Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by Omegax45


by Omegax45



Note:  Please read ‘Guardian’ before reading this story.  Thank you.


Chapter 3



                        It hurts.  Oh God, it hurts so much!

                        The young teen boy clutched at his shoulders.  His back was aching and there were bumps where his shoulder blades were.  He is alone in the apartment his cousin rented out, said relative in the bathroom.  He didn’t know how she made her income, but they have food and the bills were always paid on time.  Most of the time, though, he was alone.  She had her duties, and he had yet to obtain his other than what she told him that one night so long ago.

                        “Take off your shirt,” his cousin said as she entered the living room, a bowl of water and a dagger in her hands and towels draped over her forearms, “and turn your back towards me.”

                        Nodding painfully, the young teen boy turned as best as he could on the couch, pulling the shirt off him.  The lumps had gotten bigger, the skin stretched taunt and white outlines can be seen.

                        “Bite into this,” she holds out a wash cloth in front of his mouth, “I assure you, this will hurt and I’m not paying to fix cracked teeth.”

                        Nodding, he takes the wash cloth and bunched it up, shoving half of it into his mouth.  His cousin used a lighter to sanitize the dagger, then placed a hand upon her cousin’s shoulder.  The young teen boy tried not to flinch as he felt the warm blade touch his skin, crying into the wash cloth as the tip pierced his skin and pulled so tight to the point it was thin.  He griped the couch as the felt the dagger slide in a half-circular pattern, the skin pulling away and feeling like it would slip off his body.  The pain felt worse than before, and it intensified as his cousin slips a hand inside the cut and pulls something out.  Something attached to him that made him shiver as it the cool air of the apartment.  Amazingly, the pain lessened a bit until she made a second cut to the other side.  She pulled another thing out, then began cleaning his back of the blood that had trickled from the wounds she made.  The new additions hung limply from his body, the muscles still weak from being just grown.

                        “That should do it,” his cousin said, “Go head for a shower.  It will heal the cuts and get the rest of the blood.”

                        “Okay,” the young teen boy replied, slowly standing up and holding onto the couch to keep balance, the new attachments making his back heavy.  He stumbled into the hallway, knowing that his cousin was behind him in case he fell, and used the wall to support him as he entered the bathroom.  Closing the door behind him, he slowly takes off his remaining clothes and sees the tips of his new attachments.  They were blood-red, reaching near the floor as he bends down to remove his shoes and socks.  He places his clothes on the sink counter and turns on the shower, testing the water before going inside.  He washed himself and the attachments, finding it difficult to reach between his shoulder blades without using a washcloth.  Once the water wasn’t dripping off him in crimson patterns, he rinsed off the soap and steps out of the shower.  He had to return to wring his new attachments out, the water that had soaked them enough to fill a bath tub.  Once he was certain that they were dry enough to not leave a wet trail behind, he gets out and finishes drying himself.  His eyes catch his reflection and he stops drying himself. Standing tall, a swell of pride fills him as he stared at the large white wings upon his back.

                        He is now an Angel.


* * * *


                        Bodies litter the broken city.  Many were in cars that would no longer move.  Others were scattered in buildings, streets, and even in the remains of lakes and rivers.  Many have been reduced to mere skeletons, their flesh burnt away in the Armageddon.  A few still have the remains of their flesh, which has changed into a sickly color and reeked terribly.  The survivors are use to such tragic and horrifying scenes, so very few paid mind to the remains of the dead.

                        The young man stops a moment when he sees a skeleton in a bus, trying to protect the skeleton of a young child.  The flesh had rotted away, the metal structure acting as a shield against the Armageddon’s flames.  The clothing they wore was stained with their entrails, a few holes an indicator that moths had been eating away at the cloth.

                        “Someone you knew,” the demon asks.

                        “He was a fellow school mate of mine,” the young man explains, a look of solemn sadness upon his face, “He was taking care of his sick sister while his parents drank away their earnings.  He had taken an after school job to pay for her medical bills, but his parents found out and had all of his paychecks made out in their name.”

                        “I don’t think that was legal in their time.”

                        “It wasn’t.  The boss was a friend of theirs, and they managed to give a sob story worthy of an Oscar for liars.  He quit his job and took his sister away.  My friends and I were letting them stay with us.  He was taking her to the hospital when… this happened.”

                        “Heh,” the demon smirks, “Probably better for them.  They would not have to suffer in this damned world.”

                        “Probably,” the young man turns and walks away, “but they still hurt the ones they left behind, even if it was unintentional.”


© 2011 Omegax45

Author's Note

A bit longer this time. I hope everyone's enjoying the story so far.

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I really am enjoying this story. Very good. Reading on. . .

Posted 11 Years Ago

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