Capter 3

Capter 3

A Chapter by Hazel Stone


We all glanced in at the huge golf course. “It’s so big” Anne says, Hazel and I crack up. She looks us does mouths oh and rolls her eyes. “The golf course my ladies the golf course nothing else” she says. Russell comes up to us. “Girls nice of you to get here” he stops glancing at his watch “Two hours late” he glances up at us with an upset face.

“No worries just trying to set up a tour for you girls” he says, “Are you done now” Asks Kahlan curtly. “Nope this is a golf course so I’m not as concerned as I would be at an expensive restaurant “ hi s eyes get wide all of a sudden and we all gasp at the man behind them he towered up and was buff, the guy was huge. His arms were crossed.

“Girls your bodyguard Bob” introduces Russell he smiles happily. We all gaped at him. “DANG he’s Huge!” Hazel shouts I laugh.  “So yeah girls have fun” Russell says with a quick wave goodbye and disappearing. We all watched him go then are heads slowly turned to Bob who stood there staring down at us.

“So…Bob “I playfully punched his shoulder then regretted it. “Owww” I yell holding my fist and looked at him. “Did that hurt?” Hazel asks he shoke his head.

“I have no feeling in my left foot…its sick” he says to her in a deep voice She glanced at us then his left foot, then she stomped on it. “That didn’t hurt?” she asks he shakes his head. Then she was  jumping on his foot as hard as she could.

“Hazel” I drag her away she straitens up. ‘I’ll see if its true” I say I walk over and snatch some random dudes Golf club and aim it as if it were a bat. “Batter up” I shout before bringing it down on his foot as hard as I could. I looked at him and shrugged no sign of pain. I bring the club back to his over and over again.

“People are staring at us” Anne laughs, Hazel was laughing with Kahlan. “Wack it” Kahlan laughed. “Wack it like there’s no tomorrow” Hazel jokes I stop and throw the club. “I give up” I state walking next to them. “My turn” Kahlan chirps walking away some were. She comes back with a crow bar.  “Everyone stand back” I say . Kahlan aims it and brings it down just as I did the everyone around us gasps. Russell stomps over snatching the crowbar from her   “Okay when I got you a bodyguard I meant treat him with respect not wack him with a crowbar” He spits.

Hazel laughs out loud then shuts up, “You probably started it” he snaps at her and she frowns. He pulls his jacket in place “Nothing to see hear folks” he says to the staring people. “Watch them” Russell tells Bob.

Later we ended up playing Golf, “So your sure you know how to play?” I ask Hazel she nods. “Please I’ve played this…lots” She defends herself and snatches the Golf club I lean against the golf cart. “Five bucks says she fails” Kahlan whispers I look at her “you’re on” I say, we shake hands. Hazel leans forward, “Make me proud” I yell she looks at me and nods. As soon as she swings it back its flying, Kahlan bursts into laughter. I sigh, she doesn’t even know how to swing the thing. She walks to us.

“I-I usually only play miniature golf” She stutters rubbing her arm. “You owe me five bucks “Kahlan tells me. I pick the golf club up and hand it to Kahlan “Your turn” I say with a smirk. She didn’t do that bad in fact we ended up sitting in the cart because it was to hot to do anything else.

“You know what?” hazel says and we all look at her and say “What” at the same time then laugh. “I want to drive this thing”  she says we all look at her, “You know what that’s not a good idea” Kahlan says Hazel switches to go behind the wheel. “No I got this” she says starting it, we all jerked back as she stomped on the gas I grip the seat and look at her.  “FENCE” I shout she turns the wheel it goes on the side two wheels then slams to the ground. She lets go of the wheel  and looks at me “No hands” she laughs.

“HAZEL” We all scream at her she puts her hands back just as we crashed through an area we all screamed as we crashed into tables and flowers and then a huge cake. “Who has a wedding at a Golf course” I shout wiping cake off my face.  “No idea” hazels yells looking at me. “You crazy person look were your driving”  I shout  she looks and gapes right towards Russell. “QUICK take the wheel before he sees me” Hazel shouts.  “A POND, HAZEL A POND” Anne shouts we zoom past Russell and strait into the pond. I surface the water just as the others do.

“Idiots” I hear Russell yells I flinch. Hazel laughs “Let’s do that again”.  Hallie Russell wife rushes to the edge “Girls come on out” she tells us, we all come out and she hands us each a towel if you wanted to swim so bad why didn’t you bring a bathing suit” She jokes, Russell’s points a finger at her “We will never have Daughters” I spits angrily she laughs.

“There only teenagers” she defends us. “Yeah that’s right” hazel agrees Russell looks at her “don’t even dare speak right now” he says. A man walks to Russell glances at us “ Mr. Willis Agrees with you sir he would love to see these girls ‘torture’ you some more, he describes it as amusing” The man walks off and Russell sighs.

“Look I’ll take them home you just Uhh fix things” Hallie Suggests and he nods angrily. “Ladies” she gestures for us to follow her. We enter her car and she starts the engine “You girls are hilarious, he’s going to have so much fun with you on tour” she shakes her head at the thought.

“He’s defiantly in for one” She chirps

© 2013 Hazel Stone

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Hazel Stone
sorry its short

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Woot! Woot! Wedding at a golf course!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Hahaha love it soo much. Golf cart time!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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