A Chapter by MK and MF

"Hey Leora, do you think we could go to the mall after school today?"
I smiled, Lilac Sweetwater and I had been best friends for about five years, we even had a secret code for everything. 'Going to the mall' really meant going to the Fairy Ring. Lilac is a changeling too, and the Fairy ring is where elves hang out. Sometimes we even meet our original parents, but fortunately, not often. I'm still pretty ticked at them for abandoning me.
Suddenly, Evelyn pushed between us followed by her friend/boyfriend/minion Justin. She walked past with her nose in the air and her hand in Justin's. I caught the scent of hairspray and rose perfume that always followed her. Blech, ever since she started using that perfume I couldn't even look at roses. 
There was a thump, and I looked to see Evelyn fall smack on her rear, her books all over the floor around her. There was also a very apologetic teacher who had just opened the door Evelyn had banged into. 
Lilac and I quickly dashed into our classroom. Last time Evelyn saw me laughing at her, I woke up staring at a gargantuan tarantula. We took one look at each other and busted up. We actually started rolling on the floor. I opened my eyes just in time to see Evelyn launching herself at me.
I resisted my elf instincts, that told me to launch back at her, and simply rolled out of the way.
Startled, Evelyn rolled into a ball and somersaulted, versus doing a face plant. She whirled around and again launched herself at me. I let her push me down. She snarled and began scratching and pulling and tearing anything she could grab, which included any exposed skin, my hair, and my sweatshirt.
Again, I suppressed my instincts to fight back. I had a plan.
"Help! Help! She's hurting me!" I shouted. "Ow! OW! GET OFF!"
"HA! YOU WIMP! You will PAY!!" she shrieked triumphantly.
I just smiled through my false tears and looked ate the door. Three teachers burst in and hauled  the psychotic Evelyn off of me. with a poisonous hiss, evelyn realized i had gotten her into serious trouble. that only made her more angry.
"..She just just attacked her for no reason...!" Lilac was telling them "Oh, Leora, you're bleeding!"
I was. Several scratches covered my face and arms. 
Two teachers had a writhing, huffing, furious Evelyn locked between the two of them. Her venomous glare pierced my face. Man, if looks could kill...
Then, the principal, Mrs. Robinson, burst into the room. "What is this?!" she cried. She looked between me and my sister and sighed wither her hand over her eyes. "Again girls? What was it this time?" We were both silent.
"She attacked me!" I told her, holding up my bleeding arms as proof.
"Evelyn, is this true?" Mrs. Robinson asked.
"She was mocking me!" Evelyn exclaimed.
"That's no reason to lash out!" she told her. "Six weeks of detention!"
Evelyn's mouth opened in protest, but Mrs. Robinson held up her hand. "That's enough, no exceptions!"
"And Leora, I'm afraid you'll have to serve a week in detention too, you shouldn't laugh at your sister."
"But I-!" I cried.
"No, no exceptions!" she nodded to her colleagues and left the room. The teachers made sure that Evelyn was calm enough before releasing her. Evelyn wrenched her arm out of their grasp and again, there was that dagger-like glare directed to me. And I realized, this would not be the end of it....

© 2009 MK and MF

Author's Note

MK and MF
*dun-dun-duh!!!* (MF is just a little bit crazy, this story sometimes has sound effects. ;)

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A few punctuation and grammatical errors, but all together an amazingly written chapter one.

Posted 8 Years Ago

this is officially AMAZING wow

Posted 10 Years Ago

oohh i like this :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

Hook line and sinker you have me.
Gimme more!!
ooh another chapter

Posted 11 Years Ago

A bit of humor in the story, and I'm interested as to what will happen.

Posted 11 Years Ago

nice so far...i will keep reading.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Not bad. I really like the concept of the story. I think a little more setail in the beginning though about the origin of the elvin sisters and the reason for their tasks would help the overall flow of the story.
I liked it though.
Good job

Posted 11 Years Ago

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MK and MF
MK and MF

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A Chapter by MK and MF