The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor

A Chapter by WriderParker

What and Who is John? What is this Amulet? I'm glad Doctors don't make house calls now-a-days!


Moscow, Russia

Count Vladimir Alexandrov walked into a run-down theater during the day, his mouth covered in blood. As he entered the Dark building, with the windows painted black, light rushed in and the other Vampires rushed away from it. Vladimir smiled, wiping his mouth.

“Do not worry my Children, Your God has returned from his feast.” He said, running his fingers on an amulet hanging from his neck. The Amulet looked like the sun, encrusted with beautiful jewels and Greek patterns. 

Vladimir closed the door to the building, expelling the light. Vladimir’s brother Garren walked toward him. 

Garren was shorter the Vladimir and not as strong. He had Red glazed eyes like any vampire, and dark black hair that was slicked back. Garren carefully approached Vladimir, but was not scared to speak to him.

“Well, BROTHER...” he said, stressing the word brother as if to announce that he was on equal grounds. “While you were out Dining before any of us, we have received news from America.”

Vladimir looked at Garren, the announcement pecked his interest. “What have you heard?” he asked.

“John seems to have found a Helsing, brother.”

“A Helsing? Well, John seems to think he knows what he’s doing.” Vladimir said, chuckling.

Garren looked Vladimir up and down, knowing that his power was getting in his head. Garren smiled seeing this as a perfect opportunity. “Surely Brother, You shall not let a Helsing live. The very Family that threatens us, your children. When you with so much power could destroy him without exhausting yourself.”

Vladimir nodded thinking about Garren’s words. “You are right Garren, I will not let this Helsing scare my children. I will go to America and find this Helsing and Crush him like the pest he is.”

“No, wait Vladimir you inspire to be a God. A God does not act without first sending a messenger.” He said, Walking around Vladimir, he was taking in everything Garren said, nodding. “Someone that could both Tell of his incoming doom, or Destroy him.”

“Yes, I will First send a Messenger to destroy this Helsing.”

“Very Wise my Lord.”

“Tell the Good Doctor that I have not forgotten the debt he owes me. I know he is in America right now, so he will tell the Helsing my Message before the day is up.”

Garren smiled, bowing to Vladimir “Yes, my lord.” He said, turning to make a call to the chosen Messenger.


San Diego, Early Morning 

Patrick woke up, his eyes opening slowly feeling the pull back into sleep. Looking down he saw Melina’s head laying on his chest. Patrick smiled, brushing her hair some. Melina yawned some, walking up a little just to cuddle closer. Patrick laid there in the bed, stroking her hair. 

The Sun started shinning though the blinds of the room. Creating bars of light that projected everywhere. One of the bars hit Patrick in the face, blinding him. Patrick gowned softly, annoyed that the mood was being killed by bright razors.

“Melina.” He said, in a soft whisper. “Melina...Melina wake up.” He said, getting slightly louder. Melina moaned a little. 

“Wha?” she said, mumbling under her breath her eyes still closed

“Melina...I have to get out of bed I have some work that needs to get done.”

“Like what?”

“I need to do some research and then bid on the job.”

“Mmrahh...can’t that wait?”

“No, It needs to get done.”

Melina cuddled closer holding tightly to Patrick. Her eyes were still closed, and she kept mumbling. “Please just stay a little longer.” She said. Patrick sighed, but quickly smiled. 

“I’d love to but I can’t. Unless of course I get the Breakfast Special for staying in bed.” He said, smiling but serious.

Melina got off Patrick rolling to the other side, away from Patrick. “Your a pervert, we already did it last night.” She annoyingly mumbled.

Patrick sighed sitting in bed. He twisted his torso, popping his spine. 

“Well, you can’t blame me for trying.” He said, standing up. Melina didn’t say a word, she was asleep. Patrick slipped his underwear on, and headed for the bathroom grabbing at his clothes. After getting cleaned up and dressed, Patrick stepped out quietly. Melina still curled up in her covers asleep. He smiled and snuck out of her room, closing her door gently. 

