Listen, Learn, But Don't Save

Listen, Learn, But Don't Save

A Chapter by Speak in Silence

Dear everyone,
I'm tired of this sensual bullshit. I'm tired of trying to find pretty ways to tell you all I want to die. I put it right in front of your face! I'll write "and hope your lights lead me home" and you'll think it's some stupid love thing. No. I want to die and no one listens. No one I personally know read my writing and says, "wow, you really do want to end it, don't you?" No one f*****g does that. I wish I could just tell people like "Hey, I want to kill myself 95% of the time" but s**t doesn't work that way. 
Just f*****g listen 

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its not always what we want, that makes it the right thing. I don't know what your going through, you might be burdened with feeling too much or nothing at all, but their really is people out their that care, and their is true love, God.. This world is cold, I know. Ive been screw'd by a lot of people, and let down by everyone. What has made you despise this world to such a point, I dont know, but you should know you could be an example of what should be right with this world. Think about it... , if its because of what others think, Ive regreted a lot of things ive done becaues of what others think, and not just that but what they have done too. and in the time I hope you can forgive those that have hurt you. (because doing so will empower you and set you free, like that butterfly) Be strong because I know you can :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

Speak in Silence

7 Years Ago

Thank you for the advice and taking the time to read my bullshit. Haha but seriously thanks, means a.. read more

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Speak in Silence
Speak in Silence


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