"I Really Do Not Care"

"I Really Do Not Care"

A Chapter by Fal'Cie Ophithias

Sally Introduction- "I Really Do Not Care"

 At any giving time, you could find her if you payed attention. The St. Duran high school hallways always parted when she entered, it always became calmer, and she was always the center of attention. Her, "K.C Hoft", the most ruthless, meanest, heartless, undesirable, prettiest, sweetest, coolest girl in St. Duran high school. Sally Mayfield on the other hand, went through the day un-noticed, and she didn't care. She didn't care who saw her, or who spoke, or what other people believed, to Sally they were all the same. Dressed in her typical grey/black clothing, she walked behind everyone, even if it made her late for class. She did not trust anyone behind her, if she had friends it would be the girls that bullied her in the bathroom during her lunch time, but it never bothered her or let it get her down. It had never become a physical problem because she was never a small girl. Overweight for a seventeen year old girl, her towering height structured most of her physique, her wide body and wide arms stretched her dark skin, and she walked according to balance her weight. She was one half of the duo known as the St. Bernecia Brutes. She was generally nice if you actually had a conversation with her, she kept to herself majority of the time, she never got in trouble, she never caused trouble, and she wasn't’t too much into dating or humans in general. Sally had a theory that the world did not care about the human species of female. Her theory first started at a young age, she grew into the morals of the old traditional America were the woman took care of the home while the man worked. The woman was subject to all of the needs, rules, and guidelines that the man had put forward. Her mom, being the ultimate of one of these kind of females, she dedicated her life to Sally's father with no complaint. When things went bad, her father went angry while her mom was the victim. He never physically hurt her mom, but the psychological stress and what she called "hard labor" would equal to years of bruises. With this theory she became something close to a modern day "Valkyrie" or "Amazon". Up until the moment she met him, the one known as Danika.


Their first encounter, she was on her way to her standalone complex where she resigned everyday alone. But on this day she was not alone. As the door shut she found herself turning around to this figure sitting politely on her sofa, legs crossed, in a friendly manner. She jumped and let out a quick scream while running into the kitchen and grabbing a knife, shaking vigorously.

Sally: Who- wh-who are you!


Upon seeing the knife the man immediately put his hands up confessing her surrendered.


Danika: Please do not be alarmed, I am not here to hurt you Ms. Mayfield


Sally still with the knife in one hand, and the other hand on the door knob


Sally: How do you know my name?

Danika: I happen to kn-

In a completely random flash Sally cuts Danika off, and begins to smile and laugh


Sally: Haha, I knew it,

Danika, more confused than ever looked at the girl with his eyes sequenced and looking from side to side


Danika: Um....what?

Sally: I knew someone would play a joke like this on me, I watch it on T.V all the time hahaaaaaaaaaaaa.


(Danika in the background): Um no actually

Sally: Where’s Da’ cameras at man

Sally continued to laugh, un-frightened

(Danika in the background): well, see I just wanted to-

Sally:Did my mama hire you for this, cus you guys are good maaaaaaaaaan, I tell ya, ya had ma heart poundin like a toddla' onna' table, haaaaaaaaaaa

(Danika in the background, still confused, and still over powered by Sally): Well i really have never met your mother...

Sally: So were Da’ camera


Danika rises from the couch, he found the moment just as funny as she did. They both begin to laugh in each other's face


Danika: ha-ha, well, ahahah, you see, hahaaaa, I'm not from a T.V show, hahaaaaaaa but you should have seen your face hahahaha


He laughed while putting his hand on her shoulder, and bending over, tears nearly falling from his face, by the time he had rose back up to continue laughing with Sally, she had darted back into the kitchen and grabbed the knife again



Now nothing was funny, jokes over.

Danika: Please Ms. Mayfield I do not want to hurt you, trust me you can do a lot more damage to me than, I can do to you. So please put the knife down.


Sally, shaking her head no

Sally: Neverrrr. Nope, No No No NO, I shall not Mr. You betta start explainin.

Danika: My name is Danika, and I want to be your friend.


