Millinium 2~ Happily Ever Never

Millinium 2~ Happily Ever Never

A Chapter by Dokuro-chan (Toeto-chan)

How will I ever find the one? The one that could lead me to avenging... Matt. Hmm... I better think this through. -Nicole thought. Nicole Perry, age... 2 Milliniums. About her: she kills people who would help her avenge her dead best life partner Matthew Snyder. She has been waiting and training for 2 Milliniums. She long waits to meet 'the one' who can help her bring Matt's soul back together. This is where it all started:


Matt was fighting a man, ripping out his guts, and drinking the blood that came out of the guts. Nicole waited for him to return but she waited for days. She grew tired, thirsty, and weak. She checked up on Matt.


All that she saw was Matt's body on the floor. Before her very eyes, she saw the Blade of Azu that was stabbed into his chest. She then realized that his soul was cut into pieces, and only a girl and a boy, Zeke and Katara could glue together those pieces with the tears of the same sword that killed him.


And that's when her journey began. She traveled far into the West. She began at Resembol, Japan... and somehow is now in Los Angeles,California.


Now whenever someone tries to join her, she tests them, with tasks. Task one: one must try to rip open Nicole's body without a single sweat. (Most people die at task one). Task two: one must drink the blood of Cerberus, the multi-dog-headed demon that lives in what used to be ancient Athens. And task three: One must cut open, rip apart, and drink the blood of Nicole's heart.


Noone ever makes it to task three... not even to task two...but fear not. For a millinium later.... a brave hero will step up to the plate and show Nicole who's boss.

© 2010 Dokuro-chan (Toeto-chan)

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nicole is a cool character?? .. i dont know.. if your heart gets ripped apart, and dranken out of, you can still be alive? btw, this picture is from Eflen lied right?

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Sweet! Please add another chapter!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Dokuro-chan (Toeto-chan)
Dokuro-chan (Toeto-chan)

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