Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Scooter

The adventure gets moving. Slowly, but moving.

The campfire crackled and reflected in Vio's purple eyes as he sat, his knees drawn to his chest. He looked to his side and found Blue sleeping with his tunic crawling up on his belly, Red resting his head on Blue's stomach, snoring lightly. Looking even further back, he spotted Green - the original Link - resting against a tree, his head bowed so far his chin was resting against his chest. Green's hands were folded over his stomach. He was the one who was sitting closest to the Four Swords and the shields.

A part of him couldn't believe that he had followed Shadow through the whole damn ordeal. He had almost killed Green for the Goddess' sake! It had all been a part of his strategy however. He had been struck with uncertainty when Shadow had begun to open up to him.

"It's of no concern of mine. He's the damn shadow and we're trying to kill him along with Vaati." His frown deepened and he fell to his side, closing his eyes against the crackling flames of the fire.

A whimper.

"Pl-Please, My Lord. . . . I-I won't f-fail again! J-Just n-no more light!"

Vio's eyes shot open to find he was no longer staring at the night sky, but a stone ceiling that was illuminated by flickering lights that probably came from a few lanterns. There was, however, a bright spot in his vision, and the purple-clad Link looked over, his purple eyes widening in shock at the sight: Shadow was cowering upon the stones, his hands covering his face as his body tensed with what looked to be pain. Vio sat up with a start and recoiled when a hulking figure leaned over Shadow's body, obscuring him from sight. The only people in the room that Vio could see were himself, the figure hovering over Shadow, and finally, Shadow himself. The large figure drew back slightly, allowing Vio to see what had been done to the shadow.

Without thinking of the consequences, Vio pushed himself up from the floor, his purple eyes fixed on the black-clad Link ahead of him.

Shadow was curled up into a ball, his arms covering his face as if to ward off an attack.

Or the light. . . . Vio thought, his eyes narrowing.

The towering figure didn't seem to notice Vio even as the blonde slipped by right in front of him to check on Shadow.

Well, that's lucky at least. Vio mused with a small smile. That's when he realized the other fact. Shadow couldn't see him either.

A dark and menacing voice came from above and a little to Vio's left, making the boy jump a bit and turn. The sight he was greeted with caused his mouth to drop a bit. He knew Ganon was probably ugly, but a pig! Ganon was a goddamned pig! Shadow stirred, looking out from the small wall his arms had made and glanced directly past Vio and to the hulking beast.

"M-My Lord. . . . Please! I won't fail you again! Just no more light!" Shadow sobbed, breaking the strong image that Vio held of him.

He had always pictured Shadow to be some sort of pillar of strength, but it turns out it wasn't. He was just as flawed as Blue, Red, Green, and himself. Ganondorf gave a scoff and turned, his black cape swishing behind him as he left. Vio was left to look over the still slightly cowering Shadow, and the purple-clad Link reached out, biting his lower lip. He desperately hoped - prayed - that the shadow would be able to feel his touch. He was not to be disappointed. Vio's hand gently clasped onto a black shoulder, causing Shadow to gasp and raise his head, a few tears standing out in his black eyes. Vio sighed, wishing that he could give actual comfort rather than just being able to physically touch him, so when Shadow said his name in a disbelieving voice, needless to say he was shocked.

"V-Vio. . . .? What are you doin' here! How did you even get here?"

The only thing that Vio could do was shrug hopelessly. He had no idea how he got to be at Shadow's side. "I . . . I don't really know. I was just sleeping, and then I was here."

The shadow let out an aggravated breath and Vio blinked a few times, trying to regain his dignity. He had lost it somewhere upon coming to this place. He turned his purple eyes down to Shadow and sat back on his haunches, waiting for elaboration on the shadow's part. When no answer came, Vio rubbed the bridge of his nose and took a deep breath, preparing to ask Shadow his question once more.

"I heard you, purple, damn."

Vio's face twitched. 'Purple'? Wow, Shadow really must not be having a good day if he was calling Vio 'purple'.

"The problem lies in the fact that you're no longer in the world of the light. You're in the Dark World." Vio's eyes widened in disbelief and Shadow continued. "For some reason you came here from your sleep. If you had truly wanted, you could have woken up and not been here at all. This is what's confusing me: apparently you sub-consciously wanted to be here."

Vio started up in protest.

"That's not right! I want you dead, Shadow! We all want you dead! Green, Blue, me, Red!" He paused. "Then again, Red's such a kind soul, he wouldn't want anyone to die. He even cried when that rock monster attacked us."

