A Chapter by MK and MF

I couldn't understand it! Why hadn't Leora come home yet?!
"Evelyn, honey, do you need anything?"
"No, Momma." I said a little sharply. She looked at me worriedly, and I quickly corrected my tone. 
"No, Momma, but thank you for asking me, I'm just worried about Leora." Ugh. the niceness made me gag.
The phone rang, distracting the human. 
"Hello? Yes, this is the Singer household." There was a pause, "Well, how nice of you to call us, what can I help you with? Yes, I know they did. Yes, she... WHAT!? NO! YOU'RE KIDDING ME! Yes, I see, you don't say..." 
It went on for a moment before I tuned out her voice. I didn't know what she was talking about, and I didn't care. It was probably only a bit of juicy gossip anyways. My mind turned to more pressing matters, like what I was going to do to Leora when she got home. I already used a tarantula... 
"Evelyn," The human interrupted my thoughts.
"Yes Momma?" I asked innocently, not really caring what she was going to say.
"That was Mrs. Robinson, the school principal. We need to have a little talk."

* * *

"Wow, this place... this place... it is just too amazing to describe!" Lilac stuttered
"Amen." I agreed.
We were standing in front of the last set of doors, we had only one room left to explore, but I wasn't disappointed. The tree house was way too cool to be ours already. 
"Hey! I have an idea!" said Basil, "In celebration of this new tree house, we should spend the night!" 
All of us cheered in agreement, then I remembered one itsy-bitsy problem. I slumped.
"i can't." i said dejectedly.
"WHY NOT!?" Rosalyn and Basil asked increduously. Lilac wilted too; she knew the reason.
I broke the news to them. "I have detention, my mortal mom won't let me."
They were all quiet; I hated to be the one to spoil all the fun, but I really couldn't stay. You could almost taste the disappointment in the air.
"Why don't you call your mom?" Basil suggested
"MIRRANDA!?" I burst out, appalled even by the thought of asking my insane mother. "NOT ON YOUR LIFE!" 
"No!" Basil said ,exasperated. "Your human mom"
"Oh." I felt really dumb.
*awkward silence*
"Couldn't hurt." said Lilac
"But I don't have a phone..." I started to say, but Rosalyn tossed hers at me in reply.
I gulped, "do I hav--"
"YES!" They all yelled simultaneously.
I dialed my home number. After only a few seconds, someone answered "Hello?" It was my human mom.
"Uh.... Hi Mom!" I tried to sound confident and cheerful, and failing miserably.
"Hello leora sweetie! How are you?"
"Um.... I have detention," then I continued quickly before I lost my nerve. "And-I-am-at-me-and-my-friends'-new-tree-house-in-the-park-and-we-really-want-to-have-a-sleep-over-in-celebration-of-its-completion-so-can-I?!" 
Wow, sometimes I couldn't believe the things that came out of my mouth. I could hear Evelyn snickering in the background, she had obviously eavesdropped on the whole conversation. I felt really stupid.
"Sure honey." 
"Really!?" I said incredulously
"WHAT!?" I heard Evelyn scream over the phone.
"Sure, have a good time Leora!" she said sweetly, then hung up the phone.
I stared in amazement at the cell phone in my hand. Then closed it with a snap and turned smiling to my friends.
"She said yes!" I said happily, excitement flooding over me as I realized what that meant.
"Great!" the three of them cheered. 
"Now," said Basil, "Let's go see the astronomy room!"

* * *
"AAAAAHH!!! NOOOOOOO!!" I screamed at the ceiling of my room. (My door was sound-proof, thankfully enough.) I was angry; angry at the stupid principal, angry at the human idiot, angry, no, FURIOUS at my stupid twin idiot, Leora.
"What happened?" asked Justin as he climbed through my window. Somehow he always knew the right time to show up. 
I sat on my bed, tears of pure frustration sliding down my cheeks. Justin sat beside me and offered a kleenex. 
"Thanks." I said, calming down. "The school principal called the mortal" (this is what Justin and I call my mortal "mom") 
"And now, I am trapped in this.... this.... PIT!!!" My fury returned in full force. I took a small figurine of a unicorn off of my shelf and hurled it at the wall. (I bought small, cute, breakable objects both for the purpose of deceiving the mortal and to smash whenever i felt like it.) 
"And then who should call but my REVOLTING! *smash* PATHETIC! *smash* IDIOTIC! *smash* DORKAZOID OF A SISTER! *smash* " I ran out of figurines at this point. 
"And then...then... the mortal lets her stay with Basil and Rosalyn and Lilac and have a sleep over while I am stuck here in this cage!" 
After a pause, Justin asked a question.
"Where is the sleepover?"
"Probably in the fairy ring." I said spitefully. Then I noticed his evil little grin. "Ooh, i LOVE that smile of yours Justin!"
"Don't worry Evelyn, I'm not stuck here, the plan will commence."
Both of us laughed darkly, and Justin climbed out the window.
Leora was in for such a surprise. 

© 2010 MK and MF

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I am loving the adventure your taking me on and can't wait to click over to chapter 6

Posted 11 Years Ago

I'm really enjoying this, and like 'ChristianM' said, your dialogue is improving, I feel like I'm more into the story with each chapter. Keep it up :) Hope to see more soon.

Posted 11 Years Ago

I think the dialogue is definitely improving. You need to work on avoiding "not capitalizing" the beginning word of a sentence.
But I'm liking it though.
Keep it up.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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MK and MF
MK and MF

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This is MK and MF, we're best friends and we enjoy writing stories together. Especially fantasy. We like twists of plots and evil characters :) more..


A Chapter by MK and MF

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