Chapter 4

Chapter 4

A Chapter by Omegax45


by Omegax45



Note:  Please read ‘Guardian’ before reading this story.  Thank you.


Chapter 4



                        They stood on a cliff edge.  The drop was high enough to kill anything willing enough to fall.  Yet here they were, staring down at the tress and a small creek that cut through the lush green.

                        “A-are you sure about this,” the young teen boy asked, fear evident in his eyes.

                        “This is high enough for you to get a sense of flying,” his cousin replied, “You have been practicing with your flaps, right?  Try doing that while falling from her.  Catch a drift wind and flap your wings in synch.  Otherwise, you won’t be able to fly.  You need to know this for the future ahead.”

                        “I-if you insist,” the young teen boy looked back down the cliff’s edge and took a few deep breaths.  Every nerve in him screamed not to do this, but how else was he suppose to learn how to fly?  Taking a few steps back, he gives a cry as he runs and dives off the cliff.

                        The feeling of  falling overwhelms his being for a mere minute before his senses began screaming of his impending death.  He tried to flap his wings, but the wind was so strong that he couldn’t get them in synch.  He tried harder, but one of his wings was suddenly caught in an updraft, and he is screaming as he lets his fear get the better of him.

                        His free fall to death was cut short as he felt someone grab both of his wings and align them evenly, causing him to float upwards.  He holds both wings in position, giving off short flaps to remain afloat as his cousin appeared in front of him.

                        “You can’t allow fear to get the better of you,” she instructed, both of them looking below, “We are only halfway down.  Start panicking when you’re three-quarters down.”


                        “The updrafts are a real pain, though.  They can knock you for a loop.  You need to strengthen your wings to handle them, so that means a lot more practice for you.”

                        “What about school work?”

                        “Practice after you finish your homework.  Now, let’s get back down before anyone sees us and panics.”



* * * *


                        The young man and the demon reach the outskirts of the city, revealing a gray landscape of death and barren wasteland.  If someone were to try and come to the city, they would be seen from miles ahead by the sentries that are normally watching.  They have been dismissed today, giving the two below privacy.

                       “So this will be our battleground,” the demon muses, standing several feet away from the young man, “Good.  Now, no one will get in my way.”

                        “Before we begin,” the young man suddenly said, “I have one question for you.”


                        “My cousin.  It was you that killed her, wasn’t it?”

                        The demon’s eyes widen a bit, then he closes them as he chuckles.

                        “So you still do not know?  Then I will tell you.  It indeed was I.  Before you question my motives, it was because she was fated to die at my hands.”


                        “The two of you were born from the union of a human and an Angel.  Such a union is forbidden by the heavens.  It is only allowed during the End of Days.  You were born to save humanity, however pitiful it is.  And she was born to be your shield.”


                        “The moment I first met her, I sense a destiny between us.  I had no means of knowing then, but I learned from my dreams later on that she and I were meant to battle.  A battle she was destined to lose, for once you were able to defend yourself, she was of no use to Heaven.”

                        “How dare you… A life is a life regardless of their destiny!”

                        “So you say,” the demon replies, unsheathing his katanas as the young man creates a long broadsword in his hands from white energy, “but the will of the Creator is absolute.  If you say he is wrong, then you are no different than me.

                        “Come,” they take stances, “Fight me.  Avenge your cousin, and bring about the end of all existence.”


© 2011 Omegax45

Author's Note

The next chapter's going to be the last. I hope everyone' enjoying this very short book.

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Very good chapter!! loved it again! reading on. . .

Posted 11 Years Ago

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