Chapter two: birthday

Chapter two: birthday

A Chapter by bablioe223

Star has some things to uncover.


                                                  Chapter II



   The dreaded birthday has arrived. It was time to take a shower change into my birthday clothes, a red shirt with buttons for keep calm, blue jeans, and Nike shoes. I tied them and put on my beanie hat. I looked at my room. The dim light shone on my purple walls and I looked at my dressing table and saw Macy’s present. I opened the wide box and there was a spirit board and half of a best friends necklace. I saw a note and it read:

Dear bestie,

  Happy B- day! Hope you enjoy the present. You got a big surprise coming up! Enjoy it all.


      Your best friend Macy

What big surprise; I thought. I put the board down and went downstairs.


    “Surprise!” my family and friends yelled as I arrived downstairs. “What time is it?” I asked. “2:30 hon.” Mom said. “Oh, okay then yeah it was a surprise.” I said oddly.

   It was weird to see everyone so anxious, I could tell they were. I heard whispers as they stared at me. I walked over to the chip bowl and a guy from school came over. “Hating your party huh?” he asked taking a few chips. “Yep, it’s boring and kind of weird.” I said putting some chip on my plate. “I have a way to make this fun.” He said in a way that made me want to know more about this way to make fun out of the most boring thing. “Come on follow me.” He whispered gesturing to my staircase door.

  We sneaked away from the party and went into the dim lighted staircase. The boy found a match and the matchbook and made a fire and put it on the candle wax. When there was some more light I could see it was a mini party in the staircase. “I really don’t know that well you know” I said because know anything about him. “Remember I mean you did invite Me.” he said. “Oh yeah, Michael Powell the boy who sits in the back of the geometry drawing.” I said. “So you do know something about me.” I felt weird like he read my mind a bit, but I knew that was impossible. I sat down on the chair in the staircase and grabbed a soda from a cooler he brought. “Isn't this better?” he asked sipping his soda he got. “Yeah, it’s cool to get away.” I said pulling my shirt. “So, um I got you a present.” He said. I looked at the tiny box he handed me. “Um, open it.” he said. I ripped the wrapping off and opened the box. It was a folded piece of paper. I unfolded it and it was a poem.                                                     


    It read:                     The girl in front

   I stare at your brown hair and when you turn back all I see is blue. Blue like the ocean and brown hair like chocolate. You’re beautiful and you don’t know it. When you smile (Occasionally) I melt inside.

                                   Happy birthday Star.

I smiled then giggled it made me happy. “So that’s what you draw, you draw me.” I said. “Yeah it’s kinda weird though.” He said. “I think it’s sweet.” I said blushing. I stared at him. He started breathing heavily and we moved in close. I moved in closer and we almost kissed but……………

   “Um, sorry guys…. Best friend alert.” Dang, it was Macy! We got out the staircase and Macy pulled me aside. “What happened in there?” Macy asked. “Nothing just tell me what you need to say.” “Okay, so you have to do your dad daughter dance like now!” she said. “Wait it’s 4:00?” I asked. “Yep;” “Crap, c’mon!” I yelled.


  “Come on honey!” dad called. I grabbed his hand. “Here honey, this was your grandmother’s” he said handing me a green pendant. “Thanks;” I said putting it on. We danced to several songs and it was okay. We then just talked and giggled and ate, and then it was cake time. “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you;” everyone chorused. “Make a wish;” dad said. I closed my eyes and started to take a breath then……


 I woke up in my room. It was messed up. On my spirit board it had a note on it. It said surprise. My pendant was glowing. I walked down the stairs, no one was there. “Mom, dad?” I asked. I looked at my pendant. It was glowing brighter. I started to get angry. “Mom, dad, this better not be a joke!” I yelled. My pendant grew brighter. “Come out!” The basement door flew open. My pendant stopped glowing. I walked down the stairs. I heard clapping, slow, evil clapping. “Wow, you are strong and definitely powerful, but you can’t control your powers.” A voice said. “Who is that, is it Uncle Marty?” I asked. “Aha, yes my dear and I came to your 14th birthday party for a reason: I want your powers.” He said then lights came on and uncle Marty wasn't there. “Uncle Marty?” I called. I was still at the top of the stairs. “I’m here dear.” He said but I couldn't find him. I turned around and he was there. I was so startled that I fell. “Oh dear I must stop her.” He said but I could barely hear him. Suddenly, I started kind of floating back up. “You’re welcome dear.” He said. “Uncle Marty you did that?” “Who else dear, you don’t know how to control your powers;” He said. “What powers?” I asked. “Oh, I forgot, they didn't tell you. You’re a witch, a caster, or whatever people call it. You were born one. Your whole family are witches, even your best friend Macy. Ironic she gave you a sprit board huh?” he said. “How did you know Macy gave me a sprit board?” “We are alike somehow my dear, we are special witches who have all the special powers and one of them are premonition.” He said picking a cheese stick. “What happened to mom and dad?” I asked. “Nothing only locked up so I can take away your powers;” He said. “Shut up!” I yelled. My pendant started glowing and uncle Marty started backing up. “Move!” I yelled and then uncle Marty flew across the room. I looked at him surprised then I ran down the stairs. He was flowing after me slowly. I found my parents and the guest and untied them. I looked at Michael, but he couldn't say anything I didn't know why. “Mom, dad speak to me.” They couldn't, and I was scared. “Go on, use your powers. They won’t remember after the spell, oh wait you can’t because you can’t control them.” Uncle Marty said as he came down the stairs. “Speak parents!” I commanded. My pendant started glowing. “Honey, why are we downstairs?” mom asked. “Tell them Uncle Marty.” I said. “We were playing a game and things got out of control sis.” He lied. “Shut up!” I yelled. My pendant started to grow brighter. “Marty?” mom asked. He couldn't speak.

  “Mom, dad explain that. It was like magic. I can’t explain!” I said. “Honey, remember that secret huh?” “Yeah?” “Okay, we've kept this a secret from you, you’re a…. wizard.” Mom said. “So that’s why the weather changes by my emotions.” “Yes.”


© 2013 bablioe223

Author's Note

Here ya go probably some mistakes.

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