Child of the Hidden Curse

Child of the Hidden Curse

A Chapter by Ellusive Rose

My head whipped around swiftly, fast enough to get a whiplash, however I didn’t get one. But…..How did they get in here?





Chapter 1

Child of the Hidden Curse


All I could hear were the dying cries of my late mother. Blood curdled beneath my darken casing each time her rhythmic words became a screeching yowl. The blood. I can see all the bloodshed on the hard wood floors. Of course they will indeed stain, the light, brown oak stained with the dark, murky, scarlet blood of my mother. Yet all I could do was ogle. I couldn’t stop staring; my eyes were locked onto them even in the dead of night. The way they moved sent fearful yet thrilling vibrations down my vertebrae, playing Fur Elise along the separate bones of my spine. 

“D-Danny…. r-run!.... Run to t-the…..c-church!....You’ll be s-safe!”

My mother tried to hold on, even while they continued to claw at her, ripping her into shreds in the process. It was happening again like it did just an hour or two prior to this…..The cathedral of course, was the only place where they wouldn’t get us. Actually everyone I knew had gone to the church, but no one had seen them ever since. Silence would be heard every time I wandered passed the black gates, making a gateway for the dead. Only once had I stopped by and heard the sound of voices and the sudden drop of a grail, but I could have sworn I saw them in the window.

“ D-Danny…..please….p-please run for mommy’s sake. Please live on and….n-never let them control you...never…”

Those words are the last that I remember.  Fright had slashed me apart within and…….my outlook died……unfortunately, so did the woman I use to call my mother. The minster… mother told me to go there, but why does my heart tell me otherwise?  Should I go or should I try to escape this conurbation?  I ran fast with them at my heels, so close that it burned the membrane at my soles.  This place is a ghost town. None of the civilians could hear our dreadful cries of hurt. Even my weighty footsteps, that left fissure upon cracks on the sidewalks, had made more clamor than the city had itself in over a decade.

The conurbation itself was departed; all the people were either taken or murdered.  The soundless pants of evident air had upsurge, matching the sound of my rapid beating heart. I was a runner, always had been. In prior frequent trips, I would depart from my home and venture out a gamble into predator grounds…and yet……still make it back before anyone could confine me. However…..this time they caught me, following me home and assassinating my folks in a mass murder.  And thus I continue to run…..


I’m almost there. My answer was……to flee the city for good. If only I can reach those ashen fortifications at the end, then they won’t get me. They won’t capture this boy just yet, not if I have anything to say about it. The soles of my feet began to blaze from the friction of the frosty walkway. No I mustn’t stop! The walls……I can see them at the end. So what if my feet will be covered with blisters in the end? So what if I endure frostbites on my toes?  I need to leave this place and fast, before I"

“Wait…..the walls…..there’s no opening! How can there be no opening!?”

My mother must have foreseen this and maybe that’s why she directed me towards the cathedral. Blankness….that’s all that’s there, just blank, callous, brick walls…..The only things that kept me from the faint world. Of course, it makes sense now, why none of my contacts and their families never left this town or even thought about leaving it.  There’s nothing…….I can’t so anything but stand here. Why...Why!?


Oh no……That sound….It’s them! Spinning swiftly, I catch a slight foretaste of black……a lone of them. Without any faltering, I did what I do best, I ran as quickly as I could to the further outskirts of the city… the church. Perhaps my mother had it right, to go there or maybe….there’s just no hope…… and like….. the rest of the people in this town….I too am fated to die…….

No……not just yet….I will make it out of here. I will not die. I WILL NOT DIE!!!!

Oh no….they’re gaining speed ….I can’t see them, but I know they’re there. The church!!! It’s in reach! I can see it! By now my feet were num from the frozen ground that I walked on and my blood had frozen over in a matter of ten minutes. But I can feel it….I can taste existence on the other side of those granite doors. If only I can make it there….no….I will make it there even if it costs me my single last inhalation. Banging against the unfeeling doors of the chapel, I wrestled to find the enchanting bullion handles that will lead me to protection.


Black kept creeping closer, ever so closer that I thought the light had died and darkness would reign forever. I can’t give up……these doors have to open or else…there’s no hope.