Everything stopped; the two stared at each other.


Sally: Man I don’t even know you, you know nothing about me, I've never seen you before, and you say you want to be my friend. How can you say that?


Danika walking back and forward


Danika: I can say that because I mean it. I talked to the one you call your mom, which is actually your aunt. You’re really interesting, we had a good conversation. We've known each other for many years, and I trust her. She asked me, to be a good friend to you.

Sally: Auntie Nicole?


Danika nodded his head


Danika: She's dieing, your mother was like my best friend


Sally stood in silence


Sally: I knew it would happen eventually. I knew they would do this

Danika: Do what?


Sally had the most angry look on her face.


Sally: I knew they would seek me out, with their sorrow for how the treated me, and try to apologize some crazy way!


Danika: I cant agree with you Sally, but they loved you, your mother did everything she could before she sent you to your aunts. You cannot keep blaming them


Sally: Nah nah nah, see she wanted me to be a sunflower slave, and I wasn't havin that


Danika: whats a sunflower slave?


Sally: You know, a sunflower slave...?


Danika, held the focused blank look on his face. Sally shook her head in embarrasment


Sally: A house wife


Danika: Oh, ok and that's what you really believed them to be?


Sally: Well of course. Mama always did what daddy said, regardless what it was. Cookin an cleanin an pleasin him, an takin all his crap een when he cheated on her. Ha ole' dum self stayed with him as if nun een happen. All daddy did was pay the bills and use mama's body. He neva showed mama no emotion, he ain neva took ha out, he aint neva showed no love to anybody in the house but him, that foo was heartless and selfish, he aint neva showed us nun but hard times. Daddy had plenn'y mone' but ain't eva tried to show one of his kids any love, he was always like that. Mama wasted ha life pleasin that foo, and he aint een gne be there to throw ha a funeral, hell no. My aunt can take that theory to her grave. I really do not care


Danika silent as ever, he stared at Sally, the same way a brother would stare at a sister, the same way a father would stare at his daughter he understood everything she was saying.


Danika: You've seem to have learned allot


Sally: Yes I have


Danika: But you forgot allot also

Sally: What do you mean


Danika , calmly walks to Sally, looking directly in her eyes.


Danika: Family, all sense of communication with the outside world, companionship, how to care for someone, the real lessons your mother was teaching you, true love.


Sally: ... I don't need this world, just as much as it doesn't need me.


Danika: We all serve a purpose to the world, and if you give up on that purpose, then it is you who is wrong. Your dad made you stronger than you think.


Danika took sally by her hand and hugged her.


Danika: Don't give up, and don't let go.


Sally: Am I alone?


Danika: Not by a long shot.


Danika and Sally talked for hours about life and why Danika had choose to find Sally outside her aunt. He believed she was special and didn't have to be alone. Sally took the next step, to join the Heresy...

Sally: So this group, is a home, for people like us?


Danika: Yes, think of us as a home.


Sally: Who else is part of this, and what is our main goal?


Danika: Well, you are amongst the first, but i have others we need to get in.


Sally: Like?


Danika tossed Sally a picture. She studied the picture


Sally: And who is this little white boy?


Danika: He's our main target.

Sally: We gonna kidnap em or sumthin for a ransom?

Danika: Of course not, were going to guide him.

Sally nodded


Sally: I think I see what you mean. Who else

Danika: The others I'll keep you in contact about.


Sally: Alright, and what should I do for now


Danika: When I get the other two, we will break into the boys house, it won't be long before he will come for us, then we will get him. I need you to learn as much as you can about his parents.

Sally nodded, it sounded like a good plan to her


Sally: Iiaght I gotcha. So this is Batman....

(end of Sally Introduction




© 2012 Fal'Cie Ophithias

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Added on October 15, 2012
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Fal'Cie Ophithias
Fal'Cie Ophithias


Hello my name is Anthony Oliver, I am a new writer, I started writing last year with the Idea of coming up with unique ideas/ designs and begin to do character designs, after doing that for about 6 .. more..