The Art of Woo

The Art of Woo

A Poem by Kelly Scheppers

The Art of Woo

photography by / Stefan Beutler



I was never a pearl kind of girl.

Always wore jeans

with holes in the knees.

                                      I’m not beyond giving flowers to.                                      

Give me a man who still can woo.


© 2023 Kelly Scheppers

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I still have feelings even though I my dress the come woo me, and I'll show you what I've got...Very clever and honest... well written too!
Best, B

Posted 1 Day Ago

what a bewitching opening line Kelly. it drew me in, right down to the very core of awareness. knew this little gem would open a slew of doors to shadow places. thanks for the morning smile

Posted 2 Days Ago

Kelly Scheppers

2 Days Ago

That smile has been reciprocated. Thank you, Ken!
✨️✨️✨️✨️✨️There aren't many of us left Kelly !!! :) :) :) :) :)

Posted 3 Days Ago

Kelly Scheppers

3 Days Ago

It breaks my heart to say but I do believe you're right. Thank you, Tony!
This is a delightful, fun write and speaks for so many of us. I love your expression “I was never a “pearl kind of girl.” It reminds me of the ‘blue jeans baby’ in the Elton John song. I bet you make ‘holes in the jeans’ jeans look great. I hope you are still getting flowers too!

Posted 4 Days Ago

Kelly Scheppers

4 Days Ago

I have three pairs of jeans with holes in the knees, and I find them most comfortable to wear. Thank.. read more
A lovely piece of brevity a simple bit of wooing is always soo woo hoo romantic,i like the way you wrote this nice work Kelly

Posted 5 Days Ago

Kelly Scheppers

5 Days Ago

Thank you, Fran. Good to see you!
I love your poem!

I loved a girl once (still do...) who rolled her own cigarettes and drank her beer straight from the longneck... had Dali's "Persistance of Memory" with the watch melting over her shoulder in a stunning tattoo, so give me a girl with holes in her jeans, and whose flowers fit just as nicely into a bell jar.

I'm a really old dude, and grew up when there were still "real men" who knew how to take charge when necessary, fix the things that broke, and take care of his family's needs, men who knew that their woman was, at the very least, their equals, and listened to her voice. Men who just might shoot a fellow who hit a woman. I was lucky, I guess, my family was rife with them, my father and his six brothers, despite the occasional, and usual human failures, knew the difference between woo and mere lust or flirtation. All lived to ripe old ages, and only one divorce. Of their 22 offspring, none went to jail, all reached some level of success... (As a whole, we had many more relationship issues than our fathers, because, as Tolkien said, "Men always start strong, but finish weak."(paraphrased). Anyway, our present culture suffers from the destruction and emasculation of men.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Kelly Scheppers

1 Week Ago

You give me the distinct impression of a man that starts strong and finishes the same. A man who rem.. read more

1 Week Ago

Oh, my... blush.
(Not really, I've seen way too much to blush about much anymore.) but thank .. read more
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My long suffering wife always tells folk I wooed her with laughter( and cheap Spanish wine)
A dozen red roses her favourite and I have promised 60 to mark this landmark when there:)
Hope you are well Kelly.
Enjoyed your words

Posted 1 Week Ago

Kelly Scheppers

1 Week Ago

Thank you so much, Gordon. My best to you!
to pitch woo ... a quintessential phrase that denotes an earlier age ... an age of manners and honour ...
hands kissed by gentlemen who rose when a woman entered the room.

Don't see that much nowadays, do we?

No one here writes romance as well as you Kelly.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Kelly Scheppers

1 Week Ago

Judging by your review, I would say the art of woo seems like a lost art. How beautifully you define.. read more
Impressive photo and yes if you get the art of woo right, you don’t go to jail, collect $200 and go onto the next phase of romance. Fine writing Kelly.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Kelly Scheppers

1 Week Ago

Glad you enjoyed it, Andrew! Thank you.

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25 Reviews
Added on March 16, 2023
Last Updated on March 16, 2023


Kelly Scheppers
Kelly Scheppers

San Diego, CA

I was never a pearl kind of girl... always wore jeans with holes in the knees. more..


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