That caused one of Shadow's eyebrows to raise in surprise, and a laugh left him. The laugh was short-lived however, when the darker half began to cough, covering his mouth with one hand and his mid-section with his other. Shadow took a deep breath and looked up at the purple Link once more. "If you really wanted me dead, Vio, then you would have killed me as soon as My Lord left me. You would have finished the job."

This stopped Vio and he recoiled a bit, shaking his head. "No." He said resolutely, "We all want you dead."

"Except for Red."

"Fine, maybe except for Red. But the rest of us sure do!"

Shadow's face turned harsh suddenly, and Vio blinked in confusion. "You do realize that if you kill me, you'll be killin' a part of yourself?"

Vio stopped. He hadn't thought too thoroughly about it, but perhaps the shadow was right. "Wh-What do you mean. . . .?"

Black eyes fluttered slightly and Shadow began to explain. "Of course you would have thought that it was just you, Green, Red, and Blue. It has all your personality: determined, reckless, innocent, and calm collectiveness. But there's one aspect you fail to overlook, Vio. What might that be?"

"I-I don't get your meaning. . . ." Vio offered lamely, much to Shadow's disappointment. He had hoped that the clever Link would have gotten his meaning.

Apparently not.

"You're missing the darkness, Vio. The darkness. You can't have light without the darkness. You of all the Links should know this. You're supposed to be the clever one. Hold up to your title."

Vio could feel his face redden at the other's words. "I am the clever one!" he shot at the wounded shadow.

"Oh really, then why didn't you know instantly why you were here? Why don't you know how to get out? Why did you overlook the fact there are five Link's, not just four?"

Yet again, Vio recoiled and Shadow couldn't help but feel a sense of pride at the result of his own yelling. It was a bit ludicrous, the fact he was yelling and criticizing himself. What was the world coming to?

"So, there are five Links, not just four. I am the essential darkness in the equation. And you failed to overlook this fact, didn't you?" Vio looked at Shadow and nodded lamely.

"Yeah, I guess I did overlook it."

"Did you also overlook the fact that I may not want to live my life like this? That I hate bein' in servitude? That I'm sick of bein' tortured for doing the slightest thing wrong? For havin' my greatest fear thrust upon me like a whip-crack on my back? That I may not want to hurt Princess Zelda? That I may love her like you, Red, Blue, and Green? That I actually feel pain, sadness, loneliness, anger, love, happiness? It never occurred to you, did it, Vio? It never occurred to you that I have all emotions like you do."

The shadow's words had startled Vio. He looked into Shadow's eyes and saw the pain, anger and loneliness. He felt a bit ashamed that he thought Shadow wasn't a part of him and that the black Link did the bidding of whomever owned him. It never had once occurred to Vio that Shadow was like the others.

The shadow startled Vio with his next words before he had a chance to answer.

"I can go to the world of light."

"Y-You can go back to the world of light?"

Vio's surprise was evident and his normally calm exterior was a bit faulty, allowing shadow to see the youth and innocence in the blonde.

"Yeah, I can go there." The shadow paused, seeming to be debating over something. "But it hurts, and I know that in my current. . . ." the shadow hesitated, obviously not liking to admit his weakness. "In my current condition I wouldn't be able to hold your form for longer than ten or fifteen minutes, and that's still if I'm lucky." Although in pain, Shadow smirked, at the shocked look on Vio's face. Shadow scoffed, trying to sound strong, but not being able to succeed. "Do you remember when we first met? When I said I was stronger than you and the others?"

Vio nodded slowly and Shadow continued. "I meant what I said y'know. I have powers you couldn't reach no matter how long you train. Even if you somehow win this battle and become one again you wouldn't be able to get this power."

Vio couldn't help but notice that even while wounded, Shadow was still a sarcastic a*****e. The purple-eyed blonde knew the other was just trying to bait him, but he took said bait anyway. "Oh? You don't know how strong we would get if we became one once more. You wouldn't know because you'd be dead." Vio jerked back instantly as the shadow acted a mere second or two after the words had left his mouth. Shadow had a furious look in his black eyes.

Shadow had lunged up at Vio, only to fall back to the floor with a thud that echoed through the silence of the Dark World. Arms that had instinctively covered Vio's face when Shadow had lunged, fell back down when he heard the other give a hiss, a poorly concealed groan, and a curse. Vio saw the shadow on his side, his arms wrapped around his midsection, and a mix of pain, anger, and sorrow written on his features.

"H-Hey . . . Shadow . . . you okay?"

The blonde watched as Shadow pushed himself to a sitting position, his arms still wrapped around his midsection. Gulping quietly and trying to come up with the cause of Shadow's anger, Vio tentatively began his question once more.

"I heard you already!" Shadow quipped, suddenly glaring at the purple Link. You think that I'd be dead?" Vio opened his mouth to reply, but Shadow spoke over him. "You forget yet again that I am you, you moron."

Vio growled slightly, his hands balling into fists. "I . . . I didn't forget about that."

"Did too."

"Did not."



Purple and black Links glared at each other, and Vio was astonished to find that Shadow gave in first.

"This isn't getting us anywhere." Shadow inhaled deeply. "Vio, you have to pay attention to this. You have to take care of my body here. Any injury I sustain in the world of light for the most part will be directed to my body here."

Vio blinked in mild confusion. "For the most part?"

"Well, yeah. I'm assumin' that when I return to this form, your buddies - Blue especially - will want to beat the livin' hell outta me. I'll be able to redirect most of the pain to my body here, but I don't think I'll be able to redirect all of it." A small smirk - a flash of the old Shadow - and the look was gone. "I'm hopin' your buddies don't try and welcome me with the sword, although they probably will." Shadow paused in thought. "They'll also want some form of proof as to my mission."

"Is there a way to show them the Dark World without really taking them there?"


"If they saw I was here unharmed, then they might believe your story." Vio smirked smugly, but frowned at the mistrust he saw on the shadow's face. "What?"

Black eyes turned upwards to meet purple. "How can I be certain you won't harm me yourself when I leave?" Vio bit his lips shut, but knew where Shadow was coming from. He had, after all, betrayed the dark Link by nearly destroying the Mirror of Darkness while Shadow was sleeping. The purple Link looked at Shadow with actual sadness in his eyes, and Shadow sighed. "Alright, but I'm trustin' you, Vio, not to kill me."

Vio nodded; he wouldn't betray Shadow this time. The shadow took a deep breath to prepare himself, then looked up at Vio from his not-so-comfortable position on the ground. "Well, off I go." A dry smile formed on his lips. "Wish me luck."

Vio did so and seconds later had to gently lay the shadow back on the hard ground as his consciousness fled to the world of light.

"Honestly Shadow, good luck, and I hope your wish is granted."


"Oi! Oi! Vio get up already!"

Shadow - in Vio's body - groaned and opened his eyes, dismayed to find his gaze already slipping. Once assured that he was indeed wearing Vio's purple clothing, he concentrated a bit more, finding Vio's voice. Shadow blinked up at Blue and pawed himself into a sitting position. "I heard you already, damn."

He looked up, finally bringing Blue into focus and noticing the slightly surprised look on his face. That was when his brain managed to completely turn on. Shadow realized he hadn't answered how Vio would, but how he himself would.

Attempting to recover and cast off any suspicion, Shadow fumbled for a reason that would explain his outburst.

"Sorry, Blue, I didn't sleep very well last night. I guess I'm still a bit groggy."

The faint touches of sunlight began to filter down through the leaves, and the shadow prayed that the other hadn't noticed his cringe. Blue's fierce face creased with a frown and Shadow's heart leaped into his throat, wondering if the game was up already. His heart regained its natural rhythm and Shadow hoisted himself up, letting a swear shoot through his head at how unsteady he seemed. A hand came into his line of vision, and Shadow lifted his gaze to meet Blue's.

"You seem unsteady today, Vio. Did that damned Shadow Link do something to you to make you like this? If he did, I swear I'll kill him!"

Shadow saw red. He couldn't help it! Goddesses Blue was so insufferable! The shadow controlled his features and opened his mouth, not really trusting what he would say, but not really having a choice.

"No. He didn't do anythin'."

The blue-clad Link furrowed his brows again and Shadow felt uneasy, knowing that Blue was being extra clever today.

A higher pitched voice shot through the air causing Shadow and Blue to simultaneously cringe. "Viiiooo! Bluuue! Are you two up yet? Green's caught some fishies and we're gonna eat!"

Shadow gulped quietly. Just what he hadn't wanted. Not only was Blue suspicious, but now he had to test his disguise to the limit by going out into the sunlight. Wasn't this all just hunky-dory? The fierce eyes looked at Shadow again and the fake Vio saw a challenge in them. Go on, they said. Go on and prove to me that you aren't Shadow Link.

Well there's no way in hell that Shadow would back down from a challenge. Especially a challenge from Blue.

"I don't know why you're so suspicious, but maybe you're the one who needs a bit more sleep." Shadow took a breath and stepped carefully towards the opening in the trees. He experimentally used up the majority of his powers and a faint rectangular object slowly materialized to his left. Since Blue gave no indication of this new development, Shadow figured his experiment was a success. Two figures slowly materialized within the faint rectangle, and Shadow already knew who they were: Vio and his true body. Vio was gazing up, presumably at another screen in the Dark World, and Shadow's unconscious body was next to him.

Vio and Shadow locked eyes and Shadow was pleased to know they could see each other. That meant that at least he hadn't used up most of remaining power for nothing. On the other hand, Shadow could see his body occasionally twitching as if it was being electrocuted. Shadow saw Vio look over at the body and back again, shrugging slightly and giving Shadow a look that said he didn't know what to do. The shadow would have liked to reply to the purple Link, but he had two things stopping him. The first was the fact that Blue was right there and would hear him if he spoke, and the second was the simple fact that Shadow didn't know if he could even speak through this two-way mirror. All Shadow had wanted to know was if it was possible to contact Vio. The result had certainly been in the shadow's favor, that's for sure.

Shadow turned his eyes from the plainness of the Dark World and back to his current destination: the clearing just beyond those trees, and into the damned light. He felt a light shove in the small of his back and he felt the urge to spin and yell at Blue, but quelled the urge and just continued walking.

From his position behind Vio, Blue's frown deepened and he opted to keep an even closer eye on his friend. Blue eyes blinked quickly a few times, looking a bit surprised. Since when had he considered Vio a friend? Red and Green as well for that matter. The blonde shook his head sharply twice to get his mind out of the fog. Sharp blue eyes looked at Vio, shocked a bit as the 'team strategist' stumbled over his own feet.

"Viiiooo! Bluuue!" Red's shrill voice caused Shadow and Blue to wince and the purple-clad Link took a few deep breaths. The two Links looked at the happy-go-lucky Link warily as if they'd be pounced upon at any moment.

Innocent ruby eyes gazed up at the two and Shadow was greatly relieved to learn that Red at least wouldn't find him out. That just left the final test.


Blue eyes (though not as dark as Blue's) looked at the two late arrivals, smiling slightly.

"Hey, you two. Welcome back. I was getting a bit worried; I sent Blue to wake you about twenty minutes ago. Can't have anything happen to a member of the team, can we?" A grin spread over Green's face, showing that he (like the others) had matured over the course of the journey. "After all, how are we going to defeat Vaati and Shadow Link if we're separated?"

Blue, seeming to forget his suspicions of the purple-clad Link next to him, pumped a fist into the air and let loose a whoop of affirmation.

"Oh hell yeah! It's just a shadow and a wind mage!"

Red chimed in with a cheer as well, still grinning good-naturedly. When Vio didn't give his support, Green's smile faded a bit and Blue's suspicion promptly returned. The leader of the group stood from his kneeling position next to the fish and moved towards their newly recovered team-member.

"Vio, are you alright? You're trembling and your face is pale. Do you have a fever or something?"

Shadow took a breath and snuck a look to the mirror only he could see. This time he just sought out Vio, paying no mind to his own body. The look he received from the real purple Link had a mix of fear and sympathy. Shadow could understand both looks, but he hated sympathy! Shadow heard Green call Vio's name once more, this time more urgently, and Shadow snapped back to attention. His mouth opened and he replied that he was indeed fine.

"Vio?" Red's voice was curious and Shadow looked at him. "Why does your voice sound different? It sounds really familiar?"

Shadow felt a hand descend upon his shoulder, gripping hard. "Yeah, I think you're right, Red. It sounds like that shadow."

It was at this moment that Shadow realized his mistake. Ever since he had cleared the trees and entered into the clearing, the dreadful sun had been steadily sapping his powers. Shadow knew his disguise as Vio had not faded, but he now knew that it was his voice that had given him away.

Shadow felt two arms hook under his armpits, effectively holding him in place. The shadow could only watch as Green approached, his once calm and pleasant eyes now angry and a tad curious. Red had backed up behind Green and closer to the fish that were now cooling. Shadow expelled a shaky sigh and dropped his Vio disguise, the purple tunic being replaced by a black one, and the white undershirt by a gray one.

The light immediately began to sap his remaining magic, and now that his ruse had been seen through, the pain only grew worse. Shadow chanced a look back at the mirror and couldn't help but bite his bottom lip in anger and frustration.

Vio had moved to face the unconscious body of Shadow as said body had begun to jerk in unsuppressed pain. The shadow could barely make out that his body's eyes were tightly clenched and his mouth was open, probably making gasping sounds.

The arms that were holding him immobile tightened their grip, causing Shadow to release an involuntary hiss of pain. His mind whirled around, trying to come up with a solution to his current situation, and he found one answer. It certainly was a last ditch effort, but the dark Link had no other options available to him.

Would Green hurt him? He figured Red wouldn't, but he honestly didn't know about Green, and he didn't want to take any chances. He knew his power was mostly exhausted anyway.

Closing his eyes tightly, Shadow forced his remaining power into the hazy mirror, causing it to slowly solidify. His dark eyes still closed, he heard four gasps: Blue, Green, Red, and . . . Vio? Ah, that means his plan had succeeded then.

The mirror, which only Shadow and Vio could previously see, now became visible enough for the other three. And since the shadow had heard Vio's gasp, he knew that communication was possible as well. Just as his consciousness was fading however, he heard another voice gasping and he cringed.

No dignity left, huh? Lo . . . vel. . . .

Blue hardly registered the fact that Shadow Link had gone completely limp in his grip. After all, it wasn't every day you see a white rectangular object appear out of thin air and show you your missing companion.

Green stared at the clear form of the real Vio inside the . . . mirror . . . and noticed that the strategist of the team wasn't alone. Off to Vio's side lay Shadow Link on his back, body jerking and mouth open, gasping for air and pleading for mercy in a breathy voice. Red had darted towards Blue as the hot-headed Link let the shadow drop unceremoniously to the forest floor. The innocent Link turned the black-clad Link onto his back, noticing the sweat already forming all over his forehead and dripping down the sides of his head. The young boy looked up at the mirror as the real Vio began to speak.

"You guys can hear me, right?" The other three noticed how calm Vio sounded and Green took control of the conversation.

"Vio! Where are you? Why is Shadow Link here and where you are? Why is he here anyway? How did he get here? Are you alright?"

Vio held up a hand to quell Green's frantic questions that sounded like they'd come from Red and not their fearless leader. "Calm down. Firstly I'm in the Dark World. Shadow told me that I got there from a dream."

"A dream?" This couldn't be anyone but Blue.

"Yes. If you'd just quiet down and let me finish, I'll tell you the rest." The purple-eyed Link looked to his side at the now thrashing Shadow. "Blue, could you take Shadow into the shade before he dies?" He caught Blue's incredulous look and Vio repeated himself. "Just do it, Blue, I assure you I'll answer all of your questions."

Red surprised everyone present when he hoisted the unconscious Shadow to his feet, making the shadow lean on him and slowly walking to a patch where the light barely reached the ground. The red-eyed Link lowered the shadow to the ground as carefully as he could. As Blue and Green joined him, Red noticed that the mirror was following them.

Vio continued once he saw that Shadow had quieted in both worlds for the most part.

"Last night when I finally fell asleep, I found myself in a dream of the Dark World. In front of me I saw a huge black shape towering over another, smaller figure. The large figure was Ganon, and he was looming over Shadow who I heard was pleading for mercy. After a few seconds I realized two facts: one, I couldn't be seen or heard, and two, Ganon was torturing his underling with the thing Shadow fears most: light. When Ganon finally left, I started talking to Shadow and was surprised when I was answered. I'm guessing that that was when I ceased to be dreaming and actually entered the Dark World. So Shadow and I talked. He . . . enlightened me on a few subjects- No, Red! Blue! Not like that!" Vio spared a glower for the now snickering Blue before continuing his story. "Anyway! We talked and I made my own deduction that Ganon is the real villain, not Vaati or Shadow. I also concluded that Ganon has given up on Shadow, but not lost all hope in Vaati.

"Shadow informed me that I was trapped in the Dark World but that he could get out here." Vio stopped talking, thinking back to that moment where Shadow had looked at him warily, afraid that Vio would betray him yet again. The purple Link moved on to continue his tale, shifting to sit cross-legged on the black floor - ground? - of the Dark World. "I told Shadow about a plan I had and he barely agreed to it. The plan sounded simple enough anyway: I would remain here while Shadow would take on my form. While disguised as me, he would attempt to steer you guys to where the Dark Mirror is located. Shadow would proceed to let you break the Mirror, resulting in the death of both Vaati and Shadow, but enabling you to face Ganon. Naturally Shadow wasn't very gung-ho for this plan, knowing that if he screwed up in any way, you guys would be on him. As for the reason he's both here in the Dark World and the world of light, his true body is still with me here and his consciousness is in the world of light. That body he's in over there isn't his real body."

As Vio paused for a much needed break, Green asked a question he figured was running through not just his mind, but Red and Blue's as well.

"If this here isn't his real body, why isn't he waking up over in the Dark World since he passed out and why can he still feel pain?"

"Hmm." Vio thought for a moment on that one before answering. "I'm guessing that a part of him knew that if he came back here, this mirror would fade. He knows it's the only convenient way for us to communicate. So his consciousness is most likely still over there. As for the question on pain. . . . I don't think I can answer as well. The only way I can think to say it would probably just make it even more confusing."

"We'll figure it out!" Red chirped, as optimistic as ever. "I doubt Blue will though! You know how he is, always slo-ouchie!" The red-clad hero clamped his hands over his head, his face bearing a surprise it shouldn't have.

"I'll get it!" Blue snarled, pulling his fist back from slugging the other blonde. "Though now Red won't get it because his brain's probably ruined! Whatever amount he had in the first place anyway." he murmured the last part to himself.

"C'mon you two, cut it out!" came Green's disapproving voice. "Let Vio finish!"

Red, Blue, and Green turned back to the mirror once again, noticing that Vio was grinning at their banter. He blinked when he realized he was on the spot once more.

"Oh, right. Anyway, like I said this will just confuse you more, but here we go. I'm thinking that perhaps his consciousness - when it registers that the fake body is being hurt - transmits the pain to his body here." Vio seemed to realize that this hadn't been the answer to the question Green had asked. "Ah, sorry. Wrong explanation." The purple Link rubbed at his eyes tiredly, sleep rushing at him when he realized he had only gotten about five minutes of sleep. "The reason - my reason, anyway - why Shadow reacts to pain over there is because his consciousness is trying to make it as real as possible over here." He saw the completely blank looks of Blue, Red, and even Green, and Vio resigned himself to the fact that he'd need sleep. "I have one, no two favors to ask of you guys." He got a nod from all three and made his two requests.

Requests he was sure Blue wouldn't like.

"One is please don't injure Shadow any further. As I hope you've noticed, he is rather important to our quest." As Vio expected, he saw Blue's face contort with distaste. "Two, Shadow won't be of us anyway unless his powers recover. If you guys can find a cave or something to put his body in, it will speed his recovery."

A low moan came from Red's feet and the four Links looked towards the sound to discover that Shadow's eyes were barely open.

"S-Sorry to d-disappoint," he began, this time not finding any strength to hide his weakness. "I'll have to leave this world and return to the Dark World for a bit. My powers are too far gone and keepin' the mirror will only make it worse. I'll . . . I'll re-return b-by nightfall. . . ."

Blue's face turned to a scowl and he reached down to grasp the scruff of Shadow's neck, only to hear a weak chuckle and the feeling of his fingers closing. In seconds, the false body of Shadow Link was gone from the world of light, and the other three Links saw his body jump inside the fading two-way mirror.

Vio's attention also turned away from his companions and had directed his attention towards the shadow.

Green looked at Red and Blue before the mirror had even completely faded and he clapped his hands, getting their attention.

"Well. I guess we'll just have to go to a cave, now won't we? I don't want to work with Shadow any more than you guys do, but I'm going to trust Vio instead of focusing on figuring Shadow Link out."

Red nodded vigorously while Blue just let out a huff of annoyance and crossed his arms over his chest, looking defiant.

"Fine." He said, his voice tight. "But you're going to spar with me, Green!"

The leader of the group sighed, a small smile upon his features as he stood, patting the dirt from his clothing.

"Sure thing, Blue. Now let's get a move on."

© 2010 Scooter

Author's Note

As I wrote this before I got the original translation, I'm making Shadow talk with a Southern-ish accent. Really though, if I'm not supposed to have fan fictions on here let me know. Thank you!

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Wow! I really loved this! I fell in love with Vio and Shadow immediately; their personalities were just captured perfectly. The dialogue and details are nicely worded. I must continue as soon as possible! :D


Posted 13 Years Ago

This was interesting, though it was long. But I'm hooked, and I have to go to the next chapter! You get 100!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Hey. I'm Scooter and I was completely right in my assumption.... My motivation AND inspiration were all trapped in school. I guess I'll be writing more, again. Anyway, I probably won't be putting .. more..

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