An Unlikely Rescue

An Unlikely Rescue

A Chapter by The Dudeman (Kenneth T)

Brian is rescued by an Alien. We get to hear her point of view and her feelings.

He had no idea of where he was headed, but Brian ran anyway. He sprinted unchallenged through hallways until he found an exit; then he dashed through it into a wide training field. He saw no one as he ran across it and through a hole in a tall fence where a bomb had landed. This took him to a shady grove with a stream running through it. He did not stop here even though he was bleeding and exhausted; he wanted to distance himself as much as possible from the enemy base. He did not pay attention to the grove as ran through it for three kilometers, so he was surprised when he found himself on the other side.
Looking up, he saw that he was standing in front of a wide five-story building, residential by the looks of it. A movement to the right caught his eye so he turned his head sharply in that direction. It was a girl. An Alien.
She had seen him.
He burst through the doors of the building, looking for a place to hide. In his panic he did not see the single step that led to the foyer, and he tripped over it. Brian crashed to the floor, bruising his head. At this point his body refused to go any further. The pain in his head and also his arm where the guard had shot him coupled with the exhaustion of sprinting for more that three kilometers won out over his human nature to flee and hide.
They were coming for him, but right now, he didn't care, so he let himself fall unconscious.
*          *          *
He was sleeping now. She had brought him to her apartment and laid him on her bed. She had pulled all of the tiny darts out of his arm and wrapped it in a clean bandage. He hadn't been awake since he had crashed, unconscious into the foyer of her apartment complex.
She had no idea why she did it. It was like a powerful urge had taken over her so that she could protect and save another human being.
But this boy wasn't Human; he was Terran. Not only was he not Human, he was an enemy. She could be arrested for helping an enemy soldier in this time of war. But that same human instinct forced her to hide him, even though there was the possibility that he could kill her when he woke.
She looked at his hands, at the thick tendons and raised veins. It would be easy for him, to wrap those strong hands around her throat and squeeze hard until she lost all strength and died.
But there was something about him, something that made her brave past his dangerous nature and stay by him. 'Something handsome...' she thought, and immediately stopped herself. She already had a boyfriend, one that made all of her friends jealous. He was beautiful, and sensitive, and romantic too. She forced herself to remember who he was to her, to remember all of the kisses they shared, all of the fruits they hand-fed to each other, and all of the nights they spent playfully fondling each other. She must forget her attraction to the Terran and be happy with what she did have, which was quite a lot.
But even so, she hadn't seen her boyfriend a month. He was a soldier, so he couldn't visit much. She moved to an apartment a short distance away so that she could always be near him, but it didn't help.
She heard a gasp and quickly turned to see the Terran boy bolt upright in the bed. He glanced urgently about, looking at the bed, his bandaged arm, and finally at her.
He slid out of the bed and walked menacingly towards her, now looking taller and broader than he had seconds ago. She backpedaled slowly, her eyes wide with terror. Suddenly, she could not take it anymore; she turned around and bolted for the door. But before she could finish three steps, the Terran soldier had slipped his arm under her neck and held her in a firm headlock. She thrashed about, wildly kicking and twisting, trying in vain to free herself. Her fears had come true: he was going to strangle her. After a few seconds, she realized that he was not actually hurting her, just holding and pinning her, preventing her escape. She stopped her futile efforts to flee, letting herself rest in his grasp.
"Where am I?" he asked in a cold, low voice.
"Twilight," she choked out, her breath coming in terrified, shaky gasps, "by the Nekezo military base."
"Still on Twilight..." he muttered "Probably the same base too."
He released her, but stood in front of the door, preventing any escape. "What's your name?" he asked, his voice losing some of its animosity.
"Maraiya" she said; and then sank to the floor sobbing. A few seconds later there was a hand on her shoulder. She flinched in surprise, she hadn't heard him approach.
"What is it?" the Terran asked, sounding sincere.
"It's..." she stammered, "I thought you were going to kill me."
"Well, are you a soldier?" his voice rising in pitch in the typical Terran way whenever they asked a question.
"No." she answered, neglecting to tell him about the soldier that was so close to her heart.
"In that case I won't." Maraiya looked up at him. His face was softer now. 'Handsome...' the thought crept into her mind.

© 2010 The Dudeman (Kenneth T)

Author's Note

The Dudeman (Kenneth T)
Well, if you thought this was going to be a hardcore war novel, sorry to disappoint you. Here is where the plot twists and some romance comes in.

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Added on May 28, 2010
Last Updated on June 1, 2010
Tags: sci fi, war, aliens, love


The Dudeman (Kenneth T)
The Dudeman (Kenneth T)

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