A new Employer

A new Employer

A Chapter by WriderParker

Patrick has some girl problems, and he meets the mysterious figure John Templar.


Melina, Patrick’s girlfriend, lover, partner, and to say the least his better half. She had onyx hair that was messy and long giving her that punk vampire look, and finished it off with crimson colored bangs. Her skin had a fair completion that was smooth and nearly flawless. Melina’s body was slender, allowing her to wear her band of punk/emo clothes. 

As she entered Patrick’s house it was not to warmly greet him, her bitter disposition suggested otherwise. She roamed the house, thundering from room to room wanting to make herself known. Her stomping made near by shelves of Patrick’s experimental chemicals and trophies shift. With each unkempt room in the house she walked into and didn’t see her soon to be late boyfriend, her anger grew. 

“Patrick!” She yelled, her eyes wide. 

She then realized the one place she hadn’t looked, The Lab. She walked to the kitchen, heading straight for the basement door. When she approached the door she threw it open, the door stopper leaving a dent. 

“Patrick?” She yelled down the stair well. A clash of glass and a few banging sounds later there was a weak reply.

“Melina?” the fearful voice whispered. Melina shook her head and stormed down the stairwell into Patrick’s lab. “Melina...honey whats wrong?” He said, smiling nervously. 

“Oh, Don’t you even start with me, Patrick!” She said, walking up to his face pointing her finger. Patrick stepped back into a wall, feeling her anger grab him. “You forgot my martial arts class again!” 

Patrick blinked after remembering “Oh God, Melina I’m so sorry...I was up all night...and the hunts...my my...I’m so sorry!” Patrick rambled, knowing he had no excuse that could save him. 

Melina breathed hard glaring Patrick down. Patrick looked at her paralyzed, waiting for pain. Melina then pushed her hair some with her hand closing her eyes. She looked back up at Patrick smiling, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. 

“Oh, sweetheart, did you think I came here to hurt you?” She said, kissing his neck. Patrick was taken back by the sudden mood swing, but started loosening up.

“Well, yeah...kinda.” He said, smiling from the sweet kisses he was getting. Melina giggled, putting her lips by his ear.

“You were right.” The soft sweet voice said. Patrick smiled at the words then grew bug eyed knowing what was coming next. Melina kneed Patrick in the gut making him crumble to the ground. Melina glared down at Patrick and walked off. Patrick clenched his stomach gasping for air, then reached one arm out towards her. 

“Wait.” He gasped, the word inaudible. Patrick kneeled on the hard concert floor trying to breath. “God, I love that girl!” he said, chuckling some until he started coughing.

Soon Patrick started picking himself up off the ground using a desk. His legs where still were like noodles, and he quivered as he stood up. Patrick sat down in the desk’s chair and moaned in pain. 

Waiting for the pain to ease, the phone started ringing. Patrick looked at the phone and slowly reached for it. The called ID said Mr. Smith, and Patrick pressed talk putting the phone to his ear.

“Yeah, what is it?” He asked, closing his eyes and breathing as he talked. 

“Patrick, I need you to come down here now!” 

“Can it wait, I'm kinda in the middle of something.” 

“Well, whatever has your hands tied, drop it and come down here now!”

“What could be so important? I’m sure whatever needs to be hunted can wait to die.” Patrick said, opening his eyes as the pain was leaving. 

“Patrick, Get your F--king A*s down here, I have someone that wants to meet you!” 

“Fine!” Patrick yelled, glaring at his phone as he ended the call. He stood up no longer quivering. He grabbed his jacket, leaving for the Diner.



    Patrick entered the Diner, slumping over some. Looking around he saw Mr.Smith, but with someone sitting across from him. He walked over slowly looking at the back of the man’s head. 

The figure had dark Mediterranean skin, with black short curly hair. From behind Patrick could tell he was wearing a navy blue pinstripe suit. Mr.Smith saw Patrick coming and smiled at the man, pointing Patrick out. The Man turned to look, giving a supernaturally warm smile.

Patrick walked over and Mr.Smith stood up wrapping his arm around Patrick.

“Mister Templar I'd like you to meet Patrick Helsing.” Mr.Smith said, smiling at the man. Mr.Smith nudged Patrick “Shake his hand you idiot.” He whispered. Patrick glared at Mr.Smith as he reached his hand out.

