Chapter one

Chapter one

A Chapter by TimelordReaper

A boy with black hair with blue and purple streaks in it looked out his window as he was going to school he sighed heavily and turned to his mom,

"mom I don't wanna go to school today can I please not I am going to have a whole bunch of tests and crap" the boy said frustrated while drawing a sad face on the icy window.

"Now Riley we already had this disgution your going final answer and i don't want to talk about it again ok!" the boys mom answered stressly

"fine just drop me off hear" Riley said sadly and got out of the car walked into school to find out that they were going on a field trip to somewhere in alaska and it was all for free he happily walked away but bumped into a guy named ben he was taller and had more muscle and had brown hair with hazel eyes.

"Whatch were your going idiot!" ben said as he pushed Riley to the ground and started laughing.

"HEY!" yelled a long milk chocolate brown haired girl as she ran up and helped Riley up.

"Thanks Rachel" Riley said geting up with her help once Riley was up she walked over and punched ben straight in the face nocking him on the ground a few feet away she was about to punch him again but a black girl with black hair ran up and stoped her.

"Calm down Rachel" the girl said still holding her back

"Just let me nock a few of his teeth out Yasmine " Rachel growled moving the girl back.

"No Rachel!" Protested yasmine pushing her back a little bit then death grip huging her till rachel gave up and walked away with riley under her arm.


Riley looking out the window of the plane as they were flying to alaska jaya to his right and rachel to his left and yasmine next to rachel with all of his other friend surrounding him its been two hours and they were almost there he looked away from the window and pulled out a book of werewolves he opened it and started reading. Another hour passed and a voice came on the speaker "we will be landing soon" everybody jumped for joy as they started landing. They all ran out of the plane and into the waiting car. The ride was short but the wait was worth it, a hudge wood mansion was waiting for them they all had there own rooms.

 Riley was out on the balcony with a girl named Samantha she had milk chocolate brown hair soft caring brown eyes and a sweet smile,

"So whatcha wanna do?" Riley asked as he looked over the ledge and then back to samantha.

"I don't know what do you wanna do" samantha said walking close to riley

"Well I do have somethings in mind" riley said as he closed his eyes and leaned in going 60% samantha did the same going 40% there lips almost touched until yasmine bursted open the door yelling "free chocolate!" Samantha and riley were instantly apart both blushing and riley covering his face and samantha looking off towards the surrounding woods.

"Did I interupt something" yasmine said nosily walking closer to them

"Nope so how bout a rematch yasmine" riley said as all the sudden he was dressed in all yellow and had pikachu ears, a pikachu tail, red dots on his cheeks, and a girl with milk chocolate brown hair and dressed in a pokemon trainers outfit appeared.

"Oh nooooo!" yasmine screamed as riley was chasing her yelling bolt tackle and then running faster atempting to tackle yasmine, as she ran away screaming. at least an hour past and riley was sitting proudly on top of yasmine,

"Haha got ya!" Riley said loudly and proudly as he swinged his arms around,

"Alright everybody time for dinner" one of the ladies working at the mansion said. Yasmine leaped into the air catching riley as he was falling then carried him into to dinning hall then sitting him down next to a girl named Rachel with milk chocolate brown hair caring blue eyes and Jaya a dark chocolate brown haird girl that was best best friends with riley sat down after giving riley a hug. After dinner they all went to sleep but Riley just couln't fall asleep he tried again till he heard someone moving around outside of his door he got up slowly then queitly walked over to the door. He opened it a little to see someone walking outside curiously riley followed the figure. It was freezing out side riley was begining to doubt that he should have come out here till a black cat came out of no where and meowed at riley as if asking to follow it riley just followed the cat. the cat took off in a sprint riley chasing after it sliped and fell onto a tree were the cat was waiting beside it so it didn't get hit.

"Stupid cat" riley said getting up to walk away but was stoped by something growling behind him riley slowly turned around to see the shadowy figure but this time it was much much clearer the figure was paying no attention to riley but to the dead animal it was devoring riley looked closer it was definitly a werewolf "Wait but werewolves don't exist" riley though. Riley heard the cat from before walk out from behind the tree the werewolf stood up what riley saw he wasn't expecting. Riley saw standing infront of him rachel her mouth bloody and in a half werewolf state the cat meowed again and rachel moved forward riley back up as she moved forward

"Don't be afriad riley" said rachel bloodlust in her eyes

"R-R-R-Rachel" riley said scaired out of his mind as she kept walking forward

"This would be the part were you run" rachel said more bloodlust in her eyes as if something had taken her over. Riley turned around and started running but it was useless he tripped again fell over hit his head on a rock then just sat there not because he gave up beacause he was paralized the rock had put him into shock he couldn't move and he saw rachel walk up she leaned in whispering into riley's ear then biting down deep into his shoulder she was about to do more damage but the black cat ran up and scratched rachel nocking her back then rachel started to chase the cat. riley lay there not knowing what was going to happen just lying there hoping for the best until he felt his body begin to burn he rolled over at the pain just to roll back over and feel as if his body was being choped up into small bits then being tossed into a pit of fire and lava.


Riley woke up in his room forgeting how he got here but remembered what had happend last night,

"Did that really happen" riley said to himself as he sat up in bed and looked at his arms and on his right he saw a strange wolf like marking on his wrist. Not knowing of the marking riley just got up as a short brown haird boy named tallon knocking on his door.

"Riley I know ur awake and if your not WAKE UP!!" tallon said as he countinued to bang on the door till riley finally opened it, Riley was wearing a black hoodie, black skinny jeans, and black converse with white laces.

"Uh whats that?" Tallon said curiously pointing at the wolf tatoo,

"um truthly I don't know I just woke up with it and with foggy memories" riley said scratching his head.

© 2012 TimelordReaper

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"mom I don't wanna go to school today can I please not I am going to have a whole bunch of tests and crap" the boy said frustrated while drawing a sad face on the icy window.

.....-_- i feel like such a nerd next to riley -.-

anywaaaaay this was an awesome write but if someone ever pushed me down oh heeeeeelllz nowe're going to have a problem *flings out metallic scissor*

Posted 8 Years Ago

I loved it! Keep it up!

Posted 9 Years Ago

still love how rachel punched that guys lights out!!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

its updated all the way threw so please read all the way threw

Posted 9 Years Ago

OOoooOO! Can't wait to read the rest! What will happen next, I wonder? Keep it up!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

that was good. you might want to explain who emily is though, because she just kinda appeared. And go over it for spell check

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

HA, Rachel punched that guys lights out almost!!! I'm the peace maker!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

whoa... i am so evil in this... first i punch some one then i turn into a bloody mess and take down poor riley...

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

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