Chapter 2:The Sparks Fly

Chapter 2:The Sparks Fly

A Chapter by The Matrix 550

Chapter 2: The Sparks Fly

 Rodimus-Prime all we await is the arrival of my little brother Hotrod.

Optimus Prime-Yes the new recrute.

A red Cybertronian race car zooms around the corner and transforms.

Hotrod-Oh yah first day as an Autobot!

Sentinal-As long as you can survive to do it.

Optimus Prime-Sentinal! Don't critsice the rookie!

Hotrod-Hey I'm no rookie!

Ironhide-No one asked you!

Ratchet-This is gonna be ugly.

Hotrod-Sentinal if you think you'll be the next Autobot leader bring it on!

Sentinal-Let the sparks fly!

They start to fire at each other.

Ratchet-And I had the day off.

Hotrod-Don't worry when I destroy this rust bucket.He'll be so damaged not even Primus can heal him!

Sentinal-Don't count on it! I'll be Sentinal Prime one day and you'll be abounded on a distint planet!

Ironhide trys to jump in.

Optimus Prime-Don't, they'll cool down.

Sevral explosions blow and the other Autobots flee the HQ.

Sentinal-I'll destroy you if its the last thing I do!

Hotrod-Then sironara!

The entire base catches in flames.

Optimus Prime-Tacik get them out!

Tacik transformers and lifts them out of the ruble.

Ratchet puts them on a pull out medical bed. He examense them.

Ratchet-The wounds aren't faital,but unfixable.

Rodimus-Little brother,what did you get into this time?

Hotrod flinches then comes back on-line.

Hotrod-Did I beat him?

Sentinal-No,not yet.

Hotrod-Lets call a truths.


Optimus Prime-Two sworn enimes have now come to gather to fight as one. Perfect ending.

To Be Continued...


© 2009 The Matrix 550

Author's Note

The Matrix 550
ingore grannar proplems

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It was really funny and I'm glad that Hotrod and Sentinal settled their differences.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on October 9, 2009
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