Come and Go

Come and Go

A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne

been a while since I posted on this story... oh well; agreements with my bestie comes first!

Come and Go

Allen gasped.
There, in-between his fingers that were intwined with the girl's, were hundreds of little lights from all over the castle caged between their fingers. Allen could not see Rachel's face but he could tell from her quickened breathing against his face that she was frightened. Allen prayed silently that the дкцма would go away. The door creaked open and the sound of rattling, putrid, breath could be heard. Allen cursed in his head and felt Rachel's grip on him tighten. The air grew cold as the creatures drew closer... and something white hot began blooming in his chest and spreading to his left hand and the space behind his left eye.
'Please, young heir! free me!' cried a strangled voice. Allen's eyes snapped open, and while his right eye still could see nothing, his left eyes vision was transformed into a world of black and white. He could see the gruesome forms of a дкцма... and the trapped soul of the Elfling's within it's metallic body.
"H-how?" whispered Allen. The дкцма began to raise it's sword-like arm and Allen tightened his hold on Rachel protectively.
'You are connected to the Elfling there; you have to use her to release the фйиосеисз in your left hand! quickly!' urged the ghost. Panicking as the sharp weapon came down, Allen threw out his left hand (the one that was not entwined with Rachel's holding the lights)  and reached desperately, almost instinctively, towards Rachel with his mind. Rachel gave a sharp cry and power suddenly sang through his veins and his arm glowed green and became a great claw that demolished the дкцма instantly.
'Thank you,' whispered the ghost that instantly began to fade 'a word of caution though as you continue, young heir; if you let your Elfling die there will be nothing to protect you from the Earl... You must learn to control your powers or next time she won't be so lucky...'
"What...?" but the ghost disappeared and Allen's vision returned to normal in his left eye. Suddenly the lights that the two of them held shot from their hands and returned to their proper places in the castle. Allen blinked in the suddenly in the brightness looking around. All remains of the дкцма had vanished leaving only a few star shaped marks on the ground. Rachel's hand slipped out of his hold and Allen turned his attention to her, gasping at what he saw. She had gone completely limp, here eyes glassy, and her skin a white as a sheet. She wasn't breathing and Allen could feel her heart beat getting slower and slower as he watched the life slowly draining from her.
"No!" he shouted grabbing her by the shoulders and unexplainable sense agony washing over him. Suddenly Allen realized that his left arm was still a claw and he could still feel immense power rushing unobstructed from her to him. Quickly putting two and two together Allen hurriedly cut the connection. Rachel jerked immediately and drew in a painful sounding breath.
"Oh, thank God..." whispered Allen earnestly, relief and guilt swelling within him in equal measures as he pulled her tightly to him.
"A-Allen? what... just happened?... what are you doing? what did you do?" said Rachel weakly too drained to either push him away or recuperate. 
"I am so sorry..." whispered Allen burring his face in her short brown locks taking comfort in the weak, but steady, feel of her heart against his chest. He realized quite suddenly that, for some strange reason, this wild girl in his arms had somehow become the most important thing in his universe, and the thought of her dieing was unbearable. 
Bethany whirled around for the third time when she felt someone watching her. Still the dimly lit hall way remained suspiciously empty and silent.... not that she could really tell in the blackness. But still, something wasn't right. Suspiciously Bethany glared.
"I know you're there. Come out right this minute." she demanded in a confident voice. A creepy chuckle echoing though the halls was only response.
"Oh... F**k...." muttered Bethany her eyes widening... she could hear foot steps. Bethany backed up. Suddenly the lights flashed on and Bethany caught sight of the masked boy she had seen before. She let out a startled screech leaping backward before knocking into a table full of glass vases. Cursing colorfully Bethany turned and steadied them before looking back up and realizing that the boy was gone.
"Bethany?! Is that you?! Are you alright?!" called Alana breathlessly running down the hall towards her.
"I am fine..." said Bethany still wildly looking around, "What are you doing up at this hour?"
