Vnm(chapter 1) Through the webed mirror

Vnm(chapter 1) Through the webed mirror

A Chapter by Misa Uchiha

My two friends and i come across this weird drawing..later on we wake up to find the drawing has come to life..what should we do what shall happen. aslo our names change in the second chapter so dont worry.


Hey charlene wait up yelled cyara as she and brittany hurried to catch up with me as they got off the bus..i smirked as i ignored them and speed up. B***h i heard cyara and brittany call out as they started to lose sight of me in the crowd of buzzing teens.


i walked into the lunch room and over to our usual table to where we waited for class to start..on the seat was a peice of drawing paper with a fading mirrior that had lines of cracks that looked like a giant spiders web covered it. In one section was what looked like screaming souls twisiting and turning, intertwining with each other as they forever surfered in thier pain. In another section was what looked like two hands intertwined one soaked in blood the other covered in a black fingerless glove.In another part of the drawing were three animals a fox a wolf and the other looked as though it had been erased or was the last part was a grave stone covered in snow..though there were words on it they were too small to make out and next to the gravestone were footprints of what looked like a type of animal(s),leading out of the picture and at the end of the footprints was a figure of a boy..he wore faded jeans with a black button up he had blonde hair and in his hand was a letter and on the outside were the letters S.O.C.


hey charlene whats that asked brittany as she came up to me peaking over my shoulder. I pushed her and said nothing noisy just a picture i found look i said showing her and cyara. wow said cyara thats some darwing someone must be tight they left it here. I laughed as i folded it and put it in my binder.


Later that day i went to cyaras house, me and brittany were going to go to the mall with cyara and hang out since today was friday.


when we arrived  we walked into Hot Topic.. i bought a strapless dress that went down to my knees it being in yellow and black. it was laced at the top and tied in the back with a butterfly stiching on the front. cyara bought a pair of jeans with a blue and black shirt that hunf off the shoulders brittany bought a pair of purple jeans that faded to black and a black shirt with purple stiching.


As we exited hot topic and made our way over to use the bathroom i decied to be silly and started to skip and twirl like a ballet dancer...


oh god shes pretending to be alice again said cyara.


i laughed and walked into the bathroom only to stop and drop my bag as i stared at what was in front of me.


I felt two people on each side of me...


what that hell said Cyara as she too stared at what was in front of us.


Its the drawing..but its real stuttered brittany.


i walked towards it and the pictures started to blend together...they spun faster and faster creating a wrap hole..from the middle  of the hole there were screams of pain and lighten along with laughing and a echo of I love you.

I touched the mirror and then everything went black......


I felt something cold on my face..they were hands..hands as cold as ice it seemed...


wake up..please wake up i heard a voice say.then the hands were gone and instead i felt rushing wind and rain falling on my face.


I opned my eyes and took in a deep breath as though i been holding in air for too long. i sat up and looked around to see i was laying in the middle of a forest...I stood up and spun in a circle as i tried to figure out which way to go. I couldnt so i walked in a random direction hoping to find someone soon before i go crazy if i already havent.

© 2009 Misa Uchiha

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Added on November 3, 2009


Misa Uchiha
Misa Uchiha

Staten Island ny, NY

Im 15 years old my name is charlene ....oh my freind is cyara a.k.a saruno Uchiha...shes my sister in law.her and sasuke are married(again lol)I love to laugh and make jokes i also love to hang out wi.. more..