Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Hazel Stone

I yawned standing and stretching I laughed out loud when I noticed I fell asleep on the bathroom floor, which falls asleep in a bathroom. I got out and fell on to the couch Hazel looked up at me. “It 2:00 in the morning are you awake?” she asked I nodded I haven’t slept that good in three months. “What about you?” I asked.

                “What about me I can’t sleep cause all I see is Kahlan jumping off that bridge , or a truck coming towards me while I’m driving in a car” she answers, switching through channels, suddenly I see a show I like but she flips past it. “Hey go back” She smiled “No” she teases waving the controller in front of me. Then I reach out and we were both wrestling for the controller, I try to take it from her but hold a death grip on it. “Give it to me I say” I shout laughing her, ‘Okay” she says letting go I tumble backwards off the couch on the floor. i stare at her Glumly as she laughs at me.

                Suddenly Kahlan walks out and Hazel stays quiet we watch as she drifts past us her eyes shut, I turn my head to Hazel and mouth ‘is she sleep walking’ she shrugged suddenly we heard a loud bang and looked to see Kahlan waken and laying on the ground shocked, it took me and Hazel a second to realize she tried to walk through the screen door, we busted out laughing, Kahlan looked at us confused before  she got it she nodded got up and walked past us giving us the evil eye.

                I sit on the couch beside Hazel while we quiet down. “So… what was it like in Uhh Spain” I asked quietly, she shrugged. “Pretty bad I thought It would be a piece of cake and well, let’s just say I defiantly thought wrong” she paused for a minute.

                “I really tried so hard to keep myself from contacting you guys, I felt like I was dead. No sleep and when I did they were horrible, horrible Graphic dreams like I can’t even describe, I’m still scared to sleep, it’s hard to stay awake when I’m so exauseted.Anways I never got rest, I lost track of time, I learned more lies it’s like I’ve got no one to trust but you guys” she sighs glancing at me.

                “I’m sorry, I know how you feel. Hardest thing that I could take in was that being told to me I didn’t believe him well I did but then I didn’t” she looked at me confused, I up got going to our kitchen in the nice suit she followed pushing herself on the counter. “What do you mean” she asks.

                “You know just hard to believe the un believable” I say setting the ingredients on the counter, I was going to make tacos cause I was hungry. She nodded watching me her eyes suddenly narrowed. “What are you doing?” she finally asks me, I shrug “makin’ tacos…I guess” I say slowly losing my train of thought. I took a knife out and started cutting up some tomatoes, she laughed at me.

                “At 2:00 in the morning” she paused before a smile appeared, “Count me in” she hoped off the counter, she opened the fridge tossing some me wrapped up meat on the counter, She came back opening it up and placing the meat on the cutting board before cutting slices up.

                “So…how are you and Zayne doing?” she asks, I suddenly dropped the knife I yelped jumping away just as the knife crashed against the floor inches from my foot. She looked at me then shoke her head. I picked the knife rinsing it off under the sink water. “We’re fine, still good friends” I say with a nod.

                “Please” She spat and I looked at her, “You too are more than friends, Friends don’t kiss and hold hands and”-“HAZEL” I shouted before she could finish she laughed, I shoke my head mumbling “Pervert” . “Heard that” she states chuckling softly.

                “We get it we’re more than friends, enough said” I said cutting the tomatoes again. “Me you and Elsie our new friend should go shopping together” she suddenly says, and I freeze. I turn my head to glance at her, “Me and you” She rephrases, and I nod.

                “What about the others” I suddenly ask, tossing the tomatoes I cut up in a bowl. “Anne is going to visit family, and Kahlan and Niall are spending time together before he leaves to go back with the rest of them to continue the tour” She answers, I nod understandingly.


                A little while later everyone was up and around, Kahlan was showering getting ready for her date with Niall and Anne was grabbing her purse to leave. “So I’ve got everything, you guys please behave” she looks at me and Hazel we nod. “Kahlan don’t have too much fun” Anne shouted then looked at us, “we’ll see where that will end up” she whispered, we smiled at her. “Bye” she says leaving quickly.

                A few minutes there was a knock at the door, me and Chrissie raced for and opened it falling on each other we glanced up at the person, “Hey Niall” we both say, suddenly got up. He looked at us confused then came in. I shut the door. “She’s getting ready” hazel tells him, and he nods sitting down.  “How do I look” She asks coming in not noticing Niall and twirling. She had her hair done in curl and a beautiful flower summer dress. Me and Hazel giggle as niall went behind her poking her, she screamed and turned looking at him.

                “You look beautiful’ he says, she looks away blushing. “C’mon” he says taking her hand and pulling her out of the hotel room. I sighed and looked at Hazel “Are we ready” I ask, she laughed nodding. “Shopping spree” I shout, she laughs harder.


                We shop for awhile, until we barely can hold are bags so we call a taxi, I sway back and forth as we wait, she puts her bags down exhausted. “My arms feel like they’ll fall off” She whined. I laughed at her, “Sure they will” I say. “Hi” I heard a familiar voice say I turned seeing Elsie and I suddenly got mad. “Hey Chrissie” she says I hold my breath it took me everything not to smack her.

                “Hi” I say sharply, Hello Elsie What are you doing here” I hear hazel say I watched Elsie like a hawk she ran up to hazel and hugged her. “Oh you know shopping looking around” she glanced at our bags laughing. “a lot of Shopping was done huh” there was silence she stared at me as if waiting for an answer I bit my tongue to hold back everything I wanted to say to her.

                “Is something wrong” She asked me, I said nothing. Oh but there was defiantly something wrong… with her, I thought. I sighed looking away “No I was expecting a someone else” I snap, she gulped. “Sorry to disappoint you” she laughed I gave her my best cold stare. And thank goodness the taxi pulled up beside us.

                “Can I tag along?” she asked and before Hazel could answer I did. “Yeah it called dinner and I’m afraid there is no room” I say curtly,  “Chrissie” I hear Hazel Hiss. “Get in the car Hazel, we don’t want to miss Dinner” I say which was kind of a joke. “Are you okay, do you have a ride”-“Yes” Elsie interrupted Hazel and I wanted to slap her for doing that.

                “Watch your Attitude” I warn when Hazel Gets in the Car, Elsie only stares at me . And get in the car and tell the driver to drive.

                “That was very rude” Hazel says, “I don’t care I don’t like her, and that’s final. She’ll have to learn that if she wants to spend time with you guys, she’ll have to put up a date when I’m not around because if I am around I’ll lose it” Hazel gapes at me. I don’t know why I hated this girl so much but whenever she’s around I just lose myself, I find myself extremely angry.

                When we arrive at the hotel room Hazel disappears in her room and I slump on the couch, with a little sigh.

© 2013 Hazel Stone

Author's Note

Hazel Stone
enjoy and feel free to comment

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GAHHHH who is this chick!!! I SEE THROUGH YOU ADSJFKEVFHJS *cuddles a pillow angrily*

Posted 10 Years Ago

Lol when anne tells kahlan not to have to much fun amd says we'll see where that goes. I was like 0.0
Hahaha or when Kahlan walked into the screen door I was dying!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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