Friends Trapped in Memories

Friends Trapped in Memories

A Chapter by Carl Taylor

After feeling fulfilled in their talk The Being and His Heart traveled onward and got just a little lost in the darkness of the world. No light had shown through the backdrops of the tears that they had seen. Saddened by the hidden light The Being and His Heart joined a traveling circus, of sorts, to hide from those salty drops of emotion.

At the Circus, of sorts, The Being and His Heart met two other souls who searched, but failed to find what had caused their holes and found themselves falling away, becoming trapped in the memories of more innocent times. Disparate to still try to find some part of themselves they performed in front of the mirror faced audiences of their own youth. All four of them had to act happy, or face being forgotten. United in this fear The Being and His Heart became close with these stuck souls.

One night the souls, feeling restless, made a deal with The Being and His Heart to help them escape, but only if they promised to tell their story to anyone, even tree sprits. The Being and His Heart tearfully agreed, remembering what things they shared in the gasps of life. At their last performance the two souls broke away from their forms, and their past, blinding everyone cursed with eyes, letting The Being and His Heart escape in a new kind of darkness. 

© 2008 Carl Taylor

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Added on July 2, 2008


Carl Taylor
Carl Taylor

Houston, TX

First off I do not get to read a lot of other people's work, just a forewarning. It is cause I am studying aboard in France next year, so I am brushing up on my french and trying to get an english cre.. more..

Judy Judy

A Story by Carl Taylor