“We’ve….found…you…Dan...ny….Prepare to die….”

I can sense the chill of their existence on my backside now.  It was bitter and unfeeling, cruel almost…..A feeling that I never want to experience ever again in my life.

Click Click

Finally! The entranced finally opened revealing long rows of polish oak seats facing the altar. Without a moment’s notice, I swiftly closed the doors behind me hearing a slight shriek coming from the other side. It sounded as if one was talking to another in a harsh spoken demand…..

“Oww!! Stupid church! Never did like them things!”

“Calm down Fortanna….stop ya whinnying and do as I say. What I say is this: Follow me….”



Just like that, they vanished, leaving me alone with the church. As I figured…it was bare, not a sign of life anywhere. Heh, I guess I was half expecting there to be at least one survivor here, but I guess even that was too much to ask for. Walking around was the only thing I could do before tedium and panic had taken over. The chapel was sacred in a matter of speaking. The relics by the altar, made of stiff ashen stone, portrayed the holy God to some degree. Each step I took only worsen the condition of my feet so in an elegant yet swift manner, my body had plopped itself onto the dark oak bench nearest the altar.


By now I was thirsty and of course there was nothing around to replenish my thirst. My eyes glanced around the massive building in hopes of some clue that will lead me to find life other than my own. However, there was no such luck. The only thing one could discover here were the stained glass windows on each side of the walls, depicting baby Jesus and the angels who guarded him. Huh….well I’m in God’s hand now and hopefully he will keep me alive until it’s my time to go, even if that means staying in this place for the rest of my life.

“Hahaha…..You thought you could get away from us Danny?”


My head whipped around swiftly, fast enough to get a whiplash, however I didn’t get one. But…..How did they get in here? This place is supposed to be sacred and anything born of the dark couldn’t get in here! Then how"

Before I could say anything else, they were upon me scratching me till I bleed. Kicking and scratching did no good. It was as if I was fighting air and was losing badly. I guess this is it. As I continue to bleed on the ground, I could hear them make one last remark.

“Whisper come here. We have your knew host waiting for you….”

Whisper? Just who was whisper? My mind began to fade as I bleed even more on the blank floors. Only blood had covered the floors, like they had come and redid the church in a scheme of red. I was losing consciousness and more so hope that I would make it out alive. But No! I can’t give up I have to hang on!!

“Hurry Whisper! He’s dying quickly!”

After that all I could feel was a burning an aching burning sensation through my veins. Oh how it burns!! I’m on fire!! I squirmed back and forth in pain not knowing whether I was dying or not, but oh how I wish it would stop. By the end I was still conscious and all could hear were the screaming of a name……


End of Chapter 

© 2010 Ellusive Rose

Author's Note

Ellusive Rose
Anything goes

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Oh goodness, this piece was amazing! Which is honestly weird, because i'm very picky when it comes to reading things. hehe. but wow, that was good. Do you have a second chapter?

Posted 13 Years Ago

Danny seems to possess a rather large vocabulary and that's evident for him because in the beginning he comes off very wise and knowledgeable. However, I would suggest going over the diction more because some of the words just stand out like they're coded in green. Like this: "The soles of my feet began to blaze from the friction of the frosty walkway." I think blaze was to strong of a word unless, Danny is inhuman and running at inhuman speed. Also, the word "ogle" is connotated with desire, sexual means, and etc. Unless I've missed what you mean to say entirely.

Also, this sentence was awakward for me: "My head whipped around swiftly, fast enough to get a whiplash, however I didn’t get one." It needs revising. This is also an awkward snetence: "Of course they will indeed stain, the light, brown oak stained with the dark, murky, scarlet blood of my mother." I think "they" is the wrong pronoun.

And the last thing is the second paragraph. Too much blood. On the fourth sentence you could replace blood with it and it'd still be strong.

The plot though, is amazing and drives the reader to pursue the idea wondering who Halloween is. I am anyways. The use of onomatapoema creates mood and draws the reader in -well, it did me. So I can't wait to read onward.

Posted 13 Years Ago

There is so much suspense in how you break up your writing. Very catching beginning of your story. Can't wait to read more.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Ellusive Rose
Ellusive Rose

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