A Chapter by Pugtaco

Will woke up again. His head still hurt but not as bad as before. His cell door was open. That man must've opened it while Will was asleep. But why did he drug Will? Who was hunting the employees? Will got up and felt something in his pocket. He took it out and examined it. It was a plastic card. On it, it said clearance one. There was also a sticky note attached to it. It said: stay away from the dark. The note was not signed, but Will had a feeling that it was the man he met earlier.
Will looked out the door. There were inmates out there and they were minding their own business. Will walked out of the cell and found himself on a catwalk. To the left, there was a door made of metal. To the right, there were stairs that probably went down. Will decided to go left. He pushed open the door to find himself in a hallway that was littered with dead bodies.Will walked down the hallway, stepping over corpses and fallen equipment. There were multiple doors and none of them budged. The last door Will tried to open actually opened. He was in a small office. Will wanted a weapon. The inmates were here for a reason and Will didn't know who let them out, but he didn't think any of them were friendly. Or sane.
Will looked at the desk. There were papers scattered everywhere with a large old computer on the desk. Will opened up the computer and a password comes up. Will swore and hit the computer. Than he remembered an old trick. He lifted up the keyboard and underneath it were the words "outlast". Will typed that in and the computer accepted. Will searched through the documents and found nothing. He looked through a drawer and found what he was looking for. There, under a stack of papers, was a file that said "Will Jankes". Will opened the folder and begin to read out loud.

"Will Jankes was brought to the asylum in 2016 for hallucinating demons. I know there is another reason though. The officials don't want him to spread the word about the recent demon sightings. Will is not crazy, but he suffers from a memory wipe that was given to him so that he doesn't remember the demon."
The paper dropped from Will's hand. So he was sane and framed. Anger coursed through him. Whoever did this to him was going to pay. Will searched the drawer some more and found another jackpot. It was a Colt .45 with an extra clip. Will put the gun in the waist band of his pants and let his shirt drop so that it won't be visible. He stuffed the extra clip in his pocket.

"What are you doing here?" A man's voice said.
Will slowly turned around. A man in a brown leather jacket was standing in the doorway with a Glock in his hand. Oh s**t...

© 2016 Pugtaco

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Added on October 26, 2016
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