A Chapter by *~~Siren~~*

Echo explores the new world by entering Spirit Academy.

I was confused. Most everyone around me was smiling, laughing, and even talking. Shouldn't they be scared of me? How come they do not frown or shun me, when I murdered people? My eyes lowered, glaring at them. Is there something wrong with them? Or with me? A group of girls looked at me, pointed, and started laughing at my body. I blinked and looked at my clothing. I was wearing a black gown, it had ruffles on the hanging on the bottom, a bow around my abdomen, and lace tied near my chest. I thought this would be appropriate for an outing but when I looked around me people wore strange things. Girls wore the same short black dresses and boys wore black suits with one red tie around their necks. Why did they wear the same things? DING! DONG! I turned toward the noise and saw a very large castle. Well maybe not a castle but it was huge. I saw a bunch of people wearing the same things rush through the vine-covered gates and into the castle. Curious, I followed them. There was a long pathway with huge fields off fresh cut grass on each sides and a circle fountain a little ahead of me. Then walking past that I finally stopped at the large doors of the castle. Pulling on the big handles I opened the door and walked in. My eyes tried to take in the beautiful structure. There were granite walls that reached up so very tall and windows so huge and colorful letting the sunlight stream through them. There was two pathways of staircases leading to one door, also there was another door below the platform and two more on the side of each staircase. Climbing up the left staircase and opening the doors I pushed my way through. I couldn't believe it, There were even more doors the outside. There was a long hallway and on each side about ten doors. I picked one, opened it and walked in. Many pairs of eyes stared at me curiously. I heard sudden whispers from every direction.
"Who is that girl?" Someone said.
"I don't know. Could she be a transfer student?" another answered back
"No, I think the professor would've told us first if we were. Maybe she's someone's family member?".
"Well she's not mine and look at her clothes. Do you think she's a philistine? Or maybe even a peon?".
Loud gasps and more whispers after that and I soon became overwhelmed. Panic surged in me and I felt my spirit energy trying to lash out and hush them. An older woman walked toward me.
"Who are you?" she asked me. I was scared, I didn't know her, I didn't know anyone here. I suddenly felt a very strong urge to kill them all. I felt my fingers start to glow and I had to breathe in and out as slowly as possible to stop it. "Hello? Who are you?" the old woman asked again. 
"I...I...am Echo." I answered hiding my face with my hair. She studied me closely while I tried to inch away. 
"Echo...is that all? What a peculiar name." she said and everyone snickered. I suddenly became furious. This name...my name is the only thing I have left! How dare she...how dare she say it's peculiar!
"Do not...DO NOT INSULT ME, YOU OLD HAG!" I yelled out, my voice echoing throughout the now dead silent room. No one dared say a word. I looked at the woman, her face was red with embarrassment and anger.
"Old hag?! Is that anyway to speak to your superior? Take it back right now!" She shot back at me. Letting all my rage and anger out in my expression I glared at her and watched her as she flinched back, surprised and frightened.
"Why don't you try and make me?" I challenged her. I saw her eyes go insanely wide but then they went back to normal and she looked away.
"Go to the principle downstairs. He will teach you manners!" she ordered, not wanting to bring forth my power I backed off and obeyed. When I walked out I saw a boy in the back corner staring at me smirking. Ignoring that, I walked out and down the stairs. I looked at the door to go outside. I could leave right now and be free of the trouble that was to come or I could stay here  and choose to face my problems. Lowering my head, I felt my face turn tight with frustration. 
"Ugh, I will not be a coward! I refuse to be, I've come to far to runaway now." I said firmly, barging into the door that led to the principles office. A middle-aged man sat in a slick leather chair staring at me, expecting me.
"So look who decided to finally show up." He said. I looked at him, confused.
"I'm sorry, do you know me sir?" I asked him. He exhaled and shook his head.
"No not now, but I will soon. Very soon in fact." He answered. Was I just stupid or was he mentally ill? Because I was having a heard time comprehending his riddles.
"May I ask a question?" he asked and I nodded. Even though you just asked one, I thought. "Would you like to attend this academy?" He asked, his eyes staring at mine. My eyes widened.
"Whats an academy? Is that what this is?" I asked realization dawning in my mind. He laughed and wiped his eyes now full of tears.
"An academy is a school for kids like you to study and live at and  on the weekends you go home. This is an academy, Spirit Academy, strictly for aristocrats, but i'll let you in on one condition." He said and I took the bait.
"Condition?" I asked him. He smiled, it looked creepy.
"You must pretend to be an aristocrat and you need to work as a school paladin." He told me. How did he know I wasn't an aristocrat? 
"What's a paladin?" I asked instead.
"A school guard. Someone who protects the school and also does requests from teachers and students from time to time." He explained. I considered the offer. I didn't want to go here due to the incident in the classroom but I needed a place to stay.
"Is there free food?"I asked him. If he said yes I'd stay but if he said no I'd leave. He scratch his head and met my eyes.
"Of course." He smiled. 
"Then I'm in." I answered firmly. he jumped up and out of his seat.
"That's great! Here's you dorm room number and your uniform is upstairs. Oh and your dorm is the one on the left of the staircase. Do not forget our deal...Echo." He told me handing me a paper and smiling. I felt my eyes widen what exactly does he mean? And how did he know I was going to say yes? Shrugging, I walked out of the room and over to my new dorm room. Opening it I saw two beds, one side of the room seemed already occupied and the other was empty. I sat on the empty bed looking at the box sitting on it. This must be my uniform I thought. I wrapped my hands around the top of it and lifted. Pulling out the contents, my eyes went insanely big. There was no dress or stockings, but instead a single suit and red tie, but different then the rest. It had red lacing stitched in it along with the school emblem on the side. Also I pulled out a small chain necklace with a note attached to it with my name on it. I took off the note and opened it.
Dear Echo,
This necklace is not only an accessory but a charm. By wearing this it will full turn you into a boy! I can't have people recognizing you from the classroom incident so you have to pretend to be a boy too. Remember the deal.
PS: Don't get caught, because once this charm comes off you become a girl so with that have fun!
  The Chairman
I put the letter down and practically screamed. This was definitely not mentioned in the deal! 

© 2012 *~~Siren~~*

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Added on June 10, 2012
Last Updated on June 10, 2012
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Im weird so my stories will be to....I right both stories where the main character is a girl and ones where the main character is a guy.....so most of them are fiction, romance, fantasy, supernatural,.. more..

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