Chapter 9: The Past Absolved

Chapter 9: The Past Absolved

A Chapter by Fallen hero

Samuel turns to face the creatures lurking in the darkness armed with his new Liquid Armor.


                                               Chapter 9: The Past Absolved

The screeches of lurkers fill the silence of the factory as you slide through some large concrete pipes. You push through the darkness ahead, and feel your way onto the cold ashy floor. The rail cart ahead of you where you left the officers, has it's door  nearly broken through by three lurkers as you approach from behind silently. The sobs of the men from inside are only audible between the claw strikes of  the lurkers. 
Cocking your pistol, you slide out blasting two lurkers from behind before the clip jams in your shivering hands. The eyes of the final lurker pierce through the blackness as you fumble with the pistol's clip. Letting out a cry of anger the lurker launches itself smashing the crates beside you before it regains its footing. Charging at you the lurker nearly takes your head off with another swing of its blade like arm. Without hesitation you rush the lurker leaping onto its back and stabbing it repeatedly in the lower shoulders. Suddenly the Lurker flings you off right into a pole beside the broken crates. With Your back up against the pole you press the hulking beast away from your body with your legs, but the weight of the monster slowly presses you to the floor.  With your back pinned to the floor the lurker plunges its spear like arm toward your head. Barely dodging its blows, your legs cant hold its body off your chest. A gasp escapes as you collapse from the weight, Strangely the heaving breath of the lurker ceases on top of you its eyes settled on yours. Suddenly the lurker is pushed off of your chest and a bloodied Nazi soldier stands over you. 
His hand extends to meet yours as the officer helps you up. A knife sits lodged in the lurkers skull oozing black slime from within. 
“We need to find shelter before more of these monsters find us.” says the grizzly officer 
“First things first we need weapons.” says the younger soldier that helped you up.
“Well I guess we'll get to know each other pretty quickly then” you sarcastically remark. “Just get me to the machine in the research room and we'll be fine.”
“How will some machine suddenly defend us from the thousands of lurkers that heard the shots you made?” questions the grizzled officer 
“Well if you want to get ripped limb from limb you ladies stay here, I'm getting myself some armor.” you say while rushing through the darkness toward the big research doors.
Their shadowy claws are echoing around the factory as you and your companions rush for the research room doors. Suddenly the growls are heard right behind your group as you approach the doorway. You push your way through the doors as a cry echoes behind you. Turning you see the older officer get pulled up on top of some crates before being ripped apart by the lurkers around you.
“No David!!!” screams Fischer in the loss of his friend.
“We have to keep moving unless you want to end up like David.” You say bitterly.
Sliding through the double doors you both hurry to barricade the two doors into the research area. Sliding huge iron desks in front of both entrances, you both rush towards the machine in peril.
“Once I'm in press these two buttons on the right then the ignition button on the side of the panel, Okay?”
“I got it just hurry up.” He exclaims as the lurkers hit against the barricade.
You climb into the blue interior of the machine and hit the priming button on the inside. Suddenly like clock work the machine starts to buzz around you. Within seconds the interior turns a dark red  before grabbing a hold of all four of your limbs. The interior of the machine seems to expand and change colors rapidly. Suddenly the machine spreads your arms putting you in a standing position with your arms extended out to the side. Suddenly you feel the singe of cold metal envelope your lower body.Without warning your upper body is also rapidly enclosed in a thick metal casing. The machine throws on the final pieces on your wrists and ankles before it shuts down and opens up. A helmet lays in front of you perched on a little shelf in front of you. Grasping the helmet, you grab the grip to exit the pod.
Desks lay all around the room as you step out of the pod. Looking about you see that the reminisce of a man lay on the ground around you, his entire boot sits wedged in the bottom of one the iron operating tables. Blood stains the entire floor and ceiling, as you move around the tables stealthily towards the still closed back door. The creak of the door ricochets around the open assembly area which you first arrived in. Walking through the darkness you realize the multiple buttons on the helmet in your hands. After pressing the biggest button your helmet illuminates the area around you with a dark blue light. The area still shows the last moments of the workers that didn't leave work on L' day. You push through the assembly area toward the exit which sits still broken by the bomb's blast. The dark char marks left on the floor by the explosion spread lighter and lighter through the factory's desolate interior. Sticking on your new helmet you prepare for your longest journey  yet to come.

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Author's Note

Fallen hero
Hope you enjoy this chapter next chapter will be up over the weekend. My suggestion is to read from chapter one.

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This is progressively getting more difficult to follow as grammar and word choice make it difficult to gather the story and follow along. Other than that, I find your idea intriguing and the plot interesting.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 10 Years Ago

Fallen hero

10 Years Ago

Thanks, I'll fix the grammar and word choice. I'll republish the fixed version tomorrow.

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