“Mister Templar? As in John Templar the multibillionaire whose harder to trace then me?” He said, shocked at who he was being introduced to. 

“Yes, I guess I am that John Templar.” He said, chuckling as he grabbed Patrick's hand. The Hand Shack was strong slightly hurting Patrick’s hand. John pulled back sitting down, the other two sitting after him. 

“Its good to meet you Mister Helsing, I've heard a lot about your talents.” He said. Patrick rubbed his hand and looked up at him.

“Really?” he asked.

“Oh, yes and I have to say I'm impressed.”

“So impressed that your going to offer me a job now, right? Or are you only hear to tell me how great I am.” Patrick said smiling. John chuckled some and sipped on his coffee. “Whats your problem, ghost haunting one of your estates, sea monster eating your yachts?”

“No, no Mr.Helsing nothing like that. I come with something much more deserving for your skills.” John said, seriously looking at Patrick. Reaching under the table he pulled out a briefcase. He opened it and laid a few files on the table. Patrick reached out grabbing one of the files. Opening it a few pictures of very tale pale man with black slicked back hair fell out. Reaching down, picking the pictures out of his lap he examined them closely. 

“This man is Vampire, I can tell by his glazed red eyes and skin tone, but...this picture was taken in the middle of the day, outside.” Patrick said, looking at the picture confused. “These pictures must be fake...I mean I know with todays digital pictures you can capture shots of vampires now...But this is in the middle of the day!” 

John nodded and leaned against is booth seat. 

“The sun was shinning bright that day too Mister Helsing. That Vampire is Count Vladimir Alexandrov.” He said.

“Well, great I know his Name, from it that he’s Russian, and he’s got other vampires under him as a Count...That still doesn’t tell me why he’s able to stand in the sun.” Patrick said, waving the pictures around. John sighed trying to find a way to explain.

“Mister Helsing what do you know about legends?” he asked

“Oh not much really.” Patrick said sarcastically

“Well, then I suggest that you brush up on a few stories especially the stories of the Church Knight. Mister Helsing I have no time to go into this any further, so read the files and give me a call if you want the job, and know that I'll fully fund this hunt.” John said standing up. Mr.Smith pushed Patrick out of the booth to stand up.

“Thank you so much Mister Templar for this opportunity.” He said reaching out his hand. John looked at Mr.Smith’s hand glaring he walked off not saying another word. Mr.Smith stood there blankly his hand still out until John left out the doors. He looked at Patrick who was sitting at the booth looking over the files.

“Can you believe that guy!” he said, angry that John snubbed him. Patrick just looked at the files as he talked. 

“For how much he might pay us I don’t care how he treats you, Mr.Smith.” Patrick said, getting up grabbing at the files.

“You think you’re funny don’t you?” 

“No, I just like picking on you.” Patrick chuckled as he left. Mr.Smith stood there getting a napkin and wiping his forehead, as his gritted his teeth at Patrick’s words. 

Patrick rushed off to Melina’s apartment. When he got there he knocked on her door and hide from the peephole. Melina opened the door and was grabbed by Patrick and twirled around. Patrick kissed her, and she tired weakly fighting back but gave in. When he stopped she pushed him some trying to keep from smiling. 

“I’m still Angry at you.” She said.

“Not for long!” he said. 

Patrick explained to her what happened to him today telling her that this could be his last major hunt he bid on the job just right. Melina’s smile grew, she tried holding back tears.

“Oh, Patrick I'm so happy...you have no idea how much...how much I worry about you at times.” She said, looking down at the ground crying some. Patrick lifted her chin and smiled, they started kissing passionately. When they stopped for some air, Melina laid her head in his chest.

“I love you.” She said.  Brushing some of her hair, Patrick kissed the top of her head. They embraced each other, thoughts of finally settling down in both there minds.

© 2010 WriderParker

Author's Note

Very rough draft this will be edited later. I just wanted to see if you all like where this story is going.

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The story is very good. I like this chapter. The detail and conversation made it worthwhile to read. A excellent poem.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Very sweet story.

Posted 14 Years Ago

I like the story and where it is going. the protaites the characters fairly well. the idea is clear, and i dont really care about the mistakes.

Posted 14 Years Ago

This actually isn't that bad. A few, and I mean few, mistakes was all I noticed. A few missing commas and typos, but you said is not edited so that is to be expected. The characters were easy to identify and I enjoyed reading this.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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