Does it Hurt when I do this?

Does it Hurt when I do this?

A Chapter by WriderParker

Patrick faces off against one of the Doctors of Family Frankenstein.


Patrick started walking up from his temporary coma, his head pounding like a drum.  He looked around noticing that he was in dark cellar, the only light pouring in from the basement window. He was chained to the celling by his wrists, his hands slightly red from the constriction of hanging. The air recked of death, bile, and other waste. 

Patrick groaned, standing to his feet to relieve the pressure on his wrists. Taking a step up his feet slipped from under him, by what felt like a puddle. The chains caught him, hurting his hands some more. He tried again to stand up being extra careful, noticing that he was naked by feeling the air on his body. 

“S**t, where am I, and why is floor so damn wet?” He asked himself, stretching his legs to feel the floor. Patrick’s sight came to him more as time passed, the room still to dark to see anything.  

Three hours time passed as Patrick waited in his dark prison, Patrick on the verge of throwing up from the smell.  The Door suddenly opened, the light blinding, making Patrick loose his sight. The two familiar silhouettes stepping inside. 

Patrick’s eyes soon adjusted to the light, and the silhouettes took on physical details.  Doctor Frankenstein was average height, he had no skin on his body, exposing his muscles. This caused him to have no real facial features, except that the bone structure gave him a slim head. He wore scrubs, along with medical shoes and gloves. 

The Monster next to him, stood like a tower, his shoulders broad and his limbs thick, as well as different skin colors. The Face was stitched all over, different skin patches as well as different hair patches sitting on its skull. 

“What the Hell! This has got to be a joke, your...” Patrick said, interrupted by the skinless freak. 

“Dr. Frankenstein!” he said laughing. “This is no joke Patrick, I am indeed a Frankenstein.” The Doctor shouted as he raised his arms in the air. He reached over turning on the lights to the room. “Welcome to my surgery room!” he shouted. 

The room was bigger then Patrick thought. The floors were tiled, but all covered in blood. Across the room were metallic autopsy tables each had a body that looked like it was in the middle of being dissected. They all had a small box that contained blue liquid that cleaned the medical instruments. 

Patrick looked in horror at the room, gaging at the sight. Doctor Frankenstein laughed at his face.

“What’s wrong Patrick, don’t you find the human body just...beautiful?” He said, pausing and taking a deep breath before saying beautiful. Even though he had no skin, the way his face muscles moved, Patrick could see the somewhat aroused expression. 

“How the hell do you know my name?” Patrick asked, trying to keep his mind off the horrors around him. 

“I’ve been following you, besides your a Helsing I always make sure I know the names of Family rivals.” Frankenstein said, moving around Patrick looking him up and down. “You Helsings were always getting in the way of my Family’s research.”

“You people were trying to play God.”

“Correction Patrick, we are not playing God!” he said, pulling a marker out of his front breast pocket. “We are trying to Push the idea of God out of the minds of Modern man, to help us all understand who we truly are as humans.” He started marking lines on Patrick’s body. 

Patrick’s skin switched as the cold touch of the marker pressed against him. “So you do that by removing your skin and kidnapping people, and use them as experiments. I can only guess that these bodies were not donations from a local university or hospital.”

Frankenstein shrugged. “That is true but science sometimes demands sacrifice , and with me cutting my skin off I have freed myself from personal Identity. I have made myself more Human in doing so!” He said, putting the marker up after drawing the cutting lines. “Bruce, grab Patrick’s arms were going to start the dissection.”    

The Monster walked over reaching up and grabbing Patrick’s arms. Frankenstein got a stepping stole, and unlocked the chain from the celling. The Monster held on tighter, hurting Patrick’s arms as he pushed him to the end of the room.

Struggling, Patrick gritted his teeth from the large hands holding him. 

“So, why are you just now going to cut me open when you had the time to do so when I was passed out?”

“I wanted you to be Awake to feel everything I do to you, I just love hearing the people scream for mercy while they watch their stomach get pulled out. Not only that but I want to know what the first Helsing dissected, by anyone in the Frankenstein family, is going to do!” He said, clenching his fists and smiling. 

Patrick was starting to notice that Frankenstein had a certain complex about him, he loved talking and seemed arrogant. Maybe there was a way out of this after all, Patrick thought. As they got to the last autopsy table the Monster threw Patrick up on it, while Frankenstein strapped his limbs down. 

The cold touch of the metal table gave Patrick the goosebumps, and he took a quick breath. Frankenstein looked at Patrick’s skin smiling, he touched it gently. Patrick glared at Frankenstein.

“Before you do anything, mind telling me why the sudden attack, why of all times you decided to get me.” 

