A Chapter by Pugtaco

Will dreamed of a room. It was a padded room where mental patients stay. Except this room was covered in blood. There was writing written in blood. It was the most horrifying thing that Will has ever saw. There was a man writing on the wall. His hand was bloody and he was smearing something on the wall. The man turned to face him. The man had a unclean beard and his eyes were bloodshot. Will saw what he written on the wall. It was his name. Will didn't know how this man knew his name.
"Free me and I will protect you. I can give you the missing memories back. Not that it will matter, since judgement day is soon to come..."
Will didn't know what to make of this nonsense. He opened the door and saw the horrors that was beyond the door. There was a creature crawling towards him. It was long and grey with a gaping mouth. The thing was using the wall to climb.Will screamed and closed the door.
"What's going on?" Will asked.
The man just smiled. The monster was shaking the door. The man just waited and soon the shaking stopped. The door opened and the monster was gone. Will closed his eyes. When he opened them, he was in a field at night. Will looked around. Then, a green light exploded in the sky. It was the same green cross that he saw when he passed out. Then, the cross slowly turned upside down. Will turned his attention to the field around him. His eyes took a few seconds to adjust and Will wished he never looked. Thee were three crosses made of wood surrounding Will. Nailed to the crosses were three bodies. There was what looked like a cross branded into their flesh on their stomache. Will sees a flash of green light and felt a burning pain in his head. It was so intense that he fell down and his mind went blank.

© 2016 Pugtaco

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Added on October 25, 2016
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