Magic Revealing {Chapter 03}

Magic Revealing {Chapter 03}

A Chapter by WesGemsPrincess



I sighed and placed my head down onto my desk and shut my eyes. If only the day would just end already. I couldn’t wait to go home and take a nap. I wanted for all of the horrible things that happened today to just go away. But first I had to go get groceries for my mom. I grumbled, this day couldn’t get any worse.


“Is everyone done?”


I looked up and looked around, mimicking every one else. Everyone soon came to a unanimous decision that we were all finished. Ms. Lynch then told us to pass the quizzes to the front. I turned around to grab the paper from the person behind me and realized that no one was there. This was the first time in my whole high school career no one sat behind me. It was a bit refreshing.


The rest of class was spent on reviewing radicals and polynomials . I drifted off more than once and when the bell rang, it nearly scared me off my seat. I regained my composure and stood up, slinging my backpack over my bag.


Icky” Liana started as we walked out of the classroom together. “I don’t want to walk home…”


“You could use the exercise Liana” Cole commented with a smirk.


“Are you calling me fat!?!?” Liana retorted with a scowl.


“No, I’m saying your lazy.”


“Shut up.”


“You shut up.”


“I’m not lazy!”


“Oh no, you just don’t want to walk home because…?”


“Because… because…”


“Both of you guys stop it,” I interrupted, rolling my eyes at them. “It’s not even a long walk.”


“Humph.” Liana pursed her lips and adjusted her side bag. “Let’s just go home.”

The trip home went by quickly and luckily it was nice out, the rain had finally stopped which meant hopefully my bad luck had too. I said goodbye friends and climbed up the porch steps to my house, trying the handle. It was locked. I sighed and pulled out my house key, unlocking the door and entering the house. My mom must still be at work.


I dropped my backpack off in the hall and kicked off my heels, heading towards the kitchen. There were a few twenty dollar bills on the counter and a note attached to them saying “Food Money.” I pocketed the money and yawned. First I needed some rest and time to go over all the events that happened today.


I grabbed some animal crackers out of the cabinet and made my way upstairs to my room. I collapsed on my bed and turned on the T.V to music videos. I slowly snacked on the animal crackers until I was full and than I continued to lie on my bed. I looked down at my hands, what was happening to me?


I shook my head. “It’s just lack of sleep, your head i messing with you” I told myself. Satisfied I buried my face in my pillow. It didn’t take long before I drifted off to sleep.


I awoke with a start, sitting up and looking around dazedly. After a second I realized I was in my room.


“Shoot,” I muttered, hopping off the bed. I still had to do grocery shopping!

I looked out my window and frowned. The sky was beginning to change now. I clicked my tongue and hurried down the stairs. I put my key back in my pocket and left, locking the door behind me.


I made my way to the grocery store; which was a twenty-minute walk. I usually didn’t mind, but tonight I did. If only I hadn’t fallen asleep. And I didn’t even have anyone to take me, so I couldn’t get a lot of groceries otherwise I wouldn’t be able to carry them back. Then again there was bright side to my nap. There would be no more freaky mind tricks.


I made it to the grocery store just as the last rays of sunlight faded. I groaned as I grabbed a basket. I just needed to get the essentials and than I was out of here. I went to the meat and chose out a package of sliced meats that were on sale. After I had made a round around the place, I brought my basketful of items to the register and paid for them.


Now it was completely pitch black outside. I exited the grocery store nervously. It was always bad for a young woman to be walking the streets at night. I hastened down the street and stayed on the main road with streetlights as long as possible, but than I had to cut through an alley.


Just as I was about to enter I heard an odd sound and a groan. I froze and stopped just before the mouth of the alley, listening hard. There were slight footsteps and the sounds of people breathing. I held my breath and pressed my back against the brick.


“Aren’t you going to fight back?” I heard someone ask, and realized the sound I heard earlier was someone being punched.


“Please.” another voice responded in a calm, suave manner. “I don’t want to fight, just take my money.””


I heard a guy snort. “We don’t want your money.”


I leaned in to listen closer but just as I did a bow of cookies fell out of my bag and clattered to the ground. I  sucked in my breath and froze in place and listened. There was some shuffling and muffled voices then nothing. I was about to reach down and pick up my box and make a run for it when a pair of strong hands grabbed me from behind.


“What the…” I began but I was cut off my a strong hand around my mouth. I struggled against the mans grip on me but it was no use, he was too strong for me.


“My, my what do we have here?” A voice came from behind the shadows of the ally way. My breath caught in my throat as a tall man emerged. He had an extremely muscular build and he hovered more then a foot over me. I stared at him speechlessly, my face drained completely of color. The man could be handsome if not for the long jagged scars that carved the entire right side of his face.


“She’s a pretty one ain’t she Spike?” So that was his name. Spike walked over to me and lifted my face to look into his.


“Tell me love, what’s a lovely girl like you doing out this time of night?”


I opened my mouth to respond but no words came out. My heart was banging against my ribs. The man took another step towards me and I raised my hands in a feeble attempt to protect myself. My eyes squeezed closed and I waited for Spike to strike me but it never came.


I opened an eye and peered out. The man was frozen in place, his hand raised in the air only second away from striking my face. I gasped and held my hand up again, this time his tall form flew sideways and crashed into a garbage bin with a loud clang. The sound of his landing echoed through the entire ally way.


“What the hell?” a gruff voice came from behind me. I looked around. The man behind me looked back down at me in shock. Almost instantly he pulled his arms away and ran to assist his fallen friend.


Taking advantage of the opportunity I grabbed my bags and ran. I began pounding in the direction of my house without a second’s thought. I could hear the thugs shouting behind me as I fled. Adrenaline was pumping through my veins as I hurtled down the street. When I made it to my street I dug my free hand into my pocket, the plastic from the grocery bag in my left hand digging into my skin, and grabbed my house key.


I bolted up the steps and fiddled with the key for five nerve-wracking seconds until I slammed it into the lock and twisted, pulling open the door. I shoved the groceries  inside and pulled my key out, slamming and locking the door behind me. With a deep sigh I sunk to my hands and knees, panting heavily.


After a few minutes my breathing slowly returned to normal. I looked down at my hands. I was defiantly going insane.

© 2010 WesGemsPrincess

Author's Note

Okay, well this chapter took forever ! :/ I hope you all enjoy . :)

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Interesting twist this chapter. Two major questions:
1) Didn't she drive to school? And if she did why is she walking to the grocery story?

2) Was the very calm voice of the victim getting beaten up a ruse? And why would they be calm, even if they were pretending?

Well, that is actually four.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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