Indeed, a Rising Sun

Indeed, a Rising Sun

A Poem by Rita L. Sev

A little piece of history


The War for Independence

Had been hard fought and won;

The Founders knew it was just a start,

They had only just begun


In 1787

There was a growing frustration

The new country was still governed

By Articles of Confederation


The men who gathered saw their task,

They knew they must be wise;

Create a brand new government,

And not simply revise


They gathered at the State House,

Now Independence Hall

George Washington would preside,

As was agreed by all


He sat upon a humble chair

And not a kingly throne

The sun’s image was carved there ~

Its status was unknown


After months of planning,

Of argument and debate,

The U.S. had a government

No monarch would dictate


Old Benjamin Franklin observed

When the proceedings were finally done

“I have the joy of knowing

It is indeed a rising sun.”

© 2013 Rita L. Sev

Author's Note

Rita L. Sev
This is not meant to be a political statement. Just a little piece of history that I have always enjoyed. George Washington's chair still sits in Independence Hall, a reminder of the struggle to get it right, then and now.

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This was a very enlightening, pleasant, and educational piece, without tending to drone on and sound monotonous. Most people do find history a little boring, so rhyming did help, but I think if it is something important to you it can be rather interesting. I liked the ring of patriotic pride, and it seems appropriate with Memorial Day only a couple weeks away. Very light and entertaining read, I definitely learned a little more by reading it! Nicely done.

Yours truly, Delaney

Posted 9 Years Ago

Rita L. Sev

9 Years Ago

Thank you, Delaney! Glad you enjoyed this piece of odd history.

9 Years Ago

You are quite welcome!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Rita L. Sev

9 Years Ago

I suppose so! Thank you for reading.

9 Years Ago

very yes
Interesting. I did not know that about George Washington's chair. Thanks for the history lesson, in an exciting up-beat poem, no less :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

Rita L. Sev

9 Years Ago

Thank you, Ryan. Always teaching, I guess! ;)

9 Years Ago

haha that's a good thing! :)
I didn't know that little bit about the sun-chair. Very cool, both as a fun-fact and as a poem.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Rita L. Sev

9 Years Ago

Thanks, John - I have always enjoyed this little piece of lore about Washington's chair.
i really like this reminder...but lately...the sun seems to be setting, and our leaders are forgetting they are in Washington to represent us...not their own agendas...

why can't they just all get along and get something done..

our forefathers would probably be sad over what is happening now...

wish their ghosts could come back and put some sense into things.

quite a thoughtful piece, rita.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Rita L. Sev

9 Years Ago

Thank you, Jacob. Knowing what I know about our forefathers, they would be sad, yes, but not terribl.. read more
jacob erin-cilberto

9 Years Ago

even as i was writing my comments i thought about that...jefferson had slaves...most of them did...t.. read more
Rita L. Sev

9 Years Ago

We discuss this a lot, how they knew that they should tackle the issue of slavery, but didn't. They .. read more
Elegant and informative at the same time. Love that you posted a photo of the chair, appreciate that type of furniture. Well done.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Rita L. Sev

9 Years Ago

Thank you, R&B. Glad you enjoyed!
too bad we couldn't have those old values back again, eh? we could sorely use a couple of ben franklins and john bonhams again....this is a gleefully entertaining , if not educational, write! well done, Rita!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Rita L. Sev

9 Years Ago

First, I have to say that was fast! Thank you, Quin! I'm glad you enjoyed. The history is accurate. .. read more

9 Years Ago

it's all about the money now......not about the people. you're welcome!

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Rita L. Sev
Rita L. Sev

Philadelphia, PA

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE "FRIENDING" ME: I am happy to be sharing my poems (and occasional stories) and thrilled to be reading fellow authors. About Friend Requests - It is wise to READ some of .. more..


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