A Chapter by TheOther

Midnight Sky Delights...
The Seductive Silence...
Thrill me.
Amaze me.
Captivate me.

I have a wish,
while I’m blessed by a newborn bliss
to provoke the thought,
erase all scripts,
challenge the stars...

Blindfold me,
so I can see what I currently cannot perceive...
Tie me up in the net of your world...
Make me sink deep in the core your thoughts,
just to taste your immortality...
Let me be a part of this magnificent beauty...
Just for a moment...
This sacred moment...




And death shall be the sweetest poison
for my name shall remain unknown.

A cursed life have I chosen,
of a lost lifetime the sour wine I have tasted
and doomed myself to crawl among the strangers.

Twisted is our nature,
the night's dark veil our only guardian
and its creatures we call family.

My time has yet to come.
But my poor fabled soul has awakened.
No, it cannot be.
This melody and the white rose.
Haunting memories of the realm of innoscence.
I cannot restrain myself any longer.

What a majestic moment,
but I shall not witness my victory.




Faded and rusty memories that decay
the former glory of one moment's dare

And so I gazed upon you...
completely at odds with reality
trapped in an endless circle of sorrow and regret
And so you gazed upon me...
I never hoped that you'd understand especially now,
haunted by the shadows of fears they've planted in my head
taken over inch by inch
unable to stay, impossible to escape
making me feel uneasy with what I felt back then,
then when all seemed to fall into place...

An outlook of a world intertwined with my new perception
the seeds of doubt have been planted,
it's far too late to look back now
when hope seems to vanish
when breath seems to shorten...

Cracks into the construct of the perfect logic,
the one corrupted by greed and ambition
misleading us into those paths we never intended crossing...
They never believed in us
cause we never truly believed in ourselves...
We never found what we sought
cause it never matched their wishes

And here we end up again...
gazing upon each other
eyes speaking the words our mouths could never say,
the sayings of the heart the mind desperately tries to bury...

They won...
It's alright, one must know when to walk away
when it's time for the wounds to be healed
It's alright...
As long as we have each other...

But we don't.



© 2010 TheOther

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Nicosia, Cyprus

I'm Christina Christodoulou at the age of 17. My native language is Greek and I live in Cyprus. Awards: Red Instinct Award (5th) Aug 13, 2010 * The Thanatos Award Contest * Beneath.. more..

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