Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by NeverShoutAlex

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I lose consciousness, almost immediately.


I feel my heart beat slow. Cold, slowly freezing my lungs.

“So you haven’t died yet?” A figure screams.

Rain starts to fall from the sky, like crystals.

The rain pierce’s my skin, like daggers.

“Had Enough?! Ready to go to hell yet?!” he screams.

I lift my head up enough to see the figures face. Black eyes black hair, and an evil grin. I turn my head trying to figure where I am, but all I see are mountains covered in snow, and a river, frozen in place.

“whats your name?” I ask, looking up to the figure, noticing he’s my age. Hoping to distract him

“Uhm what?” he asks taken aback.

“You’re name what is it?” the rain suddenly stops, and the burning in my lungs, stops just as sudden.

“Zane” he says, then he disappears along with the area around me, surrounding me in darkness, swallowing me into nothing.



I awake in a bed, with an arm around me. I try to move but the arm tightens around me.

The arm is so tight I cant even turn over, so I do one thing, I seem to be doing a lot lately, Scream. The owner of the arm, thrashes and jumps out of the bed. I quickly turn over to see who it was.

“Keanan?!” I yell surprised.

He looks at me in shock, opens his mouth to say something but then closes it again.

“I’d LOVE an explanation right now!” I yell, frustrated.

He keeps his mouth shut. I look around the room, its definitely Keanan’s bedroom, same posters on the wall, same computer, same hole we made when we were playing tug-a-war with a pole. But something was different. I couldn’t grasp it but I knew there was a change.

“Evan--I’m Sorry” Keanan finally says, letting out a sigh.

“For what exactly” I ask anger lying beneath the surface.

“For lying to you” he whispers

“About what!?” I yell, anger no longer just beneath the surface.

“I’m your Guardian Angel Evan!” he yells, clamping a hand over his mouth.


“Nothing, nothing!” he says pacing back and forth

“You’re lying again Keanan, I’m leaving.” I say blunt, standing quickly, only to be overcome with dizziness, sending me into unconsciousness once more.


I find myself, lying on my back in the middle of the woods, snow falling gently to the ground. Tree’s towering above me like skyscrapers.

“Zane?” I call out, wondering if I’ll see him.

Suddenly the forest grows dark like a child’s nightmare then Zane steps out from the edge of the forest into the clearing. Shadows clouding him like fog. He walks toward me graciously.

“Evan?” he asks, his eyes piercing through the dark.

I stay silent, fear shooting through me. My skin grows ice cold, my lungs, begging for air.

“Yes?” I finally say, followed by panting, realizing I’d been holding my breath.

“Why are you here?” he asks, anger apparent in his voice.

“It’s not like i tried” I say

The dark clouds around him part, He’s wearing black skinny jeans, blue hoodie, with the hood up, and a baseball cap. His hair covers his eyes. But the biggest thing I notice, is the black, shadow wings coming from his back.

“Zane?” I whisper.

He finally stops, standing right in front of me, he kneels down so were eye level.

“Yes?” he whispers smoothly. I feel myself growing lightheaded. He places his hand on my cheek. His hand is as cold as ice.

“you were never supposed to know about any of this” he says, his eyes finally meeting mine. Unlike last time, his eyes are as green as emeralds.

“That Keanan’s my guardian angel?” I ask still skeptical.

“Yeah, and he wasn’t supposed to fall in love with you either” he mumbles. I find myself shocked, Keanan doesn’t love me, he couldn’t!

“Why did you want me to go to hell exactly?” I ask, reaching up my hand my meeting his, ignoring the cold.

“That was my order.” he looks away obviously ashamed.

“what do you mean ‘order’?” I ask puzzled. His eyes full of grief and sorrow. I put my hands on his shoulders.

“Why haven’t you told anyone?” He asks me


“I know your dad abuses you, so why haven’t you told anyone?”

