Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

A Chapter by Wandering Violet


Mr and Mrs Smith were celebrating the birth of baby Aurora.  They were older parents and after many failed IVF attempts had finally succeeded in having a daughter. 


They threw a big party and invited all the family and friends. Mrs Smith’s friends brought a three-wheeler stroller as a present and Mr Smith’s friends consoled him that it was too bad she wasn’t a son.  However they forgot to invite mother-in-law who turned up anyway and had a few too many drinks. 


She climbed up on the table and started singing Aretha Franklin and didn’t like it when they all dragged her down. In the confusion she slipped and broke her ankle and blamed it on the baby.  She tore her party dress and ran out of the house, vowing never to speak to them again.


When Aurora turned 16 she pestered her parents for a party. She wanted her four boyfriends over and after some hesitation, they agreed to this.  It was a big party, and apart from the neighbours calling noise control when the stereo was going full bore at 3am, everyone enjoyed themselves. 


Then mother-in-law invited herself along in the midst of the celebration, never one to miss a free brandy.  She got drunk again and had to be taken away by the Police who had turned up with an arrest warrant for one of the boyfriends who’d been out hooning earlier in the evening. 


Aurora’s drink was spiked by a friend, and she passed out on the floor.  She was rushed to hospital where she lay in a coma for 100 hours. 


In the next cubicle in the emergency ward, a young man was recovering from a hard night out on the town and accidentally staggered into her room on the way back from the bathroom. Aurora was just coming out of her coma when he came in, and they instantly fell in love.


When she got out of hospital, she moved out of home and went to live with him.  They decided to get married when their youngest child turned five and unwisely invited the old drunken granny too. She turned up with a bunch of roses which she gave to the bride. Aurora pricked her finger on a thorn, got blood on her dress and screamed at granny.  Her husband tried to help by sponging it with a cloth he’d grabbed from the kitchen but it had traces of cake icing on it which didn’t help. 

© 2011 Wandering Violet

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Loved it. Just one question, though... What's hooning?

Posted 9 Years Ago

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This is so funny

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive. think I just laughed my head off. :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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