Frankenstein looked at him chuckling. “Well, since your about to die, I might as well tell you.” He said, putting on gloves that covered half of his arms. He reached into the box of blue liquid at the foot of the table, pulling out a scalpel. 

“It seems Count Vladimir has noticed you taking a fancy to him, guess that made him a bit nervous. After all you are a Helsing vampires don’t like your Family, neither does mine.” Frankenstein said, putting the scalpel to the tip of Patrick's sternum.

“Wait, what do you have to do with Count Vladimir?” Patrick asked, looking down at the scalpel. 

“I have used my personal ‘assistants‘ to capture a few of his vampires for some experiments, he didn’t like that.  He allowed me to live as long as I worked for him from time to time, he seemed to be impressed by my science.” He said, starting to cut into Patrick’s skin.

“Wait, I have one more question!” Patrick said.

Frankenstein grunted, “Fine one last question, before I cut you open.” 

“How did you follow me without me noticing someone like you in broad-daylight?” He said. 

Frankenstein pulled the scalpel out and placed it down. He smiled, walking away from the table and over to a couple of storage doors. The Doors were made of metal and had a temperature gauge. Next to the door was a cabinet with see thru doors, filled with different bottles. 

“I’m glad you asked Patrick, you see I've been dyeing to show someone with more then half a brain this.” He said, unlocking the doors. As he opened the heavy doors, compressed air escaped making a giant inhaler sound. 

The Room was filled with embalmed statues of dead people, in different poses with no skin. The walls were lined with the skins of the people, neatly pinned to the wall. The wall that faced the doors had the skin from the people’s faces, each in color and size order arrangement. 

“Because I have cut my skin off, I needed a way to...roam the world without drawing eyes to myself.” He said, walking inside, touching each skin.

Patrick saw the scalpel close to his hand, he tired reaching for it using his middle finger to get the tip and start pulling it in.   

“So, I took some of my patients and I removed their skin. The bodies were given my special embalming fluid, that does all the steps itself that are necessary for plastination.” He said, looking at one of the bodies. 

Patrick got a good grip on the scalpel and twisted his hand around in it’s brace, cutting thru the leather and freeing his arm. He was going unnoticed since Frankenstein was busy showing off, and his monster watching him. 

“I then took the skin, gave it a few modifications, had it take a few chemical baths and excelsior! I had skins that fit over me like a glove.” He said, grabbing one of the faces on the wall and putting it on, like a mask. 

Frankenstein turned around to look at Patrick with the face on. “I can be anyone I...” He stopped, noticing Patrick unlocking one of his legs from it’s strap. 

“Bruce, get him!” He yelled, tearing the mask off. 

The Monster rushed over to Patrick, reaching down to grab at his arms. Patrick freed his leg and quickly garbed the scalpel, stabbing into the thing’s right eye. The Monster cried out in pain, taking a few steps back as it pulled the scalpel out, taking the eye with it. Patrick quickly got to work freeing his other leg.

“You shouldn’t have done that Patrick, now he’s going to kill you!” Frankenstein said, laughing. 

The Monster growled at Patrick, running up at him swinging his fist down. Patrick freed his leg, rolling off the table. The Monster’s fist came down on the metal table causing it to dent in. 

Patrick stood up looking at the dent.

“Damn!” he said, wide eyed.

The Monster reached over to grab at Patrick from across the table. Patrick ducked, reaching into the blue liquid box, he pulled out some surgery scissors. Patrick jumped up, stabbing into the creatures hand. 

The Monster stepped back, looking at his hand. Patrick backed up some, and was grabbed from behind by Frankenstein. 

“You B***h, you should have stayed on that table!” He said. 

“Sorry, but I never followed Doctors orders.” Patrick said, ramming the back of his head into Frankenstein’s face. Frankenstein let go, grabbing his face. Patrick turned, punching him in the gut. Frankenstein let go of his face, only to have Patrick punch him in the jaw. Frankenstein fell back some. Patrick grabbed the back of his head and dunked his head in the blue liquid. 

The Monster pulled the scissors out and rushed towards Patrick, punching him on the side of the face. Patrick went down, pulling Frankenstein with him. Frankenstein laid on the ground yelling in pain and grabbing his face, the fluid having burned his exposed face. 

The Monster picked Patrick up by his hair, lifting him into the air. Patrick yelled in pain and gritted his teeth. The Monster Punched Patrick in the gut, and let go of him. Patrick fell to his knees holding his stomach. 

“My girlfriend hits harder then you!” Patrick yelled, chuckling some.

Growling, The Monster picked Patrick up and chucked him into the cabinet. Patrick hit the thing breaking the glass, tearing his back up. He fell to the ground, a few of the bottles falling on top of him. The Monster went to an autopsy table and threw the corpse off. He walked over to Patrick picking him up, dragging him to the table, and slammed him on top of it.

