A Chapter by *~~Siren~~*

My name is Echo. I don't have a last or middle name, but Echo is all I need. In this world everyone has a certain amount of life energy we call, spirit. Some have more spirit than others, it depends on how much you believe in your dream, this is from which our spirit system was created. The lowest class are the peons; those who are the poorest and have the lowest spirit energy. The second lowest class are the philistines; they are the commoners; they have a normal amount of spirit energy and are neither rich or poor. The middle class are the aristocrats; they have the same amount of spirit energy as the commoners but are wealthy and usually live with the second highest class, the nobles. Nobles have a above average amount of spirit energy, are very wealthy, and are related to the ruler, they create laws and if the ruler dies they can inherit the rule depending on the amount of spirit energy. The ruler is the highest out of all the classes, having the most and powerful spirit energy while also being the richest, the ruler orders everyone and has final say on everything. To use spirit energy you must first transform which everyone is taught when they are small, after that you simply have to will it to and thus it will appear as a flame-or-water-like ball of energy. You can gain more spirit energy by killing someone or taking the energy of an already deceased person, though, many aren't willing to take someones spirit energy. I'm not one of those people, at just 8 years old I had killed a little boy because he had teased my family. Since we were peons we were beaten and teased a lot but I usually tolerated it until then when I finally couldn't handle it anymore and I ended up killing him with my spirit energy. After that my brother had told me to take the boys energy, at first I had refused but he insisted that if I didn't people would sense it and we'd all be killed, so in the end I took it. It was that moment that I had changed and from then on anytime someone would tease my family I killed them and took their energy while my brother hid the bodies. He told me it was the right thing to do and that if I kept getting more energy mother and father wouldn't be sad anymore, so I kept killing... Finally five years later someone had stumbled on our victims and had told the guardians about it, then, investigating the victims, they had discovered us and began searching for both me and my brother. Torturing my father and mother into telling them where we were they ended up killing them right in front of us.I didn't didn't understand why my parents didn't tell them where we were, even though they knew. My brother and I had never told them about our murders and the amount of energy I held in my small fragile body, so I always wondered if they had loved us that much that they'd give up there lives for us even after what we had done. With a crazed look in his eyes my brother told me to kill all the guardians who dared get in our way and so...I obeyed. With blood flying everywhere and me sucking up all their spirit my brother faced me, now holding a knife. His eyes were panicked and looked of those of an insane person, his hair a light chestnut brown was blood-stained and tangled. By his position and the knife I could tell he was going to kill me and take all my spirit.
"Come on now a good sister and die for me please. I need all of your energy to make father and mother happy..." He said to me inching closer every second. I shook my head slowly, terrified now. He looked at me sadly and clearly disappointed. "Really? After all we've been through? Don't you want to make mom and dad happy?". I looked at their dead, cold bodies and tears came from my eyes.
"No! There dead Cyrus! There dead! It's my fault...I did this..." I said shaky violently. The amount of spirit I held now was uncontrollable as it pored through me, making me float in mid-air. My brother smiled viciously at me and threw the knife in my direction.
"Then you can go to Hell with them!" He yelled. The knife went zooming toward me but time seemed very slow in my vision.
"Magic Aura!" I yelled summoning my spirit. It created a large ball the color of amethyst. The knife bounced off the ball and skid across the floor. Cyrus dived for it, but before he could reach it I felt my power sliding off my hands and to the blade, reaching it before him. He looked at the knife my spirit held in the shape of a hand. The hand threw the knife and at an impossible speed and it hit my brother straight in the eye. Realizing what I had done, I flew out of there and into the Lost Forest, known to live up to its name...
~Three Years later (age 16)~
"La la la la la la la la la la la" I sang, my eyes were closed but I knew I was levitating and that my hair was surrounded by streams of amethyst and if I opened my eyes they'd glow to. Over the years I had remembered the forest, I knew every leaf, rock, tree, and animal that crossed here. I had also taken the spirit out of the animals so that when the time came to use it, which it would, I'd be ready.  I exhaled and slowly sank to the ground, my criss-crossed legs hit the forest floor. How long has it been since that time when my family was alive? Too long, I thought, too long... I looked up at the sky, squinting at the bright sunlight that poured through the trees. Is it time? 
"Yes." I said answering my question. I looked down, smiling slightly. It's finally time for me to go back into society. Looking back up and out into the dark forest I began walking forward, toward society. Toward my destiny.

© 2012 *~~Siren~~*

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Added on June 10, 2012
Last Updated on June 10, 2012
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Im weird so my stories will be to....I right both stories where the main character is a girl and ones where the main character is a most of them are fiction, romance, fantasy, supernatural,.. more..

Spirit Spirit

A Chapter by *~~Siren~~*