Patrick walked to Melina’s living room thru the hallway. Seeing John’s briefcase perched on the television, he went over picking it up. Patrick walked to a desk in the room and sat down with the case. Getting it opened it looked at all the files in it. 

Patrick would look at Count Vladimir’s picture for an hour, shook up by the fact he was caught during the day. What does this mean? How could this happen? Could this be a fake? A lame attempt by some Rich B*****d to prank him? These were some of Patrick’s thoughts on this.

No, not at all Patrick was smart, and after tirelessly looking it over he knew this picture was not forged. He placed the main daylight picture he was looking at down, only to pick up more like it. 

He starting noticing something about each picture. His clothes might have been different every few pictures, but his choice of jewelry remained the same. A large gaudy, brazen amulet hung around his neck.

Shaped like the sun and incrusted with one jewel in the center, Vladimir seemed to show it off. 

Melina walked up from behind Patrick, leaning down and warping her arms on his neck. 

“Is that the Vampire?” she asked.

“Yeah.” Patrick said, lost in thought. 

“You think you can get him?”

“I don’t know?” 

Melina got off Patrick, knowing that she wasn’t going to get anything out of him while he was like this. Patrick kept flipping though the files about Vladimir.

Learning things like, Vladimir was once Russian royalty, he had a younger Brother that followed after him, and he traveled the world but no reason was given why. 

Patrick shook his head. Why would John want to keep so much information away from him, yet at the same time tell him to find out more? 

What was John’s place in all this? Why does a Multibillionaire care so much about some, day-walker Vampire in Russia? 

Whatever John’s motives, Patrick knew that both Vladimir’s day walking and John’s concern was the amulet. Patrick reached for a business card, sticking halfway out of a pocket in the case. John’s number was on it, with a side note with the word BIG and a a few dollar signs. 

Patrick dialed the number on the card, listening to the ring. Only after two rings was the phone answered. 

“Hello Mr.Helsing.” John said, soft voiced. 

Patrick looked at the phone shocked, knowing he never gave John his number. How did he know it was me? Patrick thought. “Ummm... How did...”

“I know that it was you on the line?” he said, chuckling. “I knew you couldn’t resist my offer.” 

“Yeah, well I would like the job.” Patrick said, uneasy.

“Of course, but let me guess it’s not just for the money is it?”

Patrick didn’t say a word.

“You want to find out more don’t you? I know your a genius Mr.Helsing, surely you noticed a certain pattern in the pictures.” 

“Your making it seem like this is just a game to you.”

“I’ve been around the block more then you know, Mr.Helsing. I've meet people like you.”

“Factually, I would be disappointed if you didn’t want to investigate more.” John said, pausing some then coming in again. “Are you man of Faith, Mr.Helsing? 

“I attend a mass here in there, and I might use Holy water too.”

“I’m talking about real Faith, Mr.Helsing. The Bible says that we must look into things ourselves, investigate it, critic it, analyze it to see the truth. Much like what you probably did with those pictures.”

Patrick grew a little more uneasy with the conversation. “Can we just talk about the Job now?” He asked. 

  “Certainly, I will Fully fund your hunt Mr.Helsing, I have a Swiss bank in your city go to it everything you need to be paid upfront, and to investigate is there. Just show the Teller the papers in the Briefcase.”

“Is that it?” 

“Yes,...Oh I’m afraid I must leave Mr.Helsing.” he said, hanging his phone up. 

“Wait, I still have a few...And your gone.” Patrick said, sighing. He hung the phone up and stood up putting all the files back and closing the Case. Melina looked at him from the couch, she was watching him the whole time. 

“So?” She asked, wide eyed. Patrick looked at her smiling.

“I got to make a withdraw.” He said. Patrick walked out of Melina’s apartment building grabbing his jacket. 


John’s Private home. Rome, Italy

John sat in his beautiful crafted large oak desk positioned in front of a bigger stone fireplace. John’s Butler stood before him.

“Now Amato, what is the news you have for me?” John asked, smiling.

“It seems The Doctor has found, Mister Helsing.” The man said.

