History and Vocabulary

History and Vocabulary

A Chapter by The Dudeman (Kenneth T)

Sadly, I'm going to have to explain a few things about this world, mostly the terminology used. I thought it would be too hard to explain this during the story, so I'm putting it all in this prologue.

Here is a summary of the events that happened before the story:

While human civilization was developing, there was one group that matured and grew faster, and nobody knows why. They developed powerful technology that they jealously guarded from outsiders. And then, for reasons unknown, they decided leave Earth. Three generations later, they had a spaceship, supplies and enough optimism to start a colony on a different planet. They found a suitable one and settled down, filling it with plants and animals and life. They called it Hearth, and it was home to them. From Hearth came other colonies on other solar systems. Six of these declared their independence, but twelve remained loyal to Hearth. And then, a very long time later, they found Earth again.
Earth had long forgotten about them, so the realization of a space-faring empire existing within the same galaxy was quite a shock. Even so, Earth adapted quite well, and quickly too. Earth formed a world government and began to trade with Hearth. Space-age technology was traded for entertainment and chocolate. In this way, Earth was able to become an interstellar power within a generation.
It was at this time, that Hearth offered Earth a chance to join the Alliance, which Earth immediately, but politely declined. Earth saw that by joining the Alliance, their economy and power would be reduced. Hearth knew this too, of course; it was the reason they asked them to join. From their perspective, Earth was getting powerful; too powerful. In fifty years, Earth had claimed five colonies, and each prospered greatly. It was to slow Earth down that the offer was made. After repeated refusals, the Alliance declared war on Earth, hoping to assimilate it after it was defeated.
This is the war in which our story takes place.

The vocabulary might be a bit confusing, as there are two sides and both call themselves Humans, but I will try to explain it as best as I can.

Terra: the official name for Earth
Terrans: Earth-born or descended from humans born on Earth.
Terran (language): the international language of Terra, based off of English, but in reality is quite different.
Hearth: the first planet colonized after the Pilgrims left Terra
Humans: officially, all humans who are NOT Terrans, but Terrans still call themselves humans
The Human Alliance: an alliance consisting of Hearth and the twelve planets that are still loyal. Terra (Earth, remember?) is at war with them.
Stellar: the language of the Human Alliance. It uses few consonant clusters and generally easy sounds, making it an easy language to pronounce and sounding similar to Japanese.
earth: a general word used by Humans (non-Terrans, remember?) to indicate one's homeworld.

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Author's Note

The Dudeman (Kenneth T)
This has got to be extremely confusing for you guys, so please tell me in a review how I can explain it better and I will edit it.

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sounds like something I'd enjoy. *continues into the next chapter*

Posted 13 Years Ago

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