Patrick hitting the table lost most of his breath, he moaned in pain as the glass in his back sunk in deeper. The Monster wrapped it’s large hands over Patrick's neck, choking him. Patrick grabbed at the hands, trying to pry them off but couldn’t. 

The life seemed to be slipping out of Patrick as his face turned red, and his eye became bloodshot. Patrick looked at the creature’s face, reached up, and dug his fingers into one of the stitched cuts. Patrick pulled, ripping the stitches and almost tearing the Monster’s face off. 

The Monster let go, growling, grabbing at it’s face that was hanging off it’s head.  Patrick took in a breath franticly, normal color returning to his face. He sat up rubbing his neck, looking at the Monster try to place it’s face back on. 

Patrick got off the table and grabbed at the Monster’s shirt lifting it up seeing large stitching wrapping around it’s body. Patrick grabbed at on side and started pulling. The stitches ripped as he completely tore off the flesh to the Monster’s stomach. 

Blood and intestines poured out, the Monster grabbing at his organs that were spilling out. The Monster looked at Patrick with it’s one eye and its face hanging off it’s chin, then fell over dead. 

Patrick smiled down at the corpse.

“Looks like I can write Frankenstein’s Monster, on my list of creatures I've killed.” He said, chuckling under his panting. The Sound of a buzz saw came on and Patrick turned around quickly. 

“Die!” Frankenstein said, running at him with a chrome buzz saw. Patrick fell to the ground as Frankenstein swung the saw, and swing kicked Frankenstein’s legs.

Frankenstein fell over the buzz saw in his hand falling on his right leg. 

“GAHHHHHHH!” He yelled, as the machine cut his leg off then stalled when it hit the tiled floor. Patrick walked over picking the leg up and tossing it. 

“You B*****d!” Frankenstein said, laying on his back and trying to crawl away as blood pooled out his leg. 

Patrick walked over to the broken cabinet, looking at all the bottles that hit the ground. He picked up the bottle labeled Embalming fluid, and took a syringe from the broken shelf of the cabinet as he stood back up. 

Patrick stuck the needle of the syringe into the top of the bottle, and took out most of the fluid. He squirted some of the fluid out and tapped on the needle. 

Frankenstein kept trying to crawl away as he watched Patrick. 

“Wha...What are doing?” He asked, fear falling on him. 

“So your embalming fluid is able to do all the steps necessary for plastination?”

Frankenstein’s mouth dropped, he tried to push himself faster with his one leg, while pulling with his arms. 

“Got to tell you Frankenstein that is cool. Not to mention those masks give me ideas.” He said walking over to Frankenstein and kneeling next to him. 

Frankenstein looked at the syringe, his eyes wide and mouth dropped. Patrick grabbed Frankenstein’s face, forcing him to look at Patrick.

“Up here...since you don’t have any skin guess that leaves one last process.” He said, sticking the syringe into Frankenstein’s neck. Patrick pumped the contents into Frankenstein.

“No, Patrick Why!” He said, tearing running from his eyes. 

“Play God now Frankenstein.” Patrick said, standing up and leaving the room. 

Frankenstein looked around feeling his body starting stiff up. He tried clawing toward the door. 

“Patrick you B*****d! The Frankenstein family will get you for this!” He yelled, then stopped breathing. His eyes becoming like wax, his blood stopped flowing from his leg, and he froze in position.


Melina would be standing behind Patrick as she pulled pieces of glass out of his back, and patching each hole up. Patrick groaned some.

“Patrick you were gone for Two whole days, you don’t have to take this job anymore.” Melina said, her voice shaky.

“No, we knew things like this might happen if I accepted. You know that with this money John’s paying us, we won’t have to hunt anymore.” He said. 

“But, Patrick...”

“No, Melina, I'm done talking about this, by tomorrow I'm going to book a flight to Russia.” He said, jumping some as she pulled a large piece of glass out.

© 2010 WriderParker

Author's Note

This is the Rough draft of this chapter. I decided that I'm going to spit out as many chapters as I can before editing. So tell me what you think of the idea of the chapter, and how the story is progressing.

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Doctor Frankenstein always add to a story. The myth carry weight in most stories. I like chapter. The battle scene was very good. A very interesting chapter. Thank you.

Posted 14 Years Ago

not bad I thought doctor Frankenstein is a great idea.

Posted 14 Years Ago

this chapter was fiiled with action. Patrick is making progression toward capturing the count. this chapter was interesting! looking forward to more.

Posted 14 Years Ago

This is not bad. The writing is much better than in some of the previous. Nice work.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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