John nodded, leaning back in his chair. “He’ll take care of him.”


 San Diego

Patrick walked up to the doors to the Swiss Bank, stepping into the large building.  The Marble floor reflecting everyone as they stood on it. People walking around in their expensive business suits. Patrick sticking out in his black jacket and wrinkled clothes. 

After walking the large path to the tellers, each sitting in a polished wooden desk, Patrick took a sit to the closets one. 

The Man looked up, pushing on his horned rimmed glasses. “Can I help you?” he asked, rudely. 

Patrick plopped the Briefcase on the desk, opening it and pulling out some papers. “Yeah, John Templar sent me.” Patrick said, smirking at the man.

The Teller ripped the papers from Patrick’s hand and looked at it closely, growing pale. He looked back up at Patrick smiling weakly.

“So Sorry Sir, Mister Templar has a few things for you waiting in a locker.” He said. The Teller stood up, fixing his tie. “Please follow me.” He said. 

Patrick chuckled as he got up to follow the man “Relax man, I'm not going to complain or anything.” 

The man smiled some, leading Patrick to the lockers. 

After going thru excessive amounts of security measures, Patrick Stood in front of his locker. The Teller unlocking it and opening the door. Patrick reached in grabbing rolls of cash, smiling as he put them in the Briefcase. 

Getting the last Roll he took out a piece of paper with information on where he needs to go, and a note.


I want to thank you for accepting this Job. Be aware that this will not be easy, but I have faith that you will be able to accomplish it. If you need more money, just contact me.

-p.s I got you some reading material for the plane ride.

Patrick put the paper in the case and reached into the deep locker, pulling out a book. The Church Knight translated by John Templar. 

Patrick looked at the book curious, remembering that John told him to read it. He slipped the Book into the case, closed it and left the bank. 

Patrick would be in the parking lot when he noticed something, different. The air smelled like something was rotting. Patrick plugged his nose. 

“Oh God, smells like something thats been dead a few weeks just crawled up.” He said, quickening his pace as he walked.

A few feet from his car the sound of tires peeling could be heard. Patrick turned his head to look and was hit by a car. Not fast enough to kill him or break everything, but enough to knock him out. 

Patrick laid on the ground semi-conscience, everything blurry. He saw two blobs standing above him. 

“Good, He’s not dead just yet. I want him alive and awake when I start with him. Take him to the into the Car, quick.” The smaller blob said.

“Yes, Dr. Frankenstein.” the larger blob said, slowly. 

Patrick moaned in pain as he saw the hands reach down at him, and he passed out.

© 2010 WriderParker

Author's Note

Trying out different fonts lol...this is the rough draft! ROUGH DRAFT, But I want to know what you think of the story so far! I promise there will be more action in the upcoming chapters!

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I like his chapter. The story pace was very good. I like the characters and the conversations in the chapter. I look forward to the next chapter. Thank you.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Dr. Frankenstein. haha. i like the story outline and where it is going. hoping for more.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Some repeats, some buffering, and a few random capitalizations.. but thats all stuff you'll probably take care of later. Started off reasonably strong and was pretty consistent throughout..
The story, I'm a little iffy on. I just felt like its been done before. But, we'll see.
All in all, not bad for a rough draft.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Amazing write loved it

Posted 14 Years Ago

“Do not worry my Children, Your God has returned from his feast.” (comma before my. "Do not worry, my Children, your god has returned from his feast. Lowercase is fine for god as it is not referring to God, a god of vampires.)

“So Sorry Sir, Mister Templar has a few things for you waiting in a locker.” He said. The Teller stood up, fixing his tie. “Please follow me.” He said. (comma before sir. Sir should be in lower case as it is not a proper noun. After me use a comma since it is tagged with he said.)

Just small errors like that, nothing major. As for for font, whatever you use on the cafe is fine, but when submitting stick to something like arial or new times roman, as that will be what editors and publishers ask for. The final text for the novel or story is at their discretion when it goes to typesetting.

Not a bad installment.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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