Prologue: Rayne

Prologue: Rayne

A Chapter by Jordyn A. Ruhter

     "Hey Rayne!" a male voice yelled from behind the fragile schoolgirl. She spun, her long blonde hair seeming to form a cascade as it followed.

     "Yeah?" she asked in her quiet, gentle voice. She recognized a friend of hers, Micah, as he came even to her.

     'He smiled, the corners of his dark brown eyes pulling upward. "What are your plans for tonight?"

    Rayne's dark green eyes gazed at the ground as they began walking. She noticed a small loose thread in the knee length, red and black plaid skirt before managing a reply. "Nothing," she whispered.

     "I frankly think the school ties are cliche'," he laughed, loosening the red and black plaid fabric. Micah also unbuttoned the black school jacket to reveal a crisp white tee underneath, attempting to cool himself in the hot and humid Miami spring weather. He looked over to see Rayne taking off the female jacket and drape it in her arms. Attempting to look cool, Micah put his hands into the pockets of his trousers.

     "So um," Micah blushed, "Would you go with me tonight to a movie?"

     This drew a bright smile from Rayne as she looked up at him. "I'd enjoy that."

     The red blush disappeared. "Great! So I'll pick you up at around six?" he asked as they arrived at the apartment the eighteen year old girl rented.

     "Thank you," Rayne called out as the boy turned back to the school where he'd left his truck. He turned, smiled, waved, and then proceeded on his way.

     Rayne entered the apartment building, glad she didn't work tonight. Taken up in the situation, she didn't notice the door to her apartment was slightly ajar. A man looked up from a kitchen drawer as she entered. Rayne snapped out of her joy at the sight of the unfamiliar man. 

     "W-who are you?!" she asked, backing against the door she'd shut only seconds before. Fumbling for the handle caused the man to panic and run at her. A strong hand grasped her forearm and she cried out in pain as he threw her against a low table, her other arm hitting a corner of the wood.

     "Jeff," cried Rayne, suddenly recognizing the man who lived in the apartment above her. The short haired man only back handed the girl and sat on her hips as she gasped.

     A demonic smile slid onto his lips as he trapped both of her hands in a single one of his. The other moved grapped her thigh, causing a scream to come from the terrified Rayne. Jeff stopped, noticing a small tattoo on the girl's thigh.

     "I thought you didn't have any sisters. Why do you have a tattoo of the name Wave?" questioned the rapist.

     As he noticed the perfectly written word, a wave of water slammed into his body, sending him flying off Rayne. She was swept off in the cascade of water and cried out.

     The water stopped suddenly, leaving her sopping wet in what looked to be a field.

© 2011 Jordyn A. Ruhter

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Jordyn A. Ruhter
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Ha ha, what came out of her vag!? Just kidding. I see the elements coming into play here. I would suggest not coming so out with the man's intentions. Tell us in detail and thoughts. (The man's mind had gone from burglery to rape at the site of the busty, beautiful woman that had entered the room.) I'm enjoying it so far. Why do the guys have to be so close but never help? lol

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Jordyn A. Ruhter
Jordyn A. Ruhter


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