Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Hazel Stone

Russell says absolutely nothing. Kahlan stares coldly at him. I look quietly around at Chrissie, she was asleep quietly her mouth slightly open. Anne said nothing but only looked down at her feet. “I’m sorry” Russell finally snaps clearly annoyed by Kahlans stare.

                “oh I-I didn’t here you  maybe you should say it louder” she says sarcastically, he rolled his eyes sighing heavily. Anne glanced up at both of them. “Here me out, we need some time to get away cool things down take it easy for a while” Anne said quietly in a very soothing tone. “I agree” I whisper looking down at Chrissie who was still asleep.

                “Well her jumping off a bridge didn’t help with that” Russell said, my eyes went up to him. Why would he say that, I thought? Then the fighting started yelling back and forth, Anne shoke her head with a little smile. I got up leaving the room while snatching my jacket. I went through the maze of halls and walked for a while till I sat alone on a bench. I closed my eyes and sighed it was somewhat quiet I opened my eyes feeling a presence I glanced to my side and jumped up. A girl jumped to and glanced down.

                “sorry I didn’t mean to frighten you, you looked quit stressed” She says, I stared at her.She wore old clothing a black sweater and her black hair fell past her shoulder all tangled. I sat down again next to her. “I was there” she stated, I glanced at her questioningly. She gulped.

                “when you jumped in after her, I called 911” she said with a sigh. I was confused by her, till I swalled the lump in my throat “thank you” I whispered.

                “No problem” she said loudly, and glanced around. “I’m Elsie by the way” she said excitedly. I smiled at her. “you guys should really get an album going the wait is killing me” She whined, I moved to the edge of the bench. “Who are you?” I finally asked, her eyes suddenly got sad for a moment.

                “Well I’m your first biggest fan, I really care about you guys I know just about everything about you, even that you date Harry” I blushed how could she possibly know that. “I know that cause you blush whenever someone talks to you about him” she laughs quietly.

                “Don’t you have better to do things then stalking me?” I laughed, she shoke her head. “Sadly no, you and one direction are all I care about” she said excitedly.  “I love your humor and caring since, you know someone’s cares about there friend when they would give there life to save them” she says.

                “Why do I feel like I’ve known you forever?” I asked with a smile, she smiles back. “ I guess its my since of good knowledge” she says and laugh when she touches the tip of her head. “So Elsie, tell me about you?” I ask, she only stares and shakes her suddenly getting angry.

                “there’s nothing to tell, I’m one of the freaks” she states shrugging her shoulders, I raise my eye brows. “You know the broken person, who needs people she’ll never meet to make her happy”

                “You’ve met me though, and you have a new friend” I say politely, she looks at me. “But I’m a freak” she says again. “You’re not” I say.

                That’s what all the other kids say just because…”she stays quiet, I put my hand on her shoulder. “Your not a freak believe me, your normal, normal to me” I say even though I barely knew this girl.

                “c’mon I want to show you three other people who will love you” I say standing she looks at me, then stands quietly. “I may be jealous of the one dating Niall” she warned, I laughed out loud. “It’s okay she’ll be upset to” I say, maybe a little.





                 I stayed quiet the rest of the walk home. I needed time, especially after what these girls went through, I smiled at the thought of Hazel trusting me what an idiot she was her and her stupid friends. I had to think things through to carefully tear their friendship apart. Tear Kahlan relationship apart, and I needed them to trust, Hazel fell for me and so did Anne and Kahlan but that one girl Chrissie stared at me not saying a word, she didn’t like me and she would be the hardest to get through to I don’t no why but she’ll see, I can break her.




                “What is the matter with you?” Kahlan said to me. “that girl I don’t like her” I say quickly, “She has more drama and more pain written all over her, and that’s the last thing we need” I add curtly.

                “please she won’t bite, besides she’s a nice girl” Hazel says, I roll my eyes I didn’t like that girl I didn’t know why some thing was fishy about her. “She’s nice” Anne agreed. I said nothing I got up locking myself in the bathroom. I tried to think about something else, but only could think about Elsie, was I jealous of her? I didn’t know what to think one thing was for sure, if she is a mistake I’ll no just what to do with her.

© 2013 Hazel Stone

Author's Note

Hazel Stone
sorry fer mistakes

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Finally!!! I've been waiting!!! Any awwww yeah beat the cahoots out Elise!!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Oooooohh!!!! Uou finally post!!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

OMG. I love it!!! And hazel feel for her trick. Kadessa's relationship is screwed!!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Hazel Stone

10 Years Ago

What dodo think about Chrissie

10 Years Ago

She's smart. Ok I know who u r and who Kadessa is but which is jan and which is Megan?

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