Prison Break

Prison Break

A Chapter by The Dudeman (Kenneth T)

Brian is captured, but successfully escapes. Also a perspective change!

Brian pounded his head against the concrete wall. He had failed. He had let himself get captured. Instead of fighting in the jungle where he belonged, he was trapped here in a prison cell, with only a sink, toilet, and mattress. They had even took his wristblades! Brian had no idea how they figured out how to detach them, but gone they were. He had been long? He had just woken up a few minutes ago, but he could have been unconscious for hours, or days. He beat the wall again in frustration.
There were no answers here. No answers about the battle. Brian suddenly became worried. What happened after he had left? Were Captain James and Midori okay? What about the rest of the squad? Were they all killed? Captured? What about Alaska and Muhammad? Did they escape? Was the map okay? Questions flooded his mind, and none of them had answers.
He turned back to the cell. How could he keep fighting in here?

Brian slid his back down the wall to the floor. "I'll grow weak in here." he said to himself. Then the answer came to him. A way he could show defiance from inside this cell, and stay strong in the process. He tore the edge off the mattress and started jumping rope.
Brian was exhausted and slick with sweat by the time he decided to stop. In addition to jumping with his makeshift rope, he filled his routine with push-ups and crunches. He told himself he had to be ready to grasp any opportunity to fight the enemy, and that involved staying in shape. But for now, he needed to rest; he would run his routine again in an hour or so. He may be down, but as a Human soldier, he was never out.

*          *          *

Zaen just wouldn't shut up.
Damaier had given up paying attention to him while walking down hallways during patrol. So he just nodded his head or grunted in agreement whenever there was a pause in Zaen's rambling. For a seventeen-year-old, Zaen sure had a lot to talk about, and to Damaier, none of it mattered. Zaen must have though that because they were the same age, they could have so much to talk about. But really, It was Zaen who talked and Damaier who pretended to listen.
The two of them turned the corner to the prison hall, Damaier peering through the one-way glass on each cell. There was that one wounded soldier who wouldn't stop crying, the black Terran who stared endlessly into space, and then there was that one boy who wouldn't stop exercising. What did he think he was going to do? Grow strong enough to break open the door? Some chance of that, all of the prison cell doors were locked with a strong magnetic field.
They turned the corner leading to the dormitories when a loud wail echoed through the halls. They stopped in their tracks and stared straight ahead.
"Which warning siren is this one?" Zaen asked, not looking at Damaier.
"The air raid siren," he answered. Zaen had always been too busy learning new gossip to bother to memorize the emergency drills.
"Good thing we're not outside then," he said back shakily, worried about the soldiers who still were.
Both of them stood in silence as they listened to the exploding bombs over the sound of the siren. In case of an air raid, they were supposed to take cover inside, which they already were.
The siren slowed to a halt as the overhead lights faded out. Emergency lights flickered to life on the side.
"Must've blown the main power," Zaen stated the obvious. It gave him a chance to talk. Then it dawned on Damaier.
"The prisoners! The locks are down!" he exclaimed.
They shared one glance before turning around and dashing down the hall and around the corner.
Two of the prisoners were ten meters away, just having exit the room where their captured weapons were being held. Both pairs stopped in their tracks, and then opened fire simultaneously. Zaen and Damaier fired their flechette shotguns, sending a flesh-ripping cloud of tiny darts that tore the front of the black Terran to shreds. The boy, however, swept the hall with automatic fire, boring several holes in Zaen's chest and clipping Damaier's arm. The wound made Damaier's next round shoot wide, barely touching the enemy soldier. The shot did have a side effect, though; The surviving Terran's gun stopped firing, and he was repeatedly pulling on the bolt to free the tiny dart caught in the rifle's action.
Damaier fought to ignore the wound in his arm and re-steady his flechette shotgun. The other boy snapped his head up, abandoned the gun and charged at Damaier, who panicked and fired into the floor. The Terran swung a left uppercut and Damaier's eyes opened to their limits as a pair of steel blades sprang open from behind his wrist.
Damaier dropped his weapon as the blades entered below his ribcage. He opened his mouth and tried and failed to gasp for air. The b*****d must have punctured his diaphragm, his lungs were useless. Damaier fell backwards and saw the Terran walk past, leaving him bleeding on the floor.

© 2010 The Dudeman (Kenneth T)

Author's Note

The Dudeman (Kenneth T)
Please note the vocabulary change at the break. As the perspective changes, so does the words the narrating character uses. Also, some of the speech is italicized to indicate that it is not in English, but a different language.

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Added on May 13, 2010
Last Updated on May 25, 2010
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The Dudeman (Kenneth T)
The Dudeman (Kenneth T)

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