"Siana never came back this afternoon... I can't seem to find her anywhere." fretted Alana. 
"Yasmine, Rachel, and Sarah are missing too!" said Bethany eyes widening. The girls stared at each other before someone to an unspoken agreement and heading towards a fight of stairs.
Yasmine awoke warm and safe in Neah's arms. She peered up at him sneakily through her hair and saw that he was staring pensively out of the cave they were resting in. For the first time she allowed herself to appreciate the attractive way his hair fell about his face, his curious gold eyes, delicate features, and lean yet well toned body pressed against her. Neah was very kind, she decided, despite his sometimes horrible attitude. Suddenly she found that his gold eyes were suddenly turned on her.
"Heeeey there." said Yasmine for lack of anything better to say. Neah looked a bit perplexed by this response and pouted at her suspiciously.
"What are you plotting?" he demanded.
"I am not plotting anything!" said Yasmine blinking in surprise.
"Humf, am I supposed to believe that?" snorted Neah. Really, thought Yasmine, had she done anything to deserve such suspicion?... well, she supposed she had tied him up and dragged him around the castle and them dumped the two of them into a garbage shoot where they discovered she was a witch and had powers to control a ultra crazy flame-knife... but still that was no reason to be so wary of her right? right?!
"You should." said Yasmine pouting.
"I don't." stated Neah, Yasmine opened her mouth to protest but he continued, "Now, first things first: if we are going to survive the my fath- the Earl's wrath we are going to need some allies."
"Who would be mad enough to go against the Earl?" wondered Yasmine out loud.
"Well... we are." 
"True..." said Yasmine thoughtfully, then brightened, "My friends are pretty insane too! I bet they'd help us!"
"... If your friends are as insane as you I think I might die." groaned Neah.
"Don't be a baby." said Yasmine elbowing him in the gut making Neah choke,"My friends are great! You'll like them once you meet them."
"I tremble with anticipation!" said Neah sarcastically.
"You better." grinned Yasmine.
"Um... actually I was wondering if before we go find your... friends... I was thinking we could find my brother." said Neah scratching his head.
"Your brother?" asked Yasmine blinking, "Won't he be on the Earl's side?"
"It's complicated. See he's adopted, and he doesn't really like being a part of the иоач family anyway. He talks a lot with that Bookman kid and it's given him some weird a*s ideas about humanity." said Neah grimacing, "Before I thought this was a terrible thing, but now I am starting to think-"
"Bookman?! Like, Lavi Bookman?" asked Yasmine excitedly.
"HE'S ONE OF MY BESTIES COUSIN!" exclaimed Yasmine.
"What of it...?" asked Neah wincing.
"She knows like every book made about the kingdom before the Great Fall known to man! She'd help us for sure!" grinned Yasmine.
"Okay... we go and get Allen and then we go hunt down your friend to help us. sound like a plan?" asked Neah rubbing his temple.
"Yes!" grinned Yasmine punching the air.
"My love come baaaaack~!" called the voice behind Sarah as she ran as fast as she could down the hall.
"Go away, please! I don't know you and your scaring me!" Sarah called over her shoulder hoping that this time he would listen to her... which again he didn't. Sarah turned her head back just in time to see that she was about to run straight off the stone path into the underground mote below. She 'eeped' in surprise and tried to windmill her arms enough to keep her from falling off the edge. It didn't work and she would have fallen if strong arms hadn't wrapped around her waist and pulled her securely back to safety.
"Be careful, my love, I think I would simply die if anything horrible were to happen to you." sighed Jack contentedly holding her and nuzzling her neck.
"-! oh, please, please, please let me go!" whimpered Sarah, frightened. Jack moved his hands to her shoulders and firmly turned her around to look at him.
"Lovely, I will never, never, never try to force you into anything you don't want to do. But know that no matter what you say, I will alway's chase after you." promised Jack.
"Don't say that." said Sarah her cheeks heating up.
"But it's true; I love you after all." smiled Jack.
"Don't say that so easily!" said Sarah squirming away and standing up, "Those are words saved for someone special! I- I- You just met me! you can't possibly be in love with me... so don't say that! I appreciate you saving me, I really do, but you need to stop following me around now."
