Hello my name is Greg and I'm addicted to blood Chapter 3

Hello my name is Greg and I'm addicted to blood Chapter 3

A Chapter by theGinganinja41

Greg is thrown out of his holding cell where he finds out exactly where he was being held.


                As I lay on the floor trying not to concentrate on my ribcage slowly but surely moving back to its original position I finally got to sleep. The combination of the ridiculous amounts of neurotoxin and the amount of life force I was spending to heal from the beating I was able to fall into a deep sleep in the corner on the cell. When I awoke my chest was no longer convex and breathing wasn’t as much as an effort as it had been several hours ago. I thanked I had just fed before my arrest by the FBI, that meant I would be able to hold out on feeding for at least a week. I had experienced blood withdrawal before and it wasn’t pretty.  At the other side of the cell two vampires who had apparently been without blood for weeks were violently f*****g and nearly ripping each other to shreds. Their eyes were completely white and filled with the wild hunger I knew I would probably be facing within the week.

                A window shade opened somewhere outside the cell. The sudden flash gave me a feeling like my eyes were being pulled out through my ears. It was worse for the two starving vampires who almost immediately collapsed screaming and hissing at the light. Soon my eyes adjusted to the light and I looked up to the figure that had opened the window. It was the doctor from the night before, holding a huge rifle and a cattle prod.

                “Rise and shine leeches, today is your first day of rehabilitation.” He walked up to the two starving vampires who had resumed their activity and shocked them both for several seconds.”Cut that out lovebirds, there’s gonna be time for that in hell.”He chambered a round in the gun and methodically executed both of them. Brain matter and bone sprayed over the walls of the small room but there was no blood to be spilled. “Ha, see that! They couldn’t get off blood for over two months which means it is my constitutional right to kill them, soon that stupid act will be overturned and I’ll be able to kill your kind on sight. But for now I have to put you on probation.”  He swung the rifle and hit me in the right side of the jaw; I could feel the bone popping out of its rightful place. He dragged me by the chains that had been put in place around my ankles at some point during the night before. I was put in a stretcher and rolled out to the back of the building.

                Soon we were outside and he flipped the stretcher over, dumping me in the lot outside the FBI building. I feebly stood up and cracked my jaw back into place. “Hey one more thing!” the doctor said. When I turned around he kicked me in the shin where the tracker had been placed, I fell over from the fresh pain.” That’s so you remember that were watching you, always.” He closed the door and walked down the hall laughing to himself.

                I pulled myself up with the railing of the concrete stairs and stayed that way for several minutes. My motionless state was interrupted when I started coughing violently. To my surprise a little blood spattered on my hands, this made me obscenely happy. I lapped the blood of my palms only to spit it out and almost throw up, it was still poisoned with the neurotoxins from the night before. Now extremely angry I stumbled across the road to find a map of some sort, I couldn’t for the life of me remember what city I was in. I remembered something about Denver, Colorado but that was several years before. After a while I decided that I was somewhere in the Southwest United States because of the oppressive heat and combination of English and Spanish spoken on the streets. These thoughts were confirmed when I looked up to see Hollywood spelled out in giant letters across a hillside.

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Amazing :) Continue please

Posted 13 Years Ago

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