Chapter 1:Battle of Autobot City

Chapter 1:Battle of Autobot City

A Chapter by The Matrix 550

Scattershot looks at the huge computer.

Scattershot- Decepticons think they can take Autobot City,like thats gonna happen! Prime when are we gonna start bustin Decepti-creeps!

Optimus Prime-Be patient Scattershot! We need to wait for the perfect moment!

Scapel-Sir. its either we take it now, or they take us!

They see ten red dots on the map.

Optimus Prime-Lutinet Jazz,Feild medic Ratchet,Codet Ironhide,Commander Ultra Magnus, and Private Sentinal get ready for inpact!

The headquarters shakes.

Optimus Prime-Recrute Bumblebee get the other Autobots to safety!

Bumblebee-Fine.But why do they get all the fun?

The six fighting Autobots run out to meet the Decepticons.

Megatron-Seekers attack!

Three jets zoom towards the Autobots and transform.

Starscream-So we meet again Prime!

Optimus Prime- For the last time,Starscream!

They start to fire at each other. Soon Optimus Prime grabs Starscream and trows him across the battle feild.

Optimus Prime-That takes care of you.

He turns to a blast in the chest.

Megatron-Ha ha. It ends here.

Optimus Prime punches Megatron in the stomach and Megatron take a few steps back.

Optimus Prime-Yes it ends here,but you never said who'd die!

Megatron- Retreat to Autobot City!

Optimus Prime-And my plan falls right into place.

When the Decepticon get to Autobot City they had a big suprise.


All the Autobots exept the six at Autobot HQ fire.

The Decepticons flee.

Optimus Prime-Great work Rodimus

Rodimus-I was just following orders.

To Be Continued...             

© 2009 The Matrix 550

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The Matrix 550
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I really liked it because it went into good detail and it was exciting.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on October 9, 2009
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