"That is very sound logic and I can understand why you are skeptical of my feelings, but-" Jacks eyes shone and Sarah had to look away, she felt like he was casting some sort of magic spell on her, "Love does not run by logic, and I knew the moment I saw you that I loved you."
"Please don't-" Sarah repeated feeling her resistance weaken.
"I love you," repeated Jack, "I love you, I love you, I love you. No matter what you or I say it does not change the truth."
"But- but-" Sarah stammered: this wasn't how it was supposed to go! Someone was just supposed to pick out whoever it was that she would bare a child for and love was supposed to stay out of it! Sarah did not know what to do!
"I won't try and make you return feelings that you don't have, my love," smiled Jack weakly, "And I don't expect you to love such a person such as I... but please, I really do love you and I want to protect you! those иоач will be after you again and I can not bare the thought of the things they might do to you! please, this is all that I ask of you."
"I- I don't want you to get hurt on my behalf though..." said Sarah weakly, this was bad; this boy was really sweet.
"I shall strive to keep us both safe." said Jack kneeling before her, "What do you say?"
"...I guess there is no stopping you...." mumbled Sarah with a crimson blush taking his hand.
"Nope." grinned Jack.
"Why do I have to where this ridiculous thing Tyki!" screeched Siana stomping out in the short fluffy dress Tyki had stuffed in her bathroom in place of her regular cloths, "Where did you hid my normal cloths?!"
"You look delicious-erm- beautiful." grinned Tyki not even nothing to look ashamed of himself.
"Tyki..." growled Siana warningly.
"Fine then," sighed Tyki, "The Earl is coming and I was going to introduce you to him today so I wanted you to wear something more appropriate."
"This is FAR from appropriate." snarled Siana.
"Oh please, everything important is covered, yes?  then there is no problem. Besides, the Earl would be surprised if you weren't wearing something like this; he expects it of me... he would be suspicious otherwise." said Tyki lazily still feasting his eyes on Siana.
"... I smell bullshit. We're not really going to meet the Earl today are we?" asked Siana crossing her arms.
"We are." said Tyki the grin sliding off his face into seriousness, "Which means that we'll have to step up our little romance act a little bit. He has to believe that we are infatuated enough with each other to want to make an exception to the normal law of partners. You are going to have to get more used to me touching you if he is even going to swallow this for a second."
"One, get your grimy hands away from me. Two, a little uncertainty might be a good thing because then it will give us time to find my friends before things get out of hand. And Three, why the hell is the earl here so soon? please tell me you didn't call him." said Siana suspiciously.
"I didn't, actually. He is here to investigate the event with the lights and his missing дкцма last night." said Tyki shrugging truthfully.
"Huh? what happened to the lights?" asked Siana frowning.
"You were already asleep my Tease." grinned Tyki.
"And you know this why...?" asked Siana narrowing her eyes.
"Because I was sitting on the bed watching you sleep allllll niiiiight loooo~"
"YOU CREEPER!" screeched Siana leaping to punch him. Tyki caught her wrists and pined her to the floor. Siana glared at him and cursed at him in Korean. Tyki grinned at her and then glanced at the door.
"Perfect timing." he grinned and swooped down to steal a kiss right as the door swung open.
"Oh? it seems I am interrupting something..." commented Lullubell with a slight flush. Siana's outraged jerk away fit perfectly with the situation, Tyki grinned, they didn't know that she would have reacted that way no matter what if they were in private.
"No problem," said Tyki getting off Siana and helping her up while she glared at him with a gaze that promised a painful vengeance later, "Is the Earl ready for us?"
"Yes, right this way."

© 2013 TheEverHungryOne

Author's Note

mission completed! hope you enjoyed! there may be a picture to go along with this chap later but I don't know for sure since right now I am tab letting GD... oh well.

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(haaaaaa-! S-sorry it took so long to get to reading! =_=;)
EEPP!! I LOVED my part (//v//)

asdfrtgyhjkl!! STUFF IS GOING DOWN!!! D: //gasps dramatically

Posted 10 Years Ago

oh SHNAPPPP!!!! s**t's gonna go DOWNNN!!! S**T JUST GOT REALLL!!! excited for the next chapter :D

Posted 10 Years Ago


Posted 10 Years Ago

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A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne