Chapter 4

Chapter 4

A Chapter by theGinganinja41

Greg goes looking for his fix to stave off his growing hunger.


            I woke up from my slumber under the underpass. I must have been sleeping for at least a day because the watch I had stolen the night before read twelve minuets before the time when I had fallen asleep which was around noon. That meant that it had been two days since the last time I had fed. Normally I didn’t even get hungry until at least a week; of course the amount of energy I had exerted to heal myself was extraordinary. I could already feel pangs of hunger, I imagined the two vampires the day before that had gone mad from starvation. There was a term for that, feral. Feral is when a vampire has gone without for several months and goes insane with want. Usually it will take at least ten or twelve feedings to get a feral vampire back to normal. I shuddered to think what it would be like to go feral. I had only experienced it once, fifty years before. Of course all vampires start out feral when they are infected; I couldn’t remember exactly what it was like.

            I crawled out of the cardboard box and stumbled towards the street. Before I got too far I remembered that I had left my blue contacts in the cell. My eyes would be red and probably get me shot on sight. I happily remembered a couple years before when humans were still afraid of my kind. But after the first Undead Uprising was put down people knew that no wooden steaks or holy water was required, you just needed bullets, and a lot of them. A lot of people had died in that uprising and it had left a stain of hatred that my kind defiantly deserved but made things very annoying when conversing with the living. I needed some way to hide my eyes, after searching for a while I found a sleeping homeless man wearing sunglasses and cradling a bottle of vodka. Quickly I picked up a brick and whacked him over the back of the head. His body slumped over and I took the shades off of his face. I wiped the blood on my jeans and continued to make my way into the sunlight.

            At first the sun burned but I got used to it after a while. I slipped into the crowd and walked for a while. I needed to find a man that I knew in Los Angeles, if I was going to go two months without my fix of blood I would need major amounts of human narcotics to take the edge of the hunger. I had lived in the city before and my kind are natural urban dwellers. Cities were where the food was and there are lots of buildings to hide and sleep in. This meant I could navigate basically any urban environment without any directions. Soon I found my way to the decrepit apartment building.

            I found Marko sitting in the corner of the room with ten or twelve empty needles poking out of his arm. His skin was cold when I put my hand to his head to wake him. After that didn’t work I pulled my leg back and kicked him in the stomach.

            “What the f**k!” he clutched his stomach and waved around a pistol he had hiding in his jacket. But it only produced clicks when the hammer smacked against an empty barrel. His eyes were wild until he looked at who had woken him.

            “Gregori what the f**k are you doing in California? The security is so uptight here, I would have left if it wasn’t for this f*****g bolt in my knee.”

            “Hey Marko, well they caught me while I was bloodhigh and gave me one too” I explained, showing him my injured kneecap.

            “So I guess you’re coming for some human narc to stave off the hunger?”

            “Exactly” I answered.

            “Well you’re about one in a hundred vampires coming to me with the same problem. But today you’re in luck. I know about two shipments full of coke and smack coming from Columbia and Mexico. I already have a couple guys that are gonna take the Gook ship. I thought I was going to have to deal with the Columbians by myself, but now you’re here. It’ll be just like old times.

            Marko and I had escaped the U.S.S.R in the sixties to smuggle drugs to American soldiers in Vietnam. I had made a lot of money that way but lost it all in the first uprising. I still remember dragging his legless body through a minefield to get him out safely, those were the days.

            “Sure Marko I’ll do it.”

            “Great, well here’s some meth to keep you occupied, I’m gonna take a shower and then were off to the dockyards.      

© 2010 theGinganinja41

Author's Note

Sorry about the delay between this and chapter 3. Later the chapters will be more regularly posted.

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Added on March 20, 2010
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