“I have” it’s true I have

“That old woman doesn’t count Evan!” he exclaims, worry in his eyes.

“Why do you care?!” I scream, dropping my hands from his shoulders, and standing.

“I care, because, your…Different Evan” he says after a long pause.

Different? What does he mean by different?

“That came out wrong” he mumbles.

I turn around, my back to Zane. The sun is coming up warming my face. My shadow stretches across the clearing. The sun behind the tree’s makes them seem as if there glowing.

“How do I leave?” I ask looking back to him from over my shoulder.

“You always just do, I don’t know how”

“Where are we then?” I ask looking around only seeing tree’s

“Temporary Limbo” he says calmly.


“I’ve been here since Oct 9th 1993, I don’t even know why” He mumbles

“That’s --my birthday” I say confused.

“I know” he whispers, then disappears, the scene goes black.


Bright blinding white lights. A tight grip on my hand. Cold creeping up my legs like spiders.

I launch straight up, I feel something come out of my arm, I look over and see an IV laying beside my arm. I feel a moan, come tumbling out of my mouth. The grip on my hand, leads to Keanan. I rip my hand away. Theres a clip board next to the bed, and I grab it. My names on the top then my medical information, and my diagnosis. Concussion, and Diabetes. Since when did I have diabetes? I put the clip board down, get out of the bed. And leave the hospital, that im in. Leaving behind, my clothes, and Keanan. Marching out of the hospital, in a gown, I earn myself a few stares and shouts, and a couple cocky grins. I lift my hand up and give them all the finger. I don’t even know what day it is. I run around the upcoming corner, and slump to the ground. Sobs take over my body, into convulsions.

“Evan” a guy whispers.

I look up, but see no one, so I put my head back down. My tears streaming down my cheeks. Burning like fire.

“Evan I’m right here” they say again.

I bring my head up again, and to no surprise, no ones there. I drop my head, letting it hit my knee’s.

“You can’t see me sweetie, but I’m here” they say once more, I ignore it, letting my tears wet my jeans.

“Evan, its Zane” they say. My head rockets up, hurting my neck.

“Zane?” I say, unsure

“Yes?” he says, pride obvious in his voice.

“How?” I say shocked I can even here him.

“I don’t know, so like it while it lasts.” he says, happiness in his voice, even without seeing him I can tell hes smiling.

I reach my hand up to wipe my face of tears, but before I can something warm like a hand wipes it away first. Invisible.

“Was that?” I start

“Yes” he interrupts.

A smile creeps along my face, tears stopping. For some reason, Whenever im around Zane, Im Happy. Theres no reason to it.

“Me too” Zane says.

“What?” Confused I say.

“You know I can read you’re mind Hun.”

“You can?” I ask, embarrassed.

“Mhm, even wherever I usually am, uhm lets call it _______”

“How long?” slightly horrified my mouth gapes at the thought of someone reading my thoughts.

“As long as I can remember.” he says.

Zane’s heard my thoughts. Every crisis, puberty worry, Cute boy. Crap.

My cheeks flare red.

“Hun, if it was that bad would I be talking to you?”

“No” I mumble, knowing he’s just trying to make me feel better.

A light weight rests on my knee. It Doesn’t hurt. Iv been out that long that everything’s healed?

“Just a week, Evan.” he says, sure of himself.

“A week?!” I yell, jumping of the ground, onto my feet.

A pair of hands land on my shoulders holing me in place.

“Hun, calm down.” he whispers

“My mom will be worried” I say biting my lip.

“You’re moms on Vacation Evan, she left a note on the counter the morning before all this, she’s gone until next month remember?”

“No” I whisper now scared.

Shouting comes from around the corner.

“You’re in danger” Zane says. Something presses against my shoulder then a sharp poke, a needle, plunges into my neck and I slip into darkness

© 2010 NeverShoutAlex

Author's Note


Im going as an angel for halloween(with black wings hehehe) :D

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