Dear Love

Dear Love

A Story by Manda

She loves him. She write to him. She missed him dearly. She doesnt know what else to do but keep on writing.

Dear Love,
           Oh how I miss you! Ever since we had to say goodbye I've missed you. I miss those summer nights we spent together. I miss cuddling up on the coach and you playing with my beautiful long blonde hair. How I miss the touch of your sweet lips on mine. I miss looking into your deep blue eyes right before you would kiss me. Its been nine long months since I've seen you. Everyday seems to be even more challenging than the last one. I fight to keep myself from breaking down and crying. There are nights that I cant help but shed a few tears. I have to look at a picture of you just to calm myself down.... Sometimes thats not even good enough.  God I just miss you so much! I hate living miles away from each other. It just isnt fair! I just wish I could live with you, but since were only 16 there is not much we can do. I know I love you and I also know you love me too. I am happy that I can still talk to you. I love hearing your relaxing voice, which always puts me at peace and in such a deep sleep. I love it when you call me when I am sick and in bed. I know I am always on your mind because you are always worrying about me. I love that you have my back and would protect me from anyone and everything! You are just too amazing! I always used to feel safe when I was with you. I still do just not as safe. I am counting down the days till we meet again. It wont be long until I am in your warm arms once again! Only 40 days left to go. Until then I will miss you. I will miss you like the waves miss its ocean. I will always miss you! You are the love of my life!

P.s. I will never ever stop loving you. You are my life now. I dont care how many tears I may cry I wont ever want to say goodbye!

© 2010 Manda

Author's Note

I dont care about flow or grammar I just need to write. I am going crazy. I love him! And I know he loves me, he even told me. I read him my poems that he loves so much! I dont know but I felt writing a letter to him (even though he wont see it) would make things a little more bearable. Well I guess not. I hope you like this... sorry if you dont

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I liked this. Great job on this letter. I wrote a long letter to of my exs. I wrote him four pages. It was great for me. He wrote me one too.

Posted 14 Years Ago

I had a letter like this once. He never saw it either. Sometimes you just need to let it out even if it is only for your own sanity. Great job. I hope things work out.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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