took a deep breath.

“Wait. Stand up real quick.” He set his guitar down, and helped me to my feet. I saw him dig something out of his pocket, and then he stepped behind me. I felt something hit my chest, and looked down to see a guitar pick with a hole in it resting on a very thin piece of rope.

“So you’d remember me.” He explained, stepping to face me again. For the second time I was speechless.

I finally found words, “When are you leaving?” As I asked, I ran the guitar pick over my fingers.

“In like an hour.” What did you say?

I felt my heart stop, then begin again pounding from the shock, “What?”

His eyes were intense, searching my face, “I’m leaving in an hour.”

I reacted from shock, “Devin you b***h! When did you find this out?”

“A while ago.”

 “Why didn’t you tell me? Not that I really care. But…but……you…I hate you!  You think you can just come out of nowhere and say, ‘Oh, I’m leaving now for two years. See ya.’”

He tried to cut me off,  “Jessie-“

 “It doesn’t work like that!”

He looked angry now? “Why wouldn’t I go?” His question made me stop for a minute.

“Well,” he had caught me off guard, “I don’t know.”

“I have no reason to stay, Jessie.” His words cut through me.

He wasn’t getting off that easy, “I thought you were trying to make me a better person. You know, bringing me to church and going to charity concerts and stuff.”

His eyes got cold, “Some things are impossible, Jessie. And fixing you is one of them. Honestly, I am so fed up with your constant remarks about me, and my music, and everything. I tried so hard, Jessie. I wanted to make you a better person, because I honestly believed I could help you. I see so much potential in you. You don’t even realize everything you have. But I am done trying to show you. It’s just not worth it anymore.” He paused for a moment as the words sank in, “Give me one reason to stay.”

I could feel my heart pounding, and I took a breath through my nose. Of all people, he had no reason to talk about any of that, “I don’t have one.”

“I’m leaving.” The words were emotionless.

I shouted after his retreating figure, “Good riddance!”

He turned back to look at me, anger and sadness burned into his expression, “You will never accomplish anything if you keep living like this!”

Oh yeah?

“Watch me!”

© 2011 Little Blue

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Wow, very dramatic chapter and i should have known her attitude would et to him eventually. She does care about him afterall. great ending to this part, it was a real cliffhanger! ^^

Posted 12 Years Ago

This is the last chapter in Part One of Jessie's Island.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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