Hello My Name is Greg and I'm Addicted to Human Blood chapter 1

Hello My Name is Greg and I'm Addicted to Human Blood chapter 1

A Chapter by theGinganinja41

Greg MacKullen wakes from a feeding to be arrested by the Undead Rehabilitation or Neutralization task force.


The last thing I remembered was the feel of the blood running down my throat. My body exploded with the amazing hit that it gave me. I could feel the blood mingling with my own and every nerve in my body sang with the ecstasy only obtainable through feeding on a live human. For a while I had tried to recreate the feeling through more socially acceptable means, whether it was sex or drugs or alcohol nothing could give him the intense satisfaction the blood gave me. Stealing from the blood banks was only marginally better than the human means of getting high. Drinking from those bags of blood had none of the life force that was the really important factor of vampirism.

                I woke up from the blood trip about four hours after the feeding.I was in a small bare apartment building and was lying on the hardwood floor. I looked over at the girl’s body and realized I had gotten a little carried away with myself. Half of her neck was gone from the initial bites.  Her head was barely connected to her body by a couple exposed vertebrae. Her face was pretty and innocent the night before, but now most of the skin was gone and her jaw hung open bare of any flesh or muscle. Farther down multiple bite wounds accompanied the scars made by needles over several years as a junkie most likely, he remembered the heroin in her blood gave it a bad aftertaste. Her skimpy shirt had been pulled open and the bra ripped to shreds, the skirt hung around her ankles. This gave me pangs of sadness, in the heat of the moment I had raped the girl, I hated it when that happened. I hoped that she was dead before it, I didn’t want to be a complete monster.

                Her stomach was ripped open and her breasts were torn.  I silently told myself to try not and get that vicious the next time I fed. I pulled out a syringe and took some blood from her legs where there was still some blood left. I could inject that later if I got hungry during the next weeks. Lastly, before I left the house I took the 44. From my backpack and pressed to the girls temple. I didn’t want her to have to wake up in such a state and have to endure what I had been dealing with for the past fifty years. I put a bullet in her brain and then touched my finger on some of the blood that spattered the wall. I out the finger to my tongue and let my eyes roll back as I tasted the delicious liquid. Just that taste gave me a feeling like my veins were filled with fire. I made sure I put the blue contact lenses in to hide the dark red or my eyes and left the house. I had just fed so my skin would have none of the pale complexion to identify me as a vampire, this meant there was no need for makeup to mask my appearance.

                I strolled down the hallway filled with the remnants of the previous high. I felt was if every movement I made had been choreographed and practiced a thousand times. Even sneezing felt graceful. My hand grasped around the doorknob of the downtrodden apartment and I opened the door, allowing myself to bathe in the sunlight and feel its warmth. I breathed in the morning air and stood at the opening in perfect bliss for several seconds until the nirvana was interrupted by the clicks of multiple guns being readied.

                “This is the Undead Rehabilitation and Neutralization task force of the FBI! Get the f**k on the ground or I swear to god I’ll blow your bloodsucking head off within the next ten seconds!” The squad leader screamed into a megaphone while holding a huge pistol in the other hand. The rest of the men were dressed in full riot gear and holding assault rifles.

                “Well f**k” I muttered as I wiped blood from my mouth and bent down on my knees.

© 2010 theGinganinja41

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Added on February 14, 2010
Last Updated on February 14, 2010
Tags: vampire, law